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A Tyrannian Victory Day Shopping List

by cryistalene


Every year, on May 12th, Neopians of all sorts gather to celebrate Tyrannian Victory Day. This day commemorates the brave Tyrannians who fought for their freedom against the oppressive and evil forces that sought to overtake the historic land of Tyrannia. Whether you are a Tyrannia fanatic or just an occasional tourist, there are lots of ways to celebrate this day. Whether you choose to attend a rockin’ concert at the Tyrannian Concert Hall or you gorge yourself on omelette all day long, there is one thing you definitely need to make time for: SHOPPING! With the small exception of the Ugga Shinies shop, all Tyrannian shops offer an 80% discount on their wares in celebration of Tyrannian Victory Day. That is no small discount. Tyrannians are notoriously generous, unlike their faerie counterparts who only offer a 50% discount on their annual celebratory day. For those of you who are not seasoned “restockers”, here is a helpful guide on how to spend your Neopoints most wisely in the land of Tyrannia:

     Tyrannian Weaponry: If you plan on spending your time in this shop on May 12th, please be sure to dress accordingly. Almost everything for sale in this shop is engulfed in flames. You will want to dress lightly and perhaps bring along some fire-proof gloves. The first item you want to be on the lookout for is a Turned Tooth. This item is quite common (r83) and stocks very frequently. You can pick one (or several) up at a very low price and sell them for quite a bit of profit. There are also 10 extremely rare and valuable (r99) items that stock in this shop. If you are lucky enough to pick one up at the 80% discount you will be sure to make a huge profit. These items are: Billion Degree Sword, Fire Ball Staff, Fiery Throwing Marble, Fire Hammer, Rings of Fire, Fiery Wand, Fiery Spine of Death, Mega Fire Shield, Sharp Fire Disc, and finally the Monoceraptors Toenail. If you happen across this last item, the toenail, be sure to haggle quickly as this item is often sought after by Battledome champions and will sell quickly at a high price. Some of the items on this list typically do not sell for a profit, but due to the 80% discount being offered, it would be wise to purchase them on this day in particular. There is one rare item that you will want to avoid buying, as it is often referred to as “bait” due to its high price point and low value: The Lava Arrow. If any of your pets are in need of new gear for the Battledome, this is your opportunity to outfit them in the latest, fieriest fashions.

     Tyrannian Petpets: This shop is often filled with hopeful Neopians in search of the ever-elusive Krawk Petpet. While this Petpet is incredibly rare and valuable, there is always a chance it might stock while you are here so you should be prepared for that possibility. Do not waste any time haggling for this little guy because he will surely be bought quickly the second he shows himself. There are several other profitable Petpets that you should consider shopping for here: Woolypapiths, Gathows, and Rocks. Gathows and Rocks are slightly more common (r98) and are easy to sell due to their popularity. You may find that you are enchanted by the adorably prehistoric Petpets found here, and it should be said that Tyrannian Petpets are some of the most loyal and dependable Petpets around.

     Tyrannian Furniture: You will likely have very little competition in this shop, even on Tyrannian Victory Day. There is only one item sold here that yields a profit when re-sold any other time of year. However, when you account for your 80% discount there might be some other hidden gems to be found amongst the (literal) rubble. This shop sells a variety of unique furnishings that are a bit of an acquired taste. The first item you will want to be on the lookout for is the Stone Bedside Table. This rare item (r99) will easily fetch over a million Neopoints, so purchase it quickly if it stocks. There are a few other items that can be resold for a modest profit, considering the 80% discount, and those items are: Stone Sink, Woolypapith Sofa, and Woolypapith Beanbag. If you don't mind foregoing a bit of comfort, you might find that these unique furnishings suit your style. One thing is for sure: These items are certainly a conversation-starter for houseguests!

     Tyrannian Food: Don’t be alarmed by the cantankerous nature of the Kacheek that tends this shop. He is a bit rough around the edges, but he won’t bite (usually). Tyrannian cuisine is not for the casual connoisseur. These foods are quite spicy and might just chip a tooth so proceed with caution. There are a few items that stock in this shop that you should be aware of. The first is the Blood Mole Plant. This delicacy stocks once in a blue moon, but it is worth well over a million Neopoints. The other items that can be re-sold for a profit year-round (or tasted if you have the courage) are: Primordial Stew, Honey-Blossom Stone Doughnuts, and the Tyrannian Water Negg. In addition to these tasty goodies, there are a few items that are worth buying when you factor in your 80% discount. These items are: the Terry Berry, Coconut Juice Bowl, Tyrannian Everything Omelette, and Hutcakes. You may be able to find a few other odds and ends in this shop that offer a modest profit, but be sure to consult with the Shop Wizard to be sure.

     Whether you are a Tyrannian native or a welcome visitor, Tyrannian Victory Day is a celebration of something we all value: freedom! Spending time in the land of Tyrannia on this day will surely bring you joy and pride as you share in the celebrations of Tyrannian locals. Be mindful of the local customs while you shop here and throw out an occasional “Ugga!” or “Acka!” and you will blend right in. Happy shopping!


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