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Wobble to the Top: Game Tips and Tricks

by rachu816


With over 10,000,000 game plays, Wicked Wocky Wobble is a popular game that tests one’s patience and stability. We play as Wallace the Red Wocky, as he paces left and right to collect items that rain down from a mysterious tree in the Meridell Woods. Wallace carefully stacks each item, one on top of another. The pile sways this way and that as it grows taller, with the game being over once the stack collapses to the ground.

     If you are someone collecting game trophies and have not received one for Wicked Wocky Wobble yet, please let my unofficial guide help you to achieve success. I believe you can do it! Wicked Wocky Wobble just so happens to be my favorite game and I have earned a gold trophy with a hi-score of over 700 points. From playing it every day, I have learned that the game has certain patterns that it follows which new players may not realize. Please refer to my eight personal tips below for how to enhance your gameplay and hopefully receive a higher score the next time that you play.

     Tip #1: You do not have to catch everything. While maneuvering Wallace the Red Wocky, as many items as you like may fall to the ground and you will not receive any penalties for not catching them. In fact, I even encourage you to have Wallace dodge certain items that fall because some items are worth more points than others. The item/point breakdown can be seen below:

     Oranella - 11 points

     Twirly Fruit - 11 points

     Spiky Orange Shell - 22 points

     The Ixi Adventure storybook - 22 points

     Garlic JubJub Plushie - 35 points

     Mutant JubJub Plushie - 35 points

     Speckled Jetsam Plushie - 35 points

     Illusen Plushie - 50 points

     Ixi Heroes storybook - 50 points

     Taelia Plushie - 50 points

     Sun Block Lotion (glowing item) - 80 points

     Golden Journal (glowing item) - 80 points

     Wind-up Illusen Toy (glowing item) - 80 points

     Harffel Fruit (glowing item) - 111 points

     Wailing Evil Coconut (glowing item) - 111 points

      The reason for not catching every item that drops is because the stack becomes unstable with the more items Wallace successfully catches. Instead of wasting his catch space on lower-valued items, it’s best to catch items of a higher value to receive a higher game score in the end. For me, the stack becomes harder to control around items 7 and 8.

          Tip #2: Always keep Wallace moving. It just takes practice to learn how to weave Wallace to align with or dodge the falling items, all while keeping his stack intact. If you stay in one place for too long, Wallace’s stack will begin to tip over until it topples to the ground. After all, as soon as his stack falls, your game is over. I find it best to keep the stack at a slight angle so that dodging a falling item can end up straightening his stack. I also prefer using a trackpad to control his movements with just a touch of a finger instead of a mouse.

     Tip #3: For the first two items Wallace catches, only catch the Spiky Orange Shell or The Ixi Adventure storybook. Only items worth either 11 or 22 points are going to be available to fall during the first two rounds of catches. An 11-point difference between the items isn’t much, but those points could still be the difference between receiving a gold trophy or a silver at the end of your game.

     Tip #4: For the third item Wallace catches, only have him catch one of the three 35-point plushies. The opportunity to catch these plushies becomes a possibility after Wallace has successfully caught his first two items. Once you have secured a 35-point plushie, every item in the point pool now has the possibility to fall!

     Tip #5a: For the following catches, only have Wallace catch the items that have a glowing aura around them. It’s easier to control a smaller stack than a larger stack, so it’s important to go for the high-value items first to achieve the highest score possible. Patience is also key here. For example, it took me over 15 minutes to achieve my 700+ game score as I was only waiting for the glowing items to descend.

     Tip #5b: That being said, if you are going for gold, I highly recommend having Wallace catch only Harffel Fruit or Wailing Evil Coconuts since they reward the most points at 111 points each. They are quite fast as they fall, so please also keep in mind my next tip.

     Tip #6: If you are in a tight situation, never make a drastic move to catch any single item. Even if the item that is falling is a Wailing Evil Coconut. After all, there is no penalty for not catching it and there will always be the opportunity for another one to fall again. I’ve ended too many games because I had been impatient and rushed for certain items that I would not have been able to catch anyway.

     Tip #7: Keep an eye out for any petpets. A cute Warf may come out from the left if you spend too much time on the right side of the play-area and a feisty Drackonack may enter from the right if you are keeping to the left side. These Petpets are meant to limit the space available to maneuver and, in turn, block Wallace from catching the items that fall behind them. However, they can also be used to your advantage. I like to lean Wallace against them because they can actually help to stabilize my stack while waiting for the next item to descend.

     Tip #8: The secret word is Wocky. At any time while you are playing, you may type “Wocky” and a buzzer will fly down to “sting” Wallace’s stack. Once his stack is stung, it will remain frozen and upright for a few seconds of gameplay. Now, while this may seem helpful, especially after he has caught many items and his stack sways a great deal, I actually prefer playing without this secret word. Typing out the letters distracts me from watching Wallace’s stack, meaning that the stack may be tipping to a point that I can’t get it back into a comfortable position easily. Also, the control can be quite jarring once the stack unfreezes after being stung. Therefore, I prefer to play without the secret word so that my attention is 100% fixed on the game at hand and I never lose my concentration.

     Please also be patient with yourself as there is definitely a learning curve with navigating Wallace around the play-area. However, I truly believe anyone can improve with practice. A trophy is not as daunting to obtain as one may think- you can do it! I hope you also enjoy playing this game, too. :) Good luck!

      **And a big thank you to my friend Stanny for proofing my guide, testing it out, and earning herself a trophy :) You’re awesome!!

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