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Random Oddness

by mistyqee

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Mordred the concertmaster
"The day of the talent show. Nessa, the twins and I were all excited..."

by cyber1ofkakoradesert


Moody skarl
"Quick! Deliver King Skarl's Food Before He Gets Mad!!!"

by safemoon


The Swashbuckler's Sword
Two Eyries searching for a sword end up on a mini adventure.

by werelupe_king23


Faerie Town
"Faerie Town, Darigan Citadel

The Fall of Faerieland was a very disruptive time in Faerieland’s history. Xandra’s act displaced many residents living near the area that Faerieland crashed into, as well as the faeries who were used to living in the skies."

by black_skull725

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