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Everything You Need to Know: Advent Calendar

by spunkbubblicious


After a long (and I mean longggg) year full of new ownership, festivals, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, daily visits to the Island Mystic (and still no avatar – no, I’m not bitter, why do you ask?), it is finally time to end the Neopian year curled up with a good book in front of a Warm and Cosy Fireplace or on vacation at Roo Island and – oh wait! We can’t go on holiday just yet, there is still more to be done!

     The Month of Celebrating is upon us which means it is time for the Advent Calendar! *cue the French Horn of Winter* Neopians of all ages look forward to this festive and fun daily activity, full of items sure to delight each and every Neopian. If you are a new to Neopets, a returning player, or a regular user, this guide will assist you in making the most of this merry daily activity.

     Where Is It:

     Pack up your pets each morning for a trip to Happy Valley on Terror Mountain or check into the Mountain Lodge Neolodge location for a long holiday and a shorter traverse. Nestled between the Gift Tags and tunnel to the Ice Caves is a grand manor known as the Advent Calendar. Enter the building and you will immediately be greeted with an adorable animation and an Abominable Snowman with a stockpile of that day’s prizes.

     What Is It:

     Each year, the Advent Calendar bestows a variety of jolly wearable garments, themed toys, riveting books, seasonal snacks (I am still working my way through the Everlasting Mug of Borovan), impressive weaponry, occasional rarities (anyone else remember the Snowbunny of Y4?), Neopoints, stamps, Battledome items, Neodeck cards, wintry Paintbrushes, and more! If you’re an avatar collector, visit on day 1, and you will get the Plastic Fir avatar. There’s also an additional Seasonal Attack Pea avatar given out on a random day, but nobody knows in advance which day that will be. In recent years, there has been a hidden item in the animation, which will give a prize when spotted and clicked. Every day there is something new to collect and warm your Icy Heart Candy after trudging through the snow to get there.

     Who Is It:

     The Neopets Team (TNT) graciously employs Felves (plural for Felf) for months to show us how much they appreciate us. The Felves are divided into teams. There’s the project management team that brings the TNT’s vision to fruition and oversees the other Felf teams, coordinating to ensure each day is special in its own unique way and that the prizes fit the theme. The animation team works on each day’s animation, getting it programmed just right. Other teams work on tinkering with the toys, building the furniture, sewing the wearables, cooking the food, writing the books – and well, you get the idea.

     Side note: No one really knows where the Felves do all this work, but they’re likely tucked away in one of the Ice Caves’ caverns. If word got out where they reside, well, I’m sure Dr Sloth would have an army of Grundos and Felves.

     When Is It:

     From the 1st to the 31st of the Month of Celebrating! Rumour has it that super awesome gifts are given on the 25th and 31st – but you didn’t hear it from me! According to the lore of the Snowickle, many years ago, the Advent Calendar would occasionally swap out prizes midday – but this has neither been confirmed nor denied by Taelia, the Snow Faerie.


     The Month of Celebrating is all about joy and happiness! What better way to partake in the celebrations than free gifts!? Okay, maybe a dance party or two… hint hint – I hear Yes Boys Ice Cream is available to get the crowd on their frozen feet.

     What To Do With the Items:

     The possibilities are endless.

     - Option 1: Use them on your Pets. The wearables, toys, and books are a fantastic way to get your little ones into the celebration spirit. The food and drinks will fill their tummies and hopefully buy you a few minutes of peace before you are challenged to a game of Snow Wars.

     - Option 2: Use them for yourself. Stamps and neodeck cards are one of the most favored collecting to undertake. Start a new hobby or add to your collection! Seriously, up until a month ago, my entire collections were based solely on Advent Calendar giveaways – and that is perfectly ok! Also, a few years ago, a tasty Christmas Slushie was given out that tasted like sugar and peppermint and cranberries and I STILL daydream about it to this day. Why should our Pets get to eat all the tastiest treats? Treat yourself – or Treat Your Shelf Book!

     - Option 3: Save them. Tuck them away in your Safety Deposit Box for another day. You will be amazed at how much closer you are to that PackRat Avatar after the month – and how many extra pages you have to scroll through when you’re looking for that elusive holiday card that you know you have in there, somewhere. An added bonus? Some of the items inflate in value!

     - Option 4: Gift them – to your Pets, your friends, or even yourself! Seriously, why can’t you enjoy that Apple and Brie Omelette for breakfast on your-chosen-holiday-of-the-season? In this era where everyone wants everything at once, give your Pets the gift of patience and excitement when they finally get to enjoy their gifts.

     - Option 5: Get Inspired! One year, Imiyas Alarm Clock and a Christmas Babaa Plushie were given out on the same day. Hoards of Neopians flocked to the Games Room to play Maths Nightmare. Legend has it that more Neopians earned the Maths Nightmare Avatar on that day more than any other day in Neopian history. Another year, the Pirate Lights Garland and Festive Cutlass were given out on the 5th day of Celebrating. Thousands of Neopets flocked to Krawk Island afterwards to explore the land and embrace that day’s theme – with a few taking classes at Swashbuckling Academy to learn how to be a pirate, or a stronger fighter in the Battledome.

     - Option 6: Sell them. If you are feeling strapped for cash after splurging on too many cards at the Ice Caves Scratchcard Kiosk, or just don’t feel *inspired* by that day’s giveaway, make some extra Neopoints by placing them in your shop, on the Trading Post, or in the Auction House.

     There you have it, my fellow Neopians – your complete guide to the Advent Calendar. Happy month of Celebrating and happy adventing!

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