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A Foodie’s Guide to Tyrannia

by clorox


Food is a great way to immerse yourself in other cultures, and what location has as much fascinating cultural history as Tyrannia? Once torn by war it is now a vibrant thriving tourist destination for fun in the sun, shopping, museums, the famous concert hall, games, and of course fine dining. Now to be fair Tyrannian food can be off putting at first. Most of their names do not always sound the most appealing and it certainly is not always as pretty looking as what they serve over at Kelp. But I encourage you to expand your horizons and palate. These foods have endured through many generations and are worth the respect and appreciation.

     I am here to tell you if you haven’t tried Tyrannian food you are really missing out. I am going to discuss my top ten favourite Tyrannian food items and hope I can inspire you to try some as well. A lot of what is listed you can also make yourself at home if you are unable to travel to Tyrannia so it’s easy to bring a little bit of Tyrannia to you!

     An omelette of any kind

     Most Neopians think of Tyrannia’s free omelette when they think of Tyrannian foods. And why wouldn’t they? Omelettes are delicious and versatile. They come in veggie lovers, meat lovers, even candy lovers, and more. You can really add anything you want to your omelette, that is the beauty of an omelette. There is no wrong way to make one so I hope you have fun experimenting in your orders and your cooking creations. The best part is, if you are not that hungry they can be shared in thirds easily (just be sure whoever you’re sharing it with has similar tastes). My personal favourite is Hot Tyrannian Pepper Omelette — mmm, spicy.

     Nerkin Leg

     These delicious legs come with the bone for maximum flavour and portability. Just grab onto the bottom of the bone and chomp away at the juicy Nerkin. These tender delights are perfect on their own as a snack or as the centerpiece of your meal. You can put any sort of sauce you would like on it and add additional spices. The skin really soaks in the flavour making it able to shine alongside many different types of side dishes.

     Bone Soup

     The amazing thing about this dish is that it can be made with ANY bone! However traditionally it is made from a local Tyrannian beast, but feel free to use your own local beast if you are cooking at home. It also has amazing benefits to a Neopians’ body so it’s technically a healthy food. Just simmer your bone of choice, add veggies of choice, and boom you have bone soup. It is perfectly cozy for those quiet nights amidst the bustling city life in Tyrannia, or equally perfect at the chilly Terror Mountain resort as you are warming up while fantasizing about being in warm Tyrannia.

     Fern Salad

     The fern is a delicious leafy green native to Tyrannia. It has the right amount of bitterness and flavour that makes it a delicious base for anything you want to throw on top of it or frankly it is enough on its own as the nutrients in these large ferns make them extremely filling. This salad is perfect if you are not a meat eater and still want to get into the spirit of the festivities.

     Minty Rock Ice Cream

     There is nothing quite like the cool feeling of mint ice cream on a hot day (of which there are plenty in Tyrannia). Luckily Tyrannians understand this fact and have their own spin on it with rocks. Yes, I said rocks. They aren’t as hard as you’d expect. They add a nice earthy flavour and beautiful crunchy texture that give a delightful mouthfeel to this sweet treat.

     Ransaurus Steak

     Ransasauri are native to Tyrannia and are hunted by the citizens there due to their unique and delectable meat. This cut is thick and best served rare, and cuts with more marbling create a more flavourful experience. In Tyrannia they let the sun bake down on this tender cut. If you are making it at home I instead recommend smoking it to bring out the natural flavours for a traditional meets modern flair.

     Stuffed Dorkle Pepper

     Dorkle peppers are known to be bitter on their own. It wasn’t until one brave Tyrannian decided to scoop out the middle and stuff it with rice and cheese that their true potential — no, purpose! — was unlocked. The nuttiness and butteriness of the rice mixed with the sharp earthiness of the cheese cuts through much of the bitterness of the pepper and leaves behind a beautiful blend of textures and flavours that cannot be replicated in any other pepper.

     Poogle Shish Kabob

     Let’s just stop these silly rumours right now: these are NOT made of Poogles! They are merely shaped like them! They are made from another cut of Ransasauri and shaped accordingly. The shape is just to add a little style. Anyway, these kabobs are made with peppers and onions – of the non-Chia variety, to be clear – and grilled on rocks. They are very popular at the concert hall because they are on a stick; you can continue to ROCK out and not get messy. (You see what I did there?) A healthy blend of protein and veggies (again, they are not made of Neopets!) make it a perfectly balanced delight.

     Grarrl Saliva Soup

     I know, I know. But hear me out. You know how Grarrls can eat anything? Well the expert Grarrl chefs of Tyrannia have been specially trained in the art of cooking via consumption. It is the perfect balance of spice and sweet, of meat and veggies, of tradition and modern. Chefs from all over Neopia come to study this art, but only very few Grarrls (and even less Skeiths) can master this art. It is truly a spectacle to witness being made should you ever get the opportunity while in the region.

     Fried Trilo Bites

     Trilos are little ocean dwellers. They retain their saltiness from their ocean home, but have a bit of sweetness to them. When you deep fry them they make for a next level snack or a nice little side. Their natural flavours are perfectly balanced when breaded and fried. You know they are perfectly cooked when you see a golden brown hue that almost appears to glisten in the sun.

     And there you have it! These are not the only ten of course; as I said before Tyrannia has a rich cultural history but these are my personal favourites. I hope I have inspired you to try new things and have found a newfound love for the beauty that is Tyrannian culture and cuisine.


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