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Delicious Gourmet Foods this Fyora Day!

by _brainchild_


---Starring Lerlifia the Chocolate Draik, Lervilia the Candy Draik, and Christine, their owner!---

          Christine: Welcome! Each Fyora Day, minds across Neopia turn to the elegant ruler of Faerieland, Queen Fyora. A lot of Neopians idolize her, in fact, as evidenced by the many Fyora-themed items across Neopia. Therefore, in honour of Fyora Day, my foodie pets, Lerlifia and Lervilia, and I will be sampling some Fyora-themed foods. All are gourmet, so rejoice, Gourmet Club members! Without further ado, here are the foods:

          ---Deluxe Fyora Day Cake---


          Christine: This luxurious cake was baked to honour everyone’s favourite Faerie Queen! At 200,000 NPs on the player market, the price isn’t too out of control.

     Lervi: Or you can restock it rarely at the Faerie Foods shop.

     Lerli: Very true. Anyway, this cake is HUGE. We will definitely have some leftovers!

     Lervi: ---chomps into cake---

     Lerli: Cut a piece instead of taking a bite out of the whole thing, you animal!

     Christine: Please do not use the word “animal” as an insult, Lerli. I love animals!

     Lervi: Anyway, this cake is delicious! It tastes just like a birthday cake.

     Lerli: ---cuts slice--- Not bad.

     Christine: ---eats cake--- I could eat this whole thing!

     Lerli: You had better not. I want some leftovers, too...

          ---Faerie Queen Smoothie Bowl---


          Lerli: Because this item is priced at 800,000 NPs no matter where you go, I went to the Faerie Foods shop and stole the cook’s recipe book. Now I have made my own!

     Christine: ---sigh--- Lerli, please go return that book.

     Lerli: Not until I have copied all the recipes! ---sticks tongue out---

     Lervi: Anyway, let me try it. ---takes a spoonful--- The berries and cream are delicious, but I think this would be easier to drink out of a cup.

     Lerli: Very true. You have food dripping all over your clothes, you Ownow!

     Lervi: ---scowls--- At least it’s tasty.

          ---Lerli pours the remaining liquid into a cup and drinks it.---

          Lerli: Delicious! This contains the finest milk that Neopoints can buy.

     Christine: Can I try some?

     Lerli: No, because I drank it all.

     Christine: ---sigh---

     Lerli: Not sorry! ---cackles---

          ---Fyora Apple---


          Lervi: ---holds apple--- I managed to restock this instead of paying whatever multi-million Neopoint price you can find on the Trading Post. Who would pay those prices?!

     Lerli: Not me. ---grabs the apple and bites into it--- Nice and fruity.

     Lervi: Great work, detective. ---sneers--- Now give me a piece!

     Lerli: No, this one’s mine!

          ---Lervi snatches the apple back and takes a bite.---

          Lervi: It’s tasty, but too sour for me.

     Christine: If it’s sour, then Lerli can keep it. I hate sour apples!

          ---Fyora Cookies---


          Christine: These delightfully iced cookies are quite popular these days. You can rarely find them at the Bakery in Neopia Central, not the Faerie Foods shop. You have to be quick, though!

     Lervilia: Or you can buy them from the player market for 1.8 million Neopoints at the time of writing.

     Lerlifia: Bah, I’m not paying that! ---grins--- That’s why I stole these. ---holds cookies--- I went to the Trading Post and waited until no one was looking.

     Christine: ---shakes head--- Lerli, you should be ashamed of yourself!

     Lerli: I have no shame. ---eats first cookie--- Meh, they’re mediocre. I can’t believe someone would pay 1.8 million for THIS!

     Lervi: ---grabs cookie--- Mediocre is right. I wonder why?

     Christine: Magical faerie dust makes everything tasty at the Faerie Foods shop. The Bakery does not have access to this ingredient.

     Lerli: Makes sense, I suppose. Want the last cookie, Christine?

     Christine: Not when you stole it!

     Lerli: Whatever. Like I care. ---throws third cookie in the trash---

          ---Fyora Day Cupcakes---


          Christine: How can you eat just one? These cupcakes are perfect this Fyora Day!

     Lervi: Well, there are exactly three of them, so each of us will only get one, I suppose. ---bites into one of the cupcakes--- It tastes like grape. Very creative and delicious!

          Lerli: Let me try. ---bites into another cupcake--- It’s too sweet, in my opinion, but other than that, it’s yummy.

     Christine: ---bites into the third cupcake--- Amazing! We don’t have enough desserts that taste like grape, in my opinion.

     Lervi: I think Kreludor has some. You should try a Grape Slurpship! It even comes with two straws for sharing:

          Lerli: Like I’d share! ---cackles---

          ---Fyora Day Fizz---


          Christine: This delicious blend of wonder even comes with a stirrer shaped like Fyora’s staff. How creative!

     Lervi: Too bad the stirrer isn’t edible.

     Lerli: Whatever, who cares?! ---chugs entire drink in one gulp---

     Lervi: Hey, what about us?! ---huffs---

     Lerli: Not my problem! Maybe they shouldn’t make it in such a small glass.

     Christine: ---sighs--- Was it good?

     Lerli: It was delicious! Nice and bubbly. It tasted like blueberries.

     Christine: Well, I can’t stand blueberries, so I’m glad I didn’t get any, then...

          ---Fyora Day Muffin---

          Christine: Aww, how cute! This little muffin even has a tiara, just like Fyora.

     Lervi: Again, the tiara isn’t edible.

     Lerli: I don’t caaaarrrreeee! ---chomps into muffin--- This is a nice, sugary blueberry muffin!

     Christine: You can have it, then.

     Lervi: Hey, I had better get a bite! ---snatches the remainder of the muffin and eats it--- Lots of blueberries in this one, that’s for sure. It’s nice and fluffy, too!

     Lerli: It would have been even better with icing on top. I wonder why it didn’t have any?

     Lervi: Because it’s a muffin, not a cake, smart one.

     Lerli: Whatever. I think that icing belongs on muffins! They’re like cupcakes.

          ---Gummy Fyora Wings---


          Christine: Here are some tasty fruit gummies in the fun shape of Fyora’s wings!

     Lervi: Again, there are only three, so a certain self-centered Chocolate Draik had better not hog them all. ---bites into one of the wings--- It tastes good, but I can’t chew it at all! It’s much too hard to chew. I feel like I’m biting into a rock!

     Lerli: ---bites into it--- You’re right! Maybe if we warmed them up, they’d soften.

     Christine: I will take your word for it and not break my teeth. The Tyrannians eat rocks every day, and I don’t know how they do it!

     Lervi: True. Picture this abomination:


          Lervi: That is a Rock Stew, which I would not exactly classify as “food.”

     Lerli: Me, neither. It would ruin your teeth...


     Christine: So, which item was everyone’s favourite?

     Lerli: Probably the Deluxe Fyora Day Cake. Who wouldn’t like a birthday cake?

     Lervi: My favourite food is anything that my sister didn’t steal!

     Christine: My favourites were the Fyora Day Cupcakes. I love the taste of grape desserts! My disliked foods were the ones that tasted like blueberries.

     Lerli: Those non-functioning taste buds of yours mean that your opinion is disregarded, Christine.

     Christine: Although Lerli may disagree, everyone is allowed to have unique likes and dislikes. This Fyora Day, there are plenty of yummy gourmet treats to enjoy. Until next time, dear readers!

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