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Interesting Facts About Usukis & Quigukis

by coolkaius


Usukis have been the collector's craze of Neopia since 2001! While most Usukis are loosely based on existing feminine toys, some are just Usul items with the Usuki name, and some are just pink accessories. The cuteness of the unconverted Usul is what I think made them stick in the first place.

     The Usuki colour was released on August 20, 2003, and is available from an Usuki Paint Brush, your annual species change with Premium, or by using a Flask Of Rainbow Fountain Water (the chances of getting a particular colour are low with the flask).

     This is one of the few colours that CAN NOT be obtained from zapping with the Lab Ray. This release date is also most likely why Usukicon is hosted on August 20th.

     It is possible to get both gendered Usuki clothing sets for your Quiggle or Usul. This can be done by changing your pet's gender and repainting them. If you want to learn more, search "gender" in the Neopian Times because I wrote a guide about it!

     Random Facts:

     The Usuki & Quiguki boy outfit is based on the Usuki Musketeer item. The Usuki & Quiguki girl outfit is based on the Magical Hair Usuki item, which is, in my opinion, the most iconic and unofficial mascot for the toy line.

     Your pet can dress up as the Usukiland shopkeeper with the Usukiland Collectors Dress. They can also look like a Magical Hair Usuki with the Usuki Doll Fur and Usukigirl Wig. If they want to look like a Deluxe Angel Usuki, they'll need the Deluxe Angel Usuki Cosplay Gown and Deluxe Angel Usuki Cosplay Halo. The Usukiboy Cosplay Tunic lets any pet look like an Usuki boy or Quiguki boy.

     If you change your shopkeeper "Usul - Gothic" you can get the Emo Usuki avatar after viewing your shopfront. If you change your shopkeeper and view your shop front, you'll lose the avatar. If this happens, you can get the avatar again. As long as you don't view your shopfront (with a different shopkeeper), you can keep the avatar.

     The description of the Golden Genie Lamp says Genies in Neopia can't grant wishes involving Usukis. Is that because there are so many of them?

     The description of The Grumpy Acara says, "There was just no pleasing Ria, no matter how many Usukis she had, she was never happy..."

     A Battledome challenger, the Qasalan Mummy uses a Broken Usuki Cheerleader as a weapon, which is completely useless.

     The Usuki Green Salad, Usuki Head Stew, and Usuki Rarebit can all be made in the Cooking Pot at Mystery Island.

     Nine Usuki items are unreleased. Five are dolls, two are accessories, and two are stamps. Four Quiguki dolls are unreleased.


     Usukis were added to Neopia on May 14th, 2001. Usukiland was added on June 7th, 2001. The Usukiland television advert was added on July 20th, 2001.

     The advert is hosted here: Visiting it will get you 2 Usuki avatars.

     The 2021 (Y23) Usukicon brought cell phones and cars to Neopia! This means technology restrictions for Neopian Times submissions have been lifted. The original Dream Car was made in 2001. This implies that the 2021 Dream Car is a real car, while the former is a toy.

     The Usukicon Y23 Mystery Capsule and the Usukicon Y22 Mystery Capsule were nominated in the Neopies. A few of the Neopies have given Usuki toys in their prize pools.

     All About Quigukis:

     Quigukis could be seen as "parodies" of Usukis, but that doesn't change the fact that they are also very cute especially unconverted ones. They were brought to Neopia on June 13th, 2003, which is also Quiggle day! The Toy Shop started with 3 Quiguki dolls. On September 4th, 2003, the news said, "It seems Usuls aren't the only Neopet that can be painted with the Usuki Paint Brush..." to explain that Quiggles were given the Usuki colour.

     On April 1st, 2004, the April Fool's Joke centred around the Quiguki Armageddon which established some pieces of Quiguki lore. It is not canon. An avatar was released to mark the occasion. You can get the Quiguki April Fools avatar on April 4th, by visiting the New Features page after the April Fool's joke has been taken down. It is available every year.

     A Neopedia article called Xanstalon explains how a Quiguki princess accidentally freed Xanstalon an evil Quiguki sorcerer. The Quiguki Blacksmith spent sixty years forging the Sword of Quiguki Power. The Sword's card reads "Ancient Spirits Of Quigara, give me POWER!" The Quiguki Spellmaiden and Quiguki Warrior helped protect the land of Quigara from Xanstalon.

     There are a few fake TGC cards featuring Quigukis.

     The card called Quigara reads "Fire Neopets and Heroes may not start a contest in this arena if one of their rivals is a Quiguki. Quigara, the ancient home of the Quiguki had stood for a thousand years."

     Collecting Usukis:

     Jellyneo's item database is your best friend. It even has a category for Usukis. Check the news on August 20th every year (sometimes they're a day late) for the new items added for the Annual Usuki Doll Convention.

     Here are all of the items you can't find by searching normally:

     Super Fashion Playmate Handbook

     Deluxe Popstar in a Box

     Popstar in a Box

     Trick-or-Treat Adventure Set

     Springtime Kacheek Plushie

     Kacheek Lamp

     Neopia Central 1.17 WC Piece

     Neopia Central 1.19 WC Piece

     Neopia Central 1.20 WC Piece

     Torshac Shoyruki Doll

     Lawyerbots Office Background

     Cybunny Collector (TCG)

     Avarice (TCG)

     If you're interested in collecting Usuki you can get the Lawyerbot *heart* Usuki avatar by having 50 unique Usuki items in your inventory.

     Famous Collectors Of Neopia:

     Lawyerbot is well known to be big on collecting Usukis. After being banned from Meridell, he travelled north until he found Usukiland. His Neopedia article states that "It is rumoured that it has used its Neopoints to amass the greatest collection of Usuki dolls and accessories in all of Neopia." Lawyerbot's canon lore is amazing, and I highly suggest seeking it out. His actual username is lawyerbot, and his gallery is really funny!

     Lawyer bot is a poet, and some of his poems are about Usuki. You can read them all here:

     Lucie is the playable protagonist of the game Usuki Frenzy. She is a Yellow Cybunny who wears the Prissy Miss Usuki Collector Dress item. She also runs the store Plushie Palace in The Neopian Plaza. The Handheld Usuki Frenzy Plushie and Usuki Frenzy Usuki are based on her.

     If you want to find more facts and images of every item mentioned, visit my Usuki page!

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