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Moltara Travel Guide

by theguy2020


     Deep below the surface of Neopia, you can find Moltara. We like to call it “The Underground City” and for this special edition of the Neopian Times, we will help readers figure out exactly what to do when visiting this cool place! If you’re planning on stopping by - which you should check out this travel guide.

     It will likely take a while to go underground and find Moltara City so you’re bound to be hungry. What good is any travel destination without a spot to get some grub? This is where Molten Morsels comes in and you can absolutely feast on some local delicacies. Be first in line to try out a Moltato or our personal favourite, Lava Burger. If you’re patient and pretty lucky you may even catch a Red Moltite Popsicle for sale. However, don’t get your hopes up as its rarity 99 and isn’t put up for sale often!

     Next up you’ll want to tour the area in style so we recommend heading over to Cog’s Togs where the latest fashion is in stock! He has everything from the coolest goggles, blacksmith outfits, the latest Ixi tails and horns to even a watch to help you keep track of time! We recommend the Metallic Hissi clothing set but Cog has wearables for several different species as well as some universal clothes for everyone to try on! You’ll fit right in with the locals and get the true Moltara experience.

     By now you’ll have spent some Neopoints you’ll want to earn back. What better way to earn Neopoints than playing games and having fun? Check out Tunnel Tumble for a classic Moltaran game. It's a bit similar to Darigan Dodgeball (but better!). The point of the game is after clicking on Jordie in centre, make sure to drag him across the board and avoid hitting any of the four rocks. They are all different shapes and sizes and as the game progresses it gets a bit faster and harder to dodge (but you earn more Neopoints!)

     Another game we recommend checking out is Cave Glider. It's a fun game where you travel down a cave collecting treasures for points. Other objects that are good you can collect are health and timers which increase your health and add timers to the clock respectively. Remember to avoid the Petpets as they will make your health meter drop faster than you count to three if you don’t manage to miss them.

     Now that you’ve had some fun by playing games we recommend checking out Town Hall and meeting the mayor. He’s very open to meeting tourists and guests from all over and will be sure to give a warm welcome so you can truly have a great experience.

     After talking to the mayor, we recommend seeing another beloved local Tangor in his workshop. Tangor loves crafts and creating and is always looking for cool materials to build projects with. If you bring him Shiny Obsidian, Miscellaneous Gears, Scrap Metal and Stone or Red Moltite, he can make you the coolest trinket that you can take with you - a Petpet! Who wouldn’t love to bring a nice Moltaran Petpet like this home? There are several different Petpets that Tangor can make so feel free to spend some time here after gathering the materials needed!

     Our next destination will no longer be in Moltara City but instead we will head on even deeper underground into the Moltara Caves. The first stop in the caves will be The Arcanium which is a bookstore in Moltara. You can browse the collection but there isn’t much patience for loitering so remember to try and pick something for purchase. You can find just about all things here - books about Moltaran culture, the food, biographies of famous Moltarans and even the elusive “How to Get Past the Guard”. Taking one home with you will be a great memento to remind you of the great time you had in Moltara!

     If Tangor didn’t have any Petpets you were a fan of, you're in luck. The next destination on our list is The Petpetorium! There’s a small collection of Petpets here for sale but some critters that are native to Moltara can be found here. We recommend looking at the Magmut as they are quite adorable. But beware and make sure you have a lot of fireproof furniture at home as all the swimming in magma they are used to may cause some burns!

     Igneot’s Cavern is another must-see destination that we’ll now check out. Here you can ask a question to Igneot’s magic 8 ball and receive an answer. Are you wondering if you should get that red dress? Take that new job? Igneot’s Caverns is the place you got to go to if you can’t make up your mind! There are several different responses the magic ball can give including variations of yes, likely, maybe, not likely, no and can’t say.

     The final spot of our trip will be the elusive Magma Pool. When entering you will come across a guard who will usually try and block you from entering saying that only those who are well-versed in the ways of Moltara can take a dip in the pool. As you might expect, this is no ordinary pool - by dipping in the pool you will be able to paint any of your Neopets Magma! Now you might ask, how does one gain access to this elusive pool? Every visitor of Moltara has a ten-minute interval in the day when they can access the pool. You can keep checking several times a day so don’t worry about coming in at the wrong time. It may take a while for you to find out what time you can visit the pool but believe us when we say it is very worth it! This is the only way you can paint your Neopet Magma so it is worth the hassle. The Magma Pool is truly the crown gem of Moltara so not stopping by would be a crime.

     We hope you enjoyed this visitor’s guide to Moltara. Remember to have fun and bring back a piece of Moltaran culture with you to share with friends! Hopefully, we’ll see you visiting again soon (probably often to figure out that Magma Pool time!)


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