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A Trip to the Kadoatery

by jenna6570976


First: What is the Kadoatery?

     At the Kadoatery in Neopia Central, you have the opportunity to feed Kadaoties that are waiting to be adopted. These small, exotic Petpets have specific food preferences and players must scour the Neopian marketplace to find the perfect meal. Feeding a Kadaotie requires patience and strategy, as they can be very picky and only accept food at specific times. I'm sure many Neopians have made their way to the Kadoatery, perhaps even heard of the tales and the struggles of trying to feed one of these needy Petpets. You notice that DR_SLOTH, a Kadaotie, is asking for some kind of hot dog, or that userxyz123 has already taken care of LOLLERZ, and you start to wonder what you have stumbled into.

     Second: The Requirements

     If you're anything like me, you probably take the time to investigate the cause of the commotion... well eventually. I used to stay away from this place because I thought I would never have the opportunity to feed one of these little guys. Fear not; it's really only time-consuming. Fortunately, now that I know how things work, I've been feeding plenty of them every day and have chosen to impart this knowledge to you. The real secret is perseverance, along with perhaps a good cup of coffee as you press that F5 key. If you are the type of person who can wait for twenty-eight minutes, seven minutes, and perhaps another seven minutes... and maybe repeat that about five more times at its worst, then you can do this too! It's not simple just for the sake of time spent and mental stamina, but if you have some spare minutes it wouldn't hurt to try and feed a few while you're at it. There's nothing like a good adrenaline rush as you get at the Kadoatery, and if you're a little weird like me, you might even start to enjoy it. It's the sense of accomplishment you feel after finally being able to give this Kadaotie whatever odd food item they have been waiting for that is so alluring. You're the one who fed them, you pulled it off and now you're going to pull it off again.

     Third: The Mechanics

     The clock begins to run whenever a mass feeding takes place at the Kadoatery. It's possible that the next feeding will occur in twenty-eight minutes, but if it doesn't, you should check back in seven minutes. If there is no reset after seven minutes of checking, just check again after another seven, and so on until they start to feel hungry again. After they eat, the cycle repeats itself, and you must wait another twenty-eight minutes before the next potential feeding takes place. For your benefit, numerous wonderful Neopians also assist in keeping track of the reset times over on the Neoboards. Simply conduct a search for a topic within the site games, and you'll typically see updates for each refresh, letting you know when to check for the next feeding. When you lose focus due to simple distractions from other things, this will assist in keeping you on task. We all experience this because there is a lot to do in both Neopets and in real life so it's to be expected.

     Fourth: How to Tackle

     The best time for me to start feeding the ever so hungry creatures is when I'm finishing up all of my daily tasks. This makes the waiting less painful when you have a lot of additional side tasks to complete. Additionally, if you combine this with igloo garage sale refreshes and, if your account is old enough, abandoned attic refreshes, it becomes even less of a chore because you'll want to be aware of those items as soon as they appear in stock. Consider it a three birds, one stone situation. Another tactic to remember is to always keep a separate tab open for the Shop Wizard because, when they get hungry, you'll need to find that food quickly before another user gets to them first. Also, make sure that no faerie quests are active in advance because doing so will prevent you from even being able to search for the food they want, which would be truly devastating. In particular, if you play it as I do and hop around on your dailies, keep an eye out for this happening during all of your activities. I'm aware that some people prefer to keep a specific kind of food in their inventory, but in my opinion, finding food on the spot when the timing is right is better. Additionally, you would be filling your inventory space with a variety of ice cream flavours, sandwiches, etc. which isn't really my cup of tea, but do it however you like. The safety deposit box method, where you already have the item and just search within it, also seems to take too long, and overall, the Shop Wizard method just seems to be the most effective at feeding.

     Fifth: The Payoff

     If I'm being completely honest, the reason I even started this feeding bonanza was to get a shiny new avatar for successfully completing this seventy-five times. However, you only need to feed twenty-five if you pursue the gold trophy, ten for the silver trophy, and one for the bronze trophy. You can only feed one Kadoatie at a time until they get replaced by a new one, so don't try to feed multiples at once, it just simply won't work. This gives many other Neopians a chance to feed one during the frenzy, everything is fair in the Kadaotie food wars. With dedication and diligence, players can help these precious creatures find their food of choice. Therefore, I wish you luck and may father time be on your side if this sounds like a task you're willing to take on—and boy, what a task it is.

     A Moral Note: When all is said and done, who cares about the avatar or the awards? Do it as a good Neopian and stop those Kadaotie tears from flowing.

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