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FALL-tastic: Best Autumn Items Guide - Foregrounds

by sosunub


Another year comes by, and here we are being delighted by the September equinox, the one and only time of the year that leads us to the beautiful and FALL-tastic season of Fall (or Autumn, you might call it too). There's nothing better than enjoying the crispy and breezy weather while riding your bike, mesmerized by the falling leaves across the street; this is the time when all the yellow and orange tones take over the landscape. And Neopia is no stranger to this phenomenon! You can clearly see all the citizens of Neopia getting ready for the colder months to come, preparing the harvest, and hopefully getting the prettiest fall-themed items before they are gone for good.

     Hi there reader, I'm Sosu and I'm an autumn enthusiast, or that's what people say about me whenever they see me around. Most of them call me the leaf dude, and it's not only because I like the season, but it’s also because I carry it with such a passion that I've invested all my years here gathering all the possible autumn items, decorating my Neohome, making my gallery bigger and bigger as each fallen leaf touches the ground. Above all these great activities and hobbies though, I must say that I truly love customizing my Draiks to be prepared to spend the upcoming months with the best fall outfits.

     In this guide, I'll tell you my Top Five favourite items (and maybe an extra item!) that I believe should be in anyone's possession. They not only look aesthetically pleasing, but they are a must-have for every autumn lover. Feel free to check out my other autumn-related articles too, you'll probably find all the information you're after.

     Sit back, light up an apple and vanilla candle, prepare yourself a creamy cinnamon latte, and enjoy Fall-tastic, your number one guide to the best fall items on Neopets! Thanks for reading!


FALL-tastic: Best Autumn Items Guide - Foregrounds

     1. Within the Autumn Leaves


     This is the literal meaning of the expression "jump into the leaves." Who doesn't want to jump and get buried in so many orange and red leaves spread on the ground? Within the Autumn Leaves will actually do the job, and your Neopet can't miss the chance to be surrounded by what the season is all about. And I haven't even mentioned how good it looks with any fall-themed background. I mean, it actually completes them! Like the item description says: Why can't a big pile of leaves be a comfy place to hang out? The real answer is it can! It can be an amazing place to be.

          2. Fall Festivities Trinket


     If you check out my other guides to the best fall items, you'll realize that I'm a big fan of home decor and renovations. Fall Festivities Trinket is that piece of foreground that your fall customizations can’t do without. It just goes well with EVERYTHING! Do you want to have a cosy, fall-inspired home? This trinket will do the trick; who doesn't love pumpkins, sleek and chic candle lanterns, and a bunch of dry leaves and berries? Let's say you want to have this same piece of decoration in an outdoor scenario. DONE! The trinket works just perfectly for your back porch area too. Imagine lighting up the cinnamon-scented candles as the sun goes down, wrapping yourself in a soft-knitted blanket while reading a good book. Please, if you ever feel like your space needs something unique, consider using this item.

          3. Festive Cornucopia Foreground


     Never let anyone tell you how much is a ton of food. NEVER. Cornucopia is not only about food, it actually holds a deeper meaning: it's a symbol of abundance and nourishment. You read that right. Abundance. This is why the Festive Cornucopia Foreground must be included in your fall customs, especially in November when we are close to Thanksgiving. I wish I could put into words what it actually makes me feel, but this foreground is just perfect. It not only showcases a bunch of different leaves and fresh pumpkins, it also displays some majestic flowers, gourds, and berries. Oh and I'm forgetting the most important piece: a premium, wooden horn resembling the true meaning Cornucopia.

          4. Harvest Apple Foreground


     *noms on freshly clean apples* Sorry, I shouldn't be explaining this while enjoying a fresh red apple, but how can anyone resist the temptation to try them when they are standing in front of the Harvest Apple Foreground? Have you actually taken the time to appreciate it as much as it deserves? The woodworkers who built this are true magicians. The wood is so detailed it doesn't go unnoticed. And to make things even greater you can enjoy so many different types of yellow, orange, and red leaves all over it! Some people believe they are maple leaves, but I feel they are a unique kind that only belongs to this masterpiece. And please, don't get me started about the floating candles around the apples. My instinct tells me to just blow them out as there's water nearby, but my inner fall lover keeps telling me that this should stay the way it was made. If your Neopet ever feels exquisite enough, let them try this foreground! Keep an eye on them though, I'd count the apples if I were you...

          5. Windy Autumn Fence


     No place, and when I say no place I mean it, can lack a proper fence. I mean, there are plenty of fencing options: iron, wood, and even plastic. However, nothing compares to Windy Autumn Fence. The number of hours and work put into detailing the fence door is just astonishing. It's a dreamy fence if you ask me! And it's not just a fence, it's an autumn fence! Look at those leaves spread across the entire hardwood!! It's incredible. When I look at this fence I feel like it's the right foreground for a lake house or a house that has a big garden connecting to a massive fall birch forest. Oddly specific, but this is literally what the fence was made for. We just hope the weather doesn't get TOO windy though, as we'd like to keep all these fallen autumn leaves intact throughout the season.

     BONUS: Frosty Leafpile Foreground


     Yes, we couldn't just do a foreground guide without including the fantastic Frosty Leafpile Foreground. We know the weather can get quite cold and frosty, especially if you live in a place where colder weather is more common, and that's why we wanted to think of those who have to endure such temperatures even during Fall time. This frosty leafpile is a good representation of how aesthetically clean and nice a frozen leafpile can look. It's strange because Fall is all about orange, yellow and brown colours. However, this foreground is the perfect example of a season transition: you can see how the leaves get more frosty as time passes by, just like how things change from Fall to Winter! The shiness on the ice and the several icy leaves scattered on the ground makes this item the perfect addition to have your customisations on point.

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