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Illusen's Glade: Behind the Scenes

by pikcel

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Steal Illusen's Look with These 10 Items!
Steal Illusen's Look: 10 items to get you looking whimsical!

Picture this: you’re walking through the forest, surrounded by tall trees and shimmering sunlight filtering through the leaves. Collab with gurase

by oi_tio_to_na_globo


Illusen's Mystery Scroll
Item awarded after completing level 38 of Illusen's Glade

by roxanna203


Forgotten and Remembered
Illyana sat on the forest floor, running her fingers through the cool earth. It was not quite winter anymore, yet it was not quite spring yet either.

by tatyanne


Illusen's Treasures
“Where is my Air Faerie Doll?”

The cowering Neopian’s eyes widened at Illusen’s request.

by maddie_bangz

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