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Neopia's Winter Wonders

by i_lovee_icecream


The month of Celebrating is hectic as can be. We buy gifts, we plan trips, and we get together with friends and family. It is here and gone in the blink of an eye and the crinkle of a nose! With that in mind, every Neopian needs to prepare for their yearly opportunities to earn avatars, site themes, Neopoints, and exclusive items before they pass them by! Continue reading for these yearly reminders so that you don’t have to wait another 365 days for your next chance.

     Oh, and happy celebrating, of course!

     The Winter Starlight Celebration

     All of Terror Mountain participates in a month-long celebration called the Winter Starlight Celebration. This includes the Advent Calendar, the NC Mall Stocking Spectacular, seasonal Neogreetings, and a hibernating Snowager. Read on to a detailed description of these special events and opportunities.

     The Advent Calendar

     The Advent Calendar is located in Happy Valley. It is a place where Neopians from far and wide can collect Neopoints and items daily throughout the month of Celebrating from December 1st all the way to the 31st. Most prizes collected from the Advent Calendar are exclusive.

     In recent years, the wonderful animations for each day of the Advent Calendar have shown a hidden, clickable snowflake or image. If you can find and click on this “Easter egg”, you can earn an additional prize!

     Make sure to stop by each day so as to not miss a chance of winning prizes and Neopoints.

     Stocking Stufftacular

     The Stocking Stufftacular is an NC Mall event that happens every December where you can use your NC to purchase Stocking Packs. These Stocking Packs are usually available in packs of 1, 5, 10, and 25. Once you’ve purchased your packs, you can hang them in order to get exclusive NC item prizes. Up to five stockings can be hung per day, but - just like the Advent Calendar - you must hang a stocking on that specific day in order to earn that day’s prizes. In order to use your stockings, make sure to activate them in your inventory and then head over to the Stocking Stufftacular page in the NC Mall.

     In addition, there is a community element in this event called the Stocking Stufftacular Community Challenge! It records how many stockings are hung throughout all of Neopia and sets a goal to achieve by December 31st. If Neopians reach this goal, each individual who has hung at least one stocking will receive an additional exclusive NC item!

     The Snowager Hibernation

     Unlike the rest of the year where the Snowager only sleeps for three hours out of the day, the Snowager sleeps all day, every day in the month of December. However, this has been a controversial feature of the Winter Starlight Celebration, as the rules surrounding the Snowager have changed over the years. Originally, the Snowager could be visited every two hours which amounted to twelve times a day. Since this sleep is considered a hibernation, Neopians are unable to wake him in order to be “blasted” by him, leaving no chance to receive the randomly awarded "Snowager - Rawr!" avatar. In more recent years, Neopians can only visit the Snowager once a day. However, they are guaranteed a prize and no HP lost due to a blast. While this seems unfair to those avatar-seeking Neopians, it does guarantee a daily prize from our massive icy worm friend!


     "Plastic Fir" - Make sure to collect from the Advent Calendar on December 1st in order to unlock this avatar

     "Seasonal Attack Pea" - In recent years, this avatar has been awarded on December 23rd, so make sure to collect from the Advent Calendar on the 23rd in order to achieve this avatar.

     Site Theme

     Winter Holiday - If you are diligent enough to remember to collect your prizes from the Advent Calendar every day, you will earn the Winter Holiday site theme on December 31st. However, be warned! Even missing one day will ruin your chance at this site theme and you’ll have to try again next year. Because of this, I recommend setting a daily alarm or putting this into your dailies first thing!

     Monthly Reminders

     Monthly Freebies - Remember to redeem your 2,000 Neopoints and allow your pets to choose their free food!

     High Score Tables Reset - On the 1st of every month, high-score tables reset. Whether you are looking to earn the Brain Tree avatar or the vending machine trophy, now is your chance. Make sure to do so before trophies are released on the first day of the month and good luck!

     Additional Calendar Events

     While there is nothing exclusive to earn or collect with these calendar events, here are additional days to remember:

     December 5th - Bruce Day - Make sure to take your Bruce to the Swashbuckling Academy today for free training and check out what new colors and items have been released for your pet!

     December 12th - Wocky Day - Make sure to take your Wocky to the Swashbuckling Academy today for free training and check out what new colors and items have been released for your pet!

     December 20th - Borovan Day - Make sure to follow the tradition and drink your hot cup of borovan on this day.

     December 25th - Day of Giving - Sift through your neofriends list and make sure to give gifts to those you care about in order to spread cheer!

     December 28th - Ogrin Day - Make sure to take your Ogrin to the Swashbuckling Academy today for free training and check out what new colors and items have been released for your pet!

     December 31st / January 1st - Neopia enters a new year, which is Y24!

     The Latest News

     Who’s to say that this list is exhaustive? Make sure to visit the “New Features” page on the site for the latest news so that if any new events or happenings are introduced, you’ll be the first to know!

     All in all, the month of Celebrating is about spreading cheer, giving and receiving gifts, and staying on top of all of your dailies, monthlies, and goals! As we hunker down in Happy Valley, I wish all of you a safe, relaxing, joyous, and un-forgetful December.


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