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Sweet Treats: Pink Gourmet Edition!

by remidica


Ahh. Can you feel it in the air? That sweet vibe of blissful happiness, deep care and waves of wanderlust? Wait, don’t tell me you forgot that Valentine’s Day is coming up. Did you? Oh. Well, don’t worry, I got you. We can save the day with a list of pink-themed sweet gourmet treats to spoil your Neopet so they don’t know you almost forgot about them.

     Don’t worry, don’t worry! Everything will be fine. Just follow the list and you will see their eyes light up and pure joy and happiness add to the ambience and they will be none the wiser. Hurry, we don’t have much time before the big day is here!

     So, let’s look at our list of things you’ll need to pick up:

     1. Rose Slushie

      Does a slushie by any other name smell as sweet? No. Honestly, I haven’t found another slushie that is as deeply coloured red as this. Well, maybe you have, but this one is so iconic, it’s associated with the holiday that you won’t have to worry about buying the actual flower to have it wilt later. Trust me on this. It’s much better to drink it and get your money’s worth than have them rot to be thrown away later.

     2. Jelly Ultranova

     This raspberry-flavoured jelly that’s shaped like a nova is perfect to let them know they are the star in your sky. Yes, I know it’s overdone, but come on, it’s sweet. Sweet wins the day. No, I don’t think it’s gonna be too tart, but honestly, if it is: it’s a nova. Wouldn’t you be excited if someone handed you a giant jelly and said you were their shining star? Good. You’re catching on.

     3. Lemon Sherbert Jelly Beans

     Yes, I know it’s made up of crushed Easter neggs, but that’s not the point. No, I don’t think it's made of last year’s Easter neggs. At least I hope not. Look, it’s pink and something you can pop and snack on while they play Meepit Juice Break, ok? Trust me. When you’re in the zone and are hungry, something that’s not going to get messy is best, and this is perfect!

     4. Blumaroo Cotton Candy

     Look, I know cotton candy is more carnival than Valentine’s Day food; but it takes a master crafter to shape it to look so realistic. That makes it a high quality and your Neopet will know that. You want to show them that you care, and that you almost didn’t forget about the holiday right? They will spend so much time, at least we hope they look at it before devouring it, and see the details in this snack. High quality means time and effort. Your pet deserves that.

     5. Simple Fyora Cake

      Yes, I know this cake is supposed to be for Fyora Day, but did you celebrate with them on that day too? I didn’t think so. So now, you make up for it by getting them one now. Plus, they can keep the little crown on the top after they finish eating it. Treat them like royalty: don’t forget Fyora’s Day next time and you won’t have to get it for Valentine’s Day!

     6. Ordorra Pod

     Ok, I know this one isn’t really a “treat” as in the sugar snack sense, but trust me on this. I heard from a friend from a friend that royalty starts off their meals with this stuff. And if I know if, your pet probably knows it too. And since it’s linked to royalty, then your pet will feel like the King and Queen that they deserve to be treated and feel like. Plus, it's on the healthier side of all these snacks. Yes. Add it to the list to get. Thank me later.

     7. Cherry Aboogala Lolly

     Yeah, I know. It’s one of those kinds of snacks. But look, even if they don’t ever eat it, it’s something they can hold onto to remind them of this wonderful day that you spoiled them. Supposedly, it’s a real Aboogala. I never can bring myself to try those. The thought of it kinda weirds me out. Maybe it will for your pet too. But… if they do decide to try it and it is real, maybe they can keep it? Yeah, I don’t want to think about it either. But it’s gonna be a nice keepsake and funny laughable moment in the years to come when they see it!

     8. Pink Spooky Popcorn

     Yeah, maybe that’s more Halloween than Valentine’s Day… but again, did you celebrate with them on Halloween? Plus it’s pink. Something you can try together! And you will know WAY ahead of time if they like this, that you can get it around Halloween! And then they will be flattered that you remembered they liked something. What makes this popcorn so spooky? I’m… not sure. Why don’t you find out together with your Neopet?

     9. Faerie Queen Smoothie Bowl

     Look, I know this one is expensive, but they can keep the bowl afterwards and reuse it! It’s a bowl meant for a Queen. The berries and cream inside it are really, really high quality and absolutely delicious. Plus, we need to make up for the fact that you almost forgot. Speaking of forgetting, make sure you put the order in for that soon, they might be in high demand. Will it sell out? I’m not sure. Put the order in!

     10. Fyora Cookies

     Look, I know these cookies are on the pricier side, but they are popular for a reason. We have all these pink-themed snacks but getting your Neopet something like this will stick around as a core memory. The edges are crisp, the icing is smooth, the shape is adorable. No wonder these cookies are popular. Might want to order an extra dozen. And let me know when they are being delivered. Why? Oh, no reason. I’m totally not going to stop by to have some. Those are for your Neopet, silly!


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