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Your Guide to Terror Mountain

by tamimarieb


*taps mic*

     Is this thing on? Oh, hello! Welcome to your tour of Terror Mountain. Bundle up with your jackets and gloves because this tour might get a little chilly! Here you will get the rare opportunity to explore the wonders of Terror Mountain with an inside look at some of the wonders throughout the Ice Caves, Happy Valley, and more.

     Some exploration might get a little…adventurous…we will head to the Top of the Mountain where some of our favourite Pets are known to hang out, but don’t worry, I am sure you’ll be perfectly safe!

     Buckle up and let's begin our tour!

     Our first stop is Happy Valley where you can explore some wonderful sights that will bring a smile to your face and warmth to your heart. There's nothing like experiencing this happy little village town. We will make stops at some of the marvelous tourist attractions below.

     Ice Cream Machine - The Ice Cream Machine might seem like the smart choice but this malfunctioning machine is very dangerous. Maybe buy a cold sweet treat from the Ice Cream Cart in Happy Valley or The Slushie Shop instead. You can also go to the Super Happy Icy Fun Shop on the top of Terror Mountain if you’d rather wait.

     Rink Runner - The ice over at Rink Runner can be thin and dangerous, best left to experienced skaters. If you would like to skate, rentals are on the right and we can spend a few extra moments here but I will not help anyone trapped on the ice.

          Snowball Fight - Everyone loves a good snowball fight right? Enjoy watching people throw things at each other but beware flying items that aren’t necessarily snow. Best to stay in the tour bus for this stop, just to be safe.

     Advent Calendar - If you visit during the Month of Celebrating go by the Advent Calendar building and get a free gift every day that month. This is one of my favourite places to visit during the season, it's so festive and bright!

     Wintery Petpets - Get a cute cuddly companion that enjoys colder climates, if you live further south make sure you have a good air conditioner to help keep them comfy. If you bring one on the tour bus, you’re responsible for any accidents.

     Scratch Card Kiosk - Want some extra Neopoints or maybe a nice gift, buy a scratchcard and try your luck! Remember, I love tips as your guide. In case, you know, you get lucky.

     Has everyone safely returned to the bus? Yes, good. Let us continue onto our next stop through the mysterious and beautiful Ice Caves. Remember no flash photography in the Ice Caves, we don’t want to scare any of the critters.

     Snowager - This dangerous snow monster hoards treasure, it’s best to avoid it if they're not sleeping. Even if they are asleep you may be blasted with ice when you grab some treasure. Have an extra healing potion on hand just in case.

     Let it Slide - A trip through the caves can be icy, beware of slippery floors and falling objects when following your tour guide. Maybe hold hands, or not, if your neighbour falls you don’t want to go down with them.

     Hannah and the Ice Caves - These dark caves are not open to tourists, there have been too many lost explorers.

     Snowmucher - Now is a good time to use that extra potion if you didn’t need it for the Snowager. This starving Polarchuck will eat everything in sight until they’re sick!

     The Neggery: As we round the outskirts of the Ice Caves you can find The Neggery. If you’ve brought Neggs with you, take a moment and speak with Kari the Negg Faerie about trading for rare Neggs. Kari has worked here through the years until The Negg Festival that takes place every year during The Month of Eating.

     Ice Crystal Shop - If you, a friend, or family member love to battle, go look around the Ice Crystal shop and explore the ice weapons for your upcoming battles. Make sure to request special packing to keep all your weapons safe when you get back on the tour bus.

     Ice Arena - Found a good weapon in the Ice Crystal? Test it out in the Ice Arena. You can visit the Ice Arena whenever you want as well, not only on this tour.

     Buckle up and hang on as we make our way to the Top of the Mountain. You’ll be blown away by the view up here and all the amazing little shops that sit on the peak.

     Igloo Garage Sale - On your left you’ll see a hardhat, let’s put those on before entering this Igloo since the shopkeepers love tossing merchandise down from the attic. Just keep an eye out while touring.

     Dar-Blat!!! - Grab a snow cannon and shoot at Darblats, hopefully they like a mouth full of snow.

     Snowbeast Snackrifice - Well this is interesting…Villagers offer Petpets as a sacrifice to a Snowbeast and have an ongoing battle with PPL. Although no Petpets are harmed in this game, it’s best avoided.

     Snow Wars 2 - Join the Snow Wars at your own risk. Here you can take up a massive catapult and have a little fun flinging snow at your opponents. Maybe wear a helmet.

     Terror Mountain Tilt - Maybe we should stop and help the poor Bruce that is stuck on top of the mountain? Raise your hand if you want to stop and help the Bruce.

     Snow Roller - Not sure why we headed out this way…this area is dangerous and is occupied by a cranky Snowbeast. The area is prone to avalanches as well. Maybe we should turn around, does everyone still have their hard hats?

     Shop of Mystery - If you like surprises this is the shop for you. Tarla sells nothing but mystery grab bags! You never know what you’ll get! Don’t worry, we can spend a little extra time here for anyone who loves to shop.

          Toy Repair Shop - Did anyone bring broken toys with them? The Toy Repair Shop is perfect for getting those beloved toys fixed. You can also get those Neopoints that the Polarchuck tried to eat fixed too.

     Snow Faerie Quest - As we round out our tour, you can find Taelia the Snow Faerie at her igloo on Top of the Mountain. She’ll probably ask you to grab her some things, so maybe stop before she nails you with a quest. Since you came by without warning it’d be a nice thing to do. If you need any help just ask the Shop Wizard.

     There you have it! Your complete tour of Terror Mountain. Hopefully most of you made it out without waking the Snowager or being hit by a snow cannon. If not, there’s an area right off the bus where you can dry off and warm up. We hope to see you again soon for your next tour of Terror Mountain!


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