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Tiki Tiki Tavi

by punjambi

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A Surprising Present
"The spotted Pteri gaped as she entered the room to find her family in front of her, holding out various presents..."

by gentle_lil_queen


Leonard the Rainbow Lenny
"Leonard the Rainbow Lenny knew he was likely letting the Invisible Doglefox off with too light of a punishment..."

by jennsjoe


An Unexpected Birthday Surprise
"There wasn’t anyone here...Okay, let me rephrase that – I was here. Only me. On my birthday..."

by saqo


Geographical Guide to the Best Recipes in Every Land
"his week, Lilian and Werther are visiting lands more known for their myths and faerie tales than their physical locations. Directions? Second star to the left and straight on til morning … except you can visit these places, even outside your dreams!" Collab with cutiepie4707

by doglover3662

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