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The Committee of Normalcy in Neovia

by june_scarlet


Dear Saskori,

     You are cordially invited to attend the next meeting of the Committee of Normalcy in Neovia in your capacity as a Monster Tamer. Your expertise would be most appreciated. Meeting details are enclosed.


     Chairwoman Mona Hallow


     Hey Melandine!

     Guess what? I’m going to some super-important meeting because I’m a Monster Tamer! And you said that being a Monster Tamer wasn’t a real profession, and that twelve was too young to have a job anyway. Who’s laughing now?

     - Saskori


     Dearest Nathanial,

     My brother, have you noticed Saskori’s foul mood these past few days, since she’s attended the committee meeting? She hasn't divulged what happened there, perhaps you know?

     Most sincerely,

     Annabeth Clarke


     Dear Annabeth,

     Looked into things while in town, found the meeting minutes for the Committee of Normalcy in Neovia. Looks like things took a turn for the worst towards the end, you can read for yourself, I’ve sent them along with this neomail.


     Nathan Clarke


     Committee of Normalcy in Neovia Meeting Minutes

     “From a Seed, Growth”

     Chairwoman Mona Hallow called to order the meeting of the Committee of Normalcy in Neovia (CONIN) at 6:02pm NST on the 5th day of Hunting Y25 at Town Hall in Neovia, Haunted Woods.

      Secretary Thomas Carmichael conducted a roll call. The following persons were present:

      Committee Members:

     - Chairwoman Mona Hallow

     - Vice Chairman Clancy Geyer

     - Secretary Thomas Carmichael

     - Treasurer Gustave Cheltenham

     - Sergeant-at-arms Junoa

     - Event Officer Meredith


     - Saskori, Monster Tamer

     - Tippins, President of the Spooky Shindig Society

     - Corbin, Monster Hunter

     - Kell, Monster Hunter

     - Professor Vinsjin, Ghoul Catcher

     - Brave Bern, Ghoul Catcher

     - Glyn, Ghoul Catcher

      Old Business

      1. Fundraising - Treasurer Gustave Cheltenham reported that fundraising efforts continue to hold strong. Current raised funds total 4,867,332 Neopoints.

      2. Grand Neovian Gala - Event Officer Meredith reported that planning for the inaugural Grand Neovian Gala Fundraiser is going smoothly. This Gala will raise funds for CONIN, as well as serve to give Neovians a taste of the normalcy they so crave, free of monsters and other supernatural things. The venue and dates have been confirmed, advertising is set to begin soon. Tippins, President of the Spooky Shindig Society, expressed enthusiasm for an exciting new event in Neovia. Chairwoman Mona Hallow agreed, saying it would bring a touch of class to the small town known better for Spooky Food Contests gone awry.

      Some discussion broke out, with Tippins protesting that it was no fault of the Spooky Shindig Society that a monster disguised itself as a participant, and Corbin and Kell, Monster Hunters, explaining how they chased said monster throughout Neovia and the catacombs that run underneath. Chairwoman Mona Hallow pointed out that these kinds of monster shenanigans were the entire reason the Committee of Normalcy in Neovia was formed in the first place. At this point, Sergeant-at-arms Junoa called point of order, stating that the committee had gone on a tangent unrelated to the Grand Gala, and that discussion of monsters would best be tabled for later in the meeting, as was already planned in the agenda.

      3. Dehaunting of Carmichael’s Theater - Secretary Thomas Carmichael was happy to report that his theater is no longer haunted, thanks to the efforts of the Monster Tamer, Saskori. Chairwoman Mona Hallow asked for Saskori to rise. Said Cybunny stood up, gripping one arm shyly.

      Professor Vinsjin of the Ghoul Catchers inquired as to how the young girl managed to free Carmichael’s Theater where his team had failed. Saskori stared at the floor and muttered unintelligibly. Brave Bern, another Ghoul Catcher, asked her to speak up. Saskori looked up and explained that once she uncovered the ghost, it was a simple matter to rid the theatre of them.

      Corbin, Monster Hunter, commended Saskori’s actions, saying they were well-thought-out and planned. Kell, Corbin’s brother, nodded and said, “Cool (sic),” to which Saskori blushed and buried her face in her paws.

      After a silent minute, Treasurer Gustave Cheltenham moved that the meeting proceeds to the final order of business. Several seconded the motion, including Saskori herself.

      New Business

      1. Hiring of Normalcy Officers - Chairwoman Mona Hallow started off by saying when she first arrived in Neovia from Neopia Central, she saw potential in a problem the town has long faced, being in the Haunted Woods. Despite their best efforts, the normal townsfolk were flooded with denizens of the Haunted Woods, such as zombies, ghosts, vampires, Werelupes, and other monsters. Some were easily spotted, while others were able to slip into society without detection.

      It's a problem, Chairwoman Mona Hallow explained, but one with a solution. So she gathered concerned citizens, and founded this organization to bring normalcy back to Neovia. To drive out the monsters hidden in plain sight. However, the committee is unable to do this on its own. Therefore, they must hire Normalcy Officers to detect and drive out those undesirable monsters from Neovia.

      CONIN invited Ghoul Catchers, Monster Hunters, and Monster Tamers alike to this meeting with a proposition: to be hired by the city to remove those pests undermining the integrity of Neovia. They will be paid a fair wage for their services, as well as being honoured and loved by all Neovians.

      To this, Saskori the Monster Tamer raised her hand. Chairwoman Mona Hallow nodded and permitted her to speak. Saskori expressed concern that Normalcy Officers wouldn’t be loved by all Neovians, if they’d be driving out at least half of them.

      The committee expressed their confusion, to which Saskori replied that many good and respectable Neovians were “so-called monsters.” Sergeant-at-arms Junoa protested this, explaining that this simply wasn’t true. Event Officer Meredith agreed, saying that only normal Neopets were real Neovians.

      An argument broke out. Saskori insisted that being Neovian had nothing to do with being normal. Several disagreed. Cheltenham urged everyone to calm down. Junoa called point of order.

      Saskori yelled that this was the whole point of the “stupid (sic)” committee, to discriminate against those CONIN determined to be inferior. Hallow called for Saskori to be removed from the meeting if she continued with these outbursts.

      Saskori huffed and said she’d leave of her own accord. She wanted no part of this.

      Saskori left the meeting.

      Hallow looked at the remaining guests. She asked if any of them were interested in carrying out CONIN’s important work. Kell and Corbin declined.

      Kell and Corbin left the meeting.

      The Ghoul Catchers said they would be able to take on these duties. Hallow nodded and said that they would settle the details at the next meeting.

      Junoa asked if there were any other points of business to address. No one replied.

      Chairwoman Mona Hallow adjourned the meeting at 7:12 pm NST.


     Saskori -

     What now?

     - Nathan


     We fight back. - Saskori


      Character Credits: Thank you to liouchan for letting me use Gustave Cheltenham, chasing_stars44 for letting me use Junoa, and precious_katuch14 for letting me use Meredith.

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