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Perfect Genius Game

by waternymph12

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The Daily Life of a Grey Kacheek
"The thing about travelling is that it gives you plenty of time to think deep thoughts. With new scenery rushing past the window and not much to do but wait..."

by chesschocolate


My Best Friend
"The incident occurred during the daytime, around 1 o’clock NST, while sheets of rain were pouring down from the sky. Misty, a Marble Shoyru, curled up in her bed, was reading a book. She was enjoying..."

by mewrocks_10


A Tale of Two Shopkeepers
"Linda, the Elephante who ran the Neopian Pharmacy, called out, 'Well, alright, but if I get busy I won't be able to run both shops..'"Collab with travel74147

by dancerchickemily


Dr. Sloth’s Etiquette Guide to the NeoBoards
I had plans, you know. How can you ask me to throw together a guide on such short notice?

by iwonder

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