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An Unexpected Birthday Surprise

by saqo


There wasn’t anyone here.

     Okay, let me rephrase that – I was here. Only me. On my birthday.

     I’m a Kacheek who works at a shop in Neopia Central. I restock shelves, help other Neopet customers, and keep the shop clean. I work really hard, and I enjoy interacting with fellow Neopets and their owners. It’s a fun job!

     I had worked in that shop for long enough that I became rather close with my coworkers. A Uni, Bori, and Jetsam, were fun and friendly Neopets. They helped me when I needed it at work, and I tried to be supportive of them as well. Sure, we didn’t hang out much outside of work, but what better time to start than now? So, five days before my birthday, I invited them to a party at my Neohome. I smiled and enthusiastically told them there would be cake, other snacks, and birthday games.

     They agreed to come!

     I spent the next few days smiling most of the time I was awake. You see, I’m a bit of a shy Kacheek by nature, but I was proud of myself for inviting them to my home. I lived with just my Petpet, a Meepit, and I had done so for quite a few years now. Not many others visited my Neohome, unless you count the postman, or the pant devil every so often? Yeah, that’s a fun visitor to get in the dead of night, trying to steal your lamp or some food you have in the fridge…!

     So, I was really looking forward to my coworkers visiting me and my Meepit for my birthday! I purchased a large cake and bags of chips and candies in preparation. I cleaned my Neohome from top to bottom, and picked out some great music to play.

     It would be a wonderful day, I thought to myself the night before my birthday. Laying comfortably in bed, I glanced down at my Meepit who was curled up in his Petpet bed next to me. He looked at me, unblinkingly. Sure, he wasn’t very expressive, and sometimes a little downright creepy (my nickname for him, actually, was ‘Creepit’!), but I knew he meant well and somehow I could tell he was as excited as I was.

     I slept a dreamless sleep, safe in the thought that tomorrow would be a wonderful day, full of friendship, love, and birthday fun!

     I awoke early, as the sun streamed through my Neohome window. It was a beautiful morning, chilly, but crisp with a sprawling crystal blue sky. I jumped out of bed, almost tripping on Creep- I mean, my Meepit. He awoke with a start and stumbled out of bed, following me into the kitchen. I whipped up some pancake batter and made a few for myself and my Meepit, piling them up with a slather of butter and some sweet maple syrup I had picked up at a shop in Neopia Central last week. You can always treat yourself for your birthday, right?

     My party was to start at 11:00 am. That way, we could have lunch together and cake for dessert! I glanced at the refrigerator, smiling. My ice cream cake that I had procured from a shop in Terror Mountain sat inside, ready to be enjoyed by my friends and me!

     After breakfast I tidied up my kitchen, brushed my Meepit’s fur and my own, and put on a bow tie that I felt was rather sharp. I dished out the snacks I had purchased into large, colourful bowls and placed them on my coffee table. I then readied several sets of smaller plates, bowls, forks, and napkins. ‘How impressed my coworkers will be!’ I thought, surveying my preparations with a grin.

     I then settled into a plush, warm chair in my living room to read a book while I waited for my coworkers to arrive. It was an exciting story, one of adventure, travel, and the power of friendship. What a life, to be surrounded by friends and travel to interesting places! I thought that today would be the start of the former, for me.

     10:50 am. I stood then, fixing my fur in my mirror and checking on my Meepit. He sat, looking at me blankly as usual, but a grin snaked across his face. I smiled back at him. “Not much time now,” I cried in his direction. He was excited, too, I could tell! He bounced slightly, watching me closely.

     11:00 am. It was time! I jumped up, and ran to the window at the front of my Neohome. Blue sky stretched out as far as I could see. A few puffy white clouds floated past, and I could hear birds chirping from somewhere nearby. But I didn’t see my coworkers coming down my pathway.

     “No matter,” I said, glancing back at my Meepit. “It’s still early.” He nodded.

     11:10 am. “There’s still time…” I said, looking back at him again. He narrowed his unblinking eyes slightly, surveying me and the window.

     11:20 am. I stepped back from the window, fiddling with my bow tie nervously. Where could they be?

     11:30 am. I walked across my living room floor and sat down in the chair with a huff. Could it be? They decided not to come to my home, to my party I had so meticulously planned, on my birthday? Or they had simply forgotten it was my birthday? I felt tears coming to my eyes, but I blinked them away. No matter. I had my Petpet. We could still celebrate!

     I glanced up, but a quiet living room lay before me. My Meepit had disappeared.

     I couldn’t believe it. Even my Petpet didn’t want to be near me on my birthday?

     I couldn’t stop the tears, this time. I buried my face in the plush arm of my chair and cried for what felt like an hour. I exhaustedly raised my head when I felt I had cried out all the tears I had in my body. My cheek fur was wet, and I wiped them with my paws.

     Suddenly, I heard my back door creep open.

     “Who- who is it?” I hiccupped, standing up and sniffing. The pant devil? I heard another door creek open. Was that… the refrigerator?

     Suddenly, with a chorus of loud squeals and squeaks, a hoard of Petpets dashed into my living room and surrounded me! A Faellie held my ice cream cake high up on a plate. A Weewoo held a few plates in its beak, and a Snowickle scuttled closely behind them with a few forks. A Cirrus floated by, smiling wide, and a Babaa pushed a wrapped present toward my feet. My Meepit was at the front of the pack, staring at me with his unblinking eyes and squeaking.

     I sniffed, wiping my eyes and allowing a bright smile to break out on my face. I did have friends after all! I sat down in front of the hoard of Petpets and hugged my Meepit. “Thanks guys!” I cried, laughing and setting him down. I looked at my Meepit. “I should have known I can always count on you.”

     We all spent the day eating snacks and delicious Terror Mountain ice cream cake, playing games, singing songs, listening to some great music, and laughing a lot.

     This turned out to be a happy birthday after all! You see, you always have friends, if you know where to look. After all, we can always count on our Pet(pet)s to make us smile!

     Happy birthday to me!

     (And happy birthday to you too, Neopets!)

     The End.

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