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Neopia's Most Iconic Petpets

by spukl1


Miss Prickles here switching things up just a little bit! Instead of my usual Best and Worst Dressed list, for this edition of the Neopian Times, I am focusing on the best accessory of all: Petpets. These little creatures light up our lives every day, from being the cutest little thing to a creepy crawling, each Petpet has their own definitive ~style~ influence. I love them all so I refuse to judge them from cutest to least, instead, today I am giving you Neopia’s most (and least) ICONIC Petpets. Buckle up and we’re heading back to Year 0 to consider them all for the Neopian Times.

     Most Iconic:

     1. The White Weewoo . The most iconic Petpet of all: the White Weewoo. The symbol of the Neopian Times, truth and honor. It is amazing that the painted version has surpassed the standard colour in its infamy. The White Weewoo is why we are all gathered here today for the Neopian Times where the White Weewoo reigns supreme. From highly requested NeoCash wearables, coveted avatars, to reminders of Neopian Wizards and witches and the Neopian Times, the White Weewoo is the ultimate icon! 10/10, three cheers for the White Weewoo!

     2. The Slorg . A close second to the most iconic Petpets of all: the slimy little Slorg. The Slorg is the symbol of Neopia and the face of Neopets (in my opinion). The Slorg has travelled around Neopia, with paint brushes in every colour. From their natural home in Meridell to their adventures in space, Slorgs are everywhere (just ask the Farmers hehe)! There are so many Slorg wearables, images, items, collectibles… Everyone has purchased at least one Slorg and has at least one item featuring their smiling faces. Their ubiquitous-ness makes them undeniably iconic *claps*.

     3. Plumpy . While many Neopians may think that the Plumpy’s cousin, the Angelpuss, is slightly more iconic, I have to disagree. This little grumpy face is an icon in Neopia, images have been shared far and wide of this little grouchy friend even making it to the Neoboards. While they make the best companions, they also require a large amount of bacon to keep them happy. Plumpy’s are iconic in a way that other Petpets are not. They have been around since the beginning of time and could not be happier to be everyone’s best friend (though they will show it with a frown). They even made it onto the 25th Anniversary Petpet Celebration collection wearable! Which is super chic and Faboo. Let’s hear it for Plumpy *snaps*.

     4. The Cloud Harris . As I reflect on 25 years of Neopets, I think back to one of the very first Petpets I adopted, Miss Dot the Harris. Harrises are adorable and cuddly as can be and it is said that even Queen Fyora keeps a whole garden of them in Faerieland. Harrises are iconic on their own but with a fresh Cloud paint colour, they are elevated into that perfect nostalgic icon that we all know and love. So cute, so Faboo, so iconic.

     5. The Candychan . This list of iconic Petpets would not be complete without the mention of the Candychan and I would certainly say this Petpet was the toast of the season! If there was a Petpet of the year it would be the Candychan. Candychans are adorable companions, sweet as can be with their faces epitomized on the most gorgeous Avatar. Neopians cheered loudly during the Advent Calendar when we received this little Petpet’s stamp for our collections. With light energy and an inquisitive stare, when you think of one of Neopia’s most iconic worlds, Terror Mountain, you always think of the Candychan.

     Now onto my list of Neopia’s least iconic Petpets! This is no shame to them, they are just more elusive, exclusive and unique. Maybe one day they will make their mark on Neopian pop culture, but they haven’t so far.

     1. Bubblisaur . *Sigh* the poor little Bubblisaur has a few issues which make them un-iconic. First, they used to look a little different back in the day and were called Flapjacks, their evolution to the Bubblisaur was the right choice but makes Neopians a little confused. Also, they just do not have any colours! They are a one trick pony, what you see is what you get! While they have won the Petpet Protection League Award, still no one seems to notice them. Plus, their cousin Bubbles, is basically a much cooler and more iconic version of the Bubblisaur, so into oblivion they go…

     2. Ultra Mega Bot 2000 . This robot Petpet just has not left a mark on any Neopian I have ever met. They are similar in style and stature to other Robot Petpets but seem a bit messier: they have a longer name and more to meet the eye (not necessarily in a good way). Really, the Ultra Mega Bot 2000 just tends to blend into the cleaning supplies in my Neohome.

     3. The Magtile . The Magtile has been around Neopia for many years, but most Neopians have never heard of them! They are sort of cute in a Tyrannian way but seem to be outshined by another slithering friend: the recently discovered Bython who has taken Neopia by storm in their sheer numbers and adorability. It does not help that the Magtile enjoys blood, so many Neopets opt out of choosing them as their everyday companion. I still think they are endearing and maybe one day the Magtile will take center stage (but the will NEVER outshine me, Neopias #1 star *wink*)!

     4. The Snauberack . Every time I come across one of these critters, I have to look them up to remember what they are called! The Snauberack does not have a native land in Neopia, they cannot be sold or traded and are extremely rare, which makes them exciting but not very iconic. I do love their blue and purple tones, and how helpful they are when you are tracking something! However, they are truly just NOT iconic in Neopia!

     5. Trumpadon . Not only are these Petpets rare and hard to find, but they seem to be a bit… unforgettable. The Trumpadon is a simple Petpet, who has only recently come back from the brink of extinction. It is possible with their comeback that they will become more iconic, but for now whenever I mention them, most Neopians just say “What? Who? Huh?”. Not an icon, but who knows, maybe someday!

     So, Neopians, let me know your thoughts! Did I miss the mark? Which Petpet do you think is most iconic? Which ones have your Neopets adopted? I give a big hug to all the Petpets of Neopia: the best friend and accessory a Neopet could EVER have! I cannot wait to see which Petpets take the lead over the next 25 Years! A huge thank you to all my friends at the Neopian Times for allowing me to be your #1 Fashion and style correspondent! Stay faboo and stay iconic Neopia!

     Fashionably yours,

     Miss Prickles


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