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Looking for Meatballs

by werelupe_king23


It all started when a Steampunk Cybunny, Piper, was exploring Faerieland. She was beginning to feel hungry. Explorers needed all the energy they could get, after all. Piper liked exploring new places, and she had never been to Faerieland before. Stomach growling like an angry Grarrl, Piper thought of a delicious plate of Meatless Meatballs. It was her favourite dish, as she was vegetarian. Although she did enjoy fish, other meat did not appeal to her in the slightest. She also had heard stories about Faeries who had appeared to Neopians in need. Her friends were explorers too, and they liked to tell all kinds of tales about the places around Neopia they had been to. Faerieland was the ideal place to test the validity of this particular story, so she found a quiet place to sit and began to wish with all her might. Suddenly, a bright yellowish light filled the area as a Light Faerie appeared. Piper, after regaining her composure, introduced herself and asked the Light Faerie who she was and what she was doing there.

      Zyntha, the Light Faerie, introduced herself and proceeded to explain everything. Zyntha told the Cybunny that she had come to aid Piper in her quest for Meatless Meatballs. Piper was overjoyed. Having a Faerie aid her would make finding some Meatless Meatballs a cinch. Faeries were the most powerful beings in Neopia. If a Faerie couldn't help, then who could?

     So, the search for some Meatless Meatballs began. Piper suggested somewhere like a restaurant to start with. Zyntha assured her they'd find Meatless Meatballs at Faerie Foods. Piper hoped so. She was no Skeith, but she did not like being hungry. Soon, they found Faerie Foods, Faerieland's food shop, inside Faerie City. They were greeted by the shopkeeper, a kindly Earth Faerie. But, neither Piper nor Zyntha could find any Meatless Meatballs, and they both left the shop.

     Before she could come up with any more ideas of where to search next, Zyntha was interrupted by three Kimbis, cute Faerie Petpets that were native to Faerieland, that were eating something that Piper thought looked like Meatless Meatballs. Zyntha grimaced as Piper attempted to grab the mysterious food from the Petpets. The Steampunk Cybunny was rather hungry now. Of course, Piper eventually managed to get ahold of the food the Kimbis had been eating. She pulled a disgusted face as it was just some old food a careless Neopian had dropped. She threw it, prompting the three Kimbis to run off after their rather unappetising snack.

      As they continued to look around, Piper's stomach growled some more. She couldn't understand why Faerieland didn't have their own version of Meatless Meatballs. Faeries could make anything, or so she thought. Then again, maybe it was only certain Faeries who were good with food. Meanwhile, Zyntha was thinking. She really wanted to help this poor, hungry Neopet. That was what any good Faerie would do. Then, she had a sudden brainwave.

      “I have an idea,” Zyntha declared happily. Piper patiently waited for the Light Faerie to continue. 'The Wheel of Excitement gives out prizes,' she explained. 'Let's try that next,' the Cybunny said. Piper followed her Faerie helper. Zyntha led the way to the Wheel of Excitement, which was run by another Light Faerie. 'Would you like to have a go for 500 NP?" she asked. Piper was not expecting the price to be that high. Luckily, Zyntha was able to use her magic to make extra NP appear. Piper thanked her new friend and gave the other Light Faerie the money before giving the Wheel a spin.

      'I feel really healthy, but I wasn't sick before.'

     Piper had landed on the Healing Potion space. She had been completely healed, even though she was not sick or injured. 'Oh, that space heals you of any injuries or ailments. Even though you didn't have any to begin with.' Piper nodded. She was rather disappointed. If only the Wheel of Excitement gave out food. 'I'm sure we'll find a plate of Meatless Meatballs soon. Don't lose hope, friend'. Piper nodded with a small smile. The Light Faerie's words made her feel a little better.

      Piper and Zyntha continued to search for the elusive plate of Meatless Meatballs. They even paid Jhudora a visit, but the Dark Faerie only wanted items from unfortunate Neopians that took on her quests and had no intention of aiding a Light Faerie. They quickly left before Jhudora turned them into Petpets or did anything worse. Piper wondered who else they could turn to for help. Zyntha was thoughtful. 'If only the Hidden Tower wasn't so hidden and sold Meatless Meatballs,' she mused. Piper had heard vague stories of the Hidden Tower, but she had not seen it herself. A few Neopets have, but Piper was not one of them.

     Zyntha felt bad for Piper. 'Perhaps Fyora could help us. She is the Faerie Queen. If anyone could provide aid, it's her.' Piper looked more hopeful at that. 'We should go and see her.' They headed for the castle. 'I do hope she is not busy. She does meet with leaders from other parts of Neopia.' Piper was concerned by that. Zyntha really wanted to help her new friend. The search for a plate of Meatless Meatballs was forming a bond between them. An unusual way to make a friend, but there was no harm in that.

      Unfortunately, the pair discovered Fyora was indeed busy when they had arrived. Piper was saddened by this. However, a pack of Kimbis eating Neggs nearby gave Zyntha an idea. She wasn't quite sure how to perfectly recreate a plate of Meatless Meatballs, but she could try something with her magic and the Neggs. It was worth a try. All that was left was to get the Neggs off of the pack of Kimbis.

     This was easier said than done. The Kimbis were not keen on sharing their food. Or having it stolen from them by a Steampunk Cybunny and a Light Faerie. However, the pair were not about to give up. It would take more than a pack of feisty Faerie Petpets to stop them. While Piper did her best with her steampunk attire and strong hind legs, Zyntha used her magic to try and repel the Kimbis. It seemed to be working. Eventually, the Kimbis had been driven off. While many of the Neggs were unable to be used, there were some that hadn't been touched.

      Gathering up the Neggs that hadn't nibbled by the pack of Kimbis, Zyntha began working her magic. 'This should hopefully recreate your desired dish,' she said. After a little, the Light Faerie had indeed managed to create something that resembled Meatless Meatballs. Piper was overjoyed. Although she liked Zyntha, she was still rather hungry. However, Piper was not expecting the fruity taste when she took a bite of one of the Meatballs. Although the dish had a similar appearance to the real version, it had retained the taste of the Neggs. Piper didn't mind, though. She was happy to share this strange new dish with her new Light Faerie friend. Piper wondered if her friends would believe her story. After all, how many Neopets were lucky enough to have a Faerie for a friend?

      The End.

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