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Literally Remastered

by rainbowsstars

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The Box from 10,000 Years Ago
"The Fire Wocky shyly looks away from her two companions, knowing that her response didn't satisfy their doubts. She considers for a moment to trust them with the truth, then gives up. After a brief moment of silence, Itachiro leaves the bag and speaks up..."

by chantili_doce


The Modern Day JubJub: Kiko Shoes
We know how JubJubs wear shoes, but how about Kikos?

by puffy333_revived


Free Pumpkin
Kacheek acquires a free pumpkin that turns out to be a new Clompkin friend instead.

by emescutie4ever


A Story of Spooks and Courage
If you had asked me just a week ago, I would not have said my favourite season was Halloween.

by saqo

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