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Psst... Fyora eats THIS to look young!

by dehoot

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Fyora's Fashion Fever
Who better to look towards for fashion advice Collab with decaf0n

by chai7705


Elizia and the Krawk Island Boat Race
"Elizia was off, along with everyone else. She put all her strength into the paddles, and the boat flew ahead. For a moment, it looked as if she was in the lead, but she was quickly caught up to, and overpassed, by other competitors..."

by platinum_marauder


Fyoras Perspective
Oh, Fyora....

by betti666


Eat like Royalty: 10 Fyora Themed Foods
Have you ever dreamed of sitting at Queen Fyora’s Dinner table? Or perhaps, you're looking to add a little more ‘fancy’ to your typical dinner rotation? This list is here to help!

by notooryous

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