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So You Made It Rich (What to Do With Neowealth)

by cellsdividing


Neopians far and wide have rejoiced this week with the introduction of the Quest Log! With rewards totalling over 20,000 Neopoints a day just for completing daily quests, and even more with tutorial quests and with some very impressive weekly rewards, some of us are simply at a loss for how to spend their newfound riches. Never fear! There are many excellent options for spending those Neopoints away. You'll find yourself back at the Soup Kitchen before you know it.

          Start a Gallery

          Now's your chance to showcase your extensive dung collection! Even the poorest Neopians have long been able to spare some change to start an omelette gallery, but you should now be able to aim a little higher. Perhaps you are obsessed with Korbats, or the Light Faerie, or carrot-themed items, or gross food combinations? Or foods with feelings (shoutout to the particularly bizarre "Angry Cinnamon Roll")? Almost any gallery idea at all is guaranteed to keep your bank account empty day after day. You are limited only by your imagination.

          Buy Fancy Toys for Your Pet

          Your Neopets have been with you through thick and thin, through all those hours of Neoquest you made them play, through every zap from The Secret Lab Ray, through every Battledome challenge, and through every bite of Glowing Jelly (seriously, that doesn't look healthy). It's time to treat them. Also, my darling Xweetok Corvus has been turning her nose up at the Blue Evil Fuzzle I bought her (not because it's scary, noooo, apparently it's "so totally boring"), so clearly a change is needed. If you're really looking to spend, most Faerie Dolls are both extremely expensive and unfathomably adorable. Alternatively, you could go for a cool plushie at almost any price point, a classic game of Sushi Checkers, or even a Lutari Gaming System. Just not another keyring... please.

          Illusen and Jhudora's Quests

          The items that Illusen and Jhudora request may not be that expensive when you start out, but believe me, the more of their requests you fulfil, the more exacting and downright impossible their demands will become. You almost certainly will not get your Neopoints back with the rewards you earn, either. So why complete the quests at all? It's simple: Glory! Illusen and Jhudora are both incredibly powerful faeries, and you will earn their admiration and respect. And if you do well, there may be a game trophy in it for you. And of course, as is the goal of this article, you will have an empty, empty bank account.

          Get a New Petpet

          No offence to the Greeble your Neopet's been rocking for the past five years, but it may be time to consider mixing it up. You could save up for a classic like a Kadoatie, or a strange little creature like the adorable Tootum. If you can't bear the thought of changing your Petpet, consider a makeover. There are 50 Petpet Paintbrushes to choose from! I am a fan of the Plushie Petpets -- they really walk that uncanny line between pet and toy. And don't forget Petpetpets. Or Petpetpetpets. Or Petpetpetpet -- wait, those don't exist yet? Oh, TNT, we have a request...

          Buy Something from the Hidden Tower

          Remember, nothing says "unfathomable wealth" like a purchase from the Hidden Tower!

          Battledome Training, Faeries, and Equipment

          This is where the guide gets serious. Battledome training is really more of an investment than a splurge. Once your pet is trained and well-equipped enough to win consistently in one player battles, you can win Nerkmids, codestones, dubloons, Neocola tokens, Neggs, and a number of other valuable items. However, training is both slow and expensive, and the better quality battledome equipment can cost you millions of Neopoints. Check out the Neoboards for some excellent tips, then start small and build up your skills over time with daily investments in training. You'll make yourself poor, then rich again, then poor again, then rich again... enjoy the journey!

          Check Your Neopets into the Neolodge

          With all there is to do in Neopia, sometimes actually feeding and playing with your Neopets can get forgotten. Don't worry, that's where the Neolodge comes in! For ultimate luxury, I recommend the AstroVilla, with all the available amenities. Even then, this will only set you back 1,100 Neopoints per day per pet, which barely puts a dent in the wealth you'll be earning from your daily quests. Perhaps it's time for some fancier options? After all, I don't see massages or yoga or deep sea diving certification classes on the amenities list. Oh, TNT, we have another request...

          Collect Stamps

          There's nothing quite as satisfying as completing a page in your stamp book. (At least, that's what I imagine, having never done so myself.) It's also an incredibly expensive hobby that can set you back hundreds of millions of Neopoints. Where to get started? I'd say wherever you want! While some pages are more expensive than others, they ultimately will all cost you, so you might as well go with a theme that you enjoy and will have fun looking at when it's done.

          Buy Lottery Tickets

          What's better to spend your wealth on, than a chance for even more wealth? You can purchase up to 20 tickets a day to increase your chances of winning, so buy those tickets!

          Treasure Map Hunting

          Neopia is all about exploring, and treasure hunting is the ultimate chance to uncover secrets, access forbidden lands, and, yes, find actual... Neopets.... Treasure!!! Of course, this can get expensive, with all your fellow treasure hunters searching for the same treasure map pieces you are trying to hunt down. The rewards may not always be worth the price of the treasure map pieces, but that's not really the point of treasure hunting, you know?

          Neopet Paintbrushes and Customizations

          Ah, the Rainbow Pool. One of the oldest and most time-honoured Neopian pastimes: transforming your pet into a miraculous, hideous, ridiculous, or adorable version of themselves. In the years since I was a Baby Neopian, the options have grown impressively, and there is a huge range of creative options. It can get expensive, but it's still irresistible. And I know you've had your eye on that Swamp Gas Paintbrush. No...? Bah, to each their own. Then, there are the customizations. Tails, wings, backgrounds, foregrounds, companions, claws, necklaces, masks, weapons, flags, shoes, glasses, scenery, decorations, endless accessories, and All. Those. Clothes. While you can get some very cute and unique clothing items and backgrounds without breaking the bank, that's not what this article is all about. Come up with an awesome theme, and spend, spend, spend!

          Wheel of Extravagance

          The Wheel of Extravagance is the way to go if you just have a couple minutes a day to drain your bank account. It may take a week or two, but at 100,000 Neopoints per spin, your savings won't last long...

          Pamper Pound Pets

          When you are done pampering and treating your Neopets, consider adopting a Neopet from the pound, giving it a little pampering, maybe a morphing potion, and a bit of training at the Swashbuckling Academy before releasing it back to the pound again. This is an unexpected and creative way of giving back to the community and the lucky Neopet you choose will probably be instantly adopted.

          Donate It

          There's nothing wrong with donating your Neopoints! Remember, you are a savvy and hardworking Neopian. You can always earn more Neopoints. Not everyone can. But you can. So give it away! I recommend the Money Tree. Just imagine how excited your donation recipient will be. Or, you could go for the Wishing Well. There's just something romantic about dropping a huge bag of Neopoints into a hole filled with water. While there is no known correlation between a bigger donation and a better chance at having your wish fulfilled, there is no rule against a big donation, either.

          That's it for now, fellow Neopians! Remember, Neopoints are for spending!!!

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