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The Library Faerie's Top 10 Books Around Neopia

by smeehoo27126043


Today we are going to talk about one thing: books. I am going to share ten awesome books that I hope you might take an interest in. They are from all parts of Neopia. From Lost Desert to Haunted Woods – books are here to stay. Anyway, I’m the notorious Library Faerie of the Faerieland Bookshop! I’m back again after my talk about my favourite glasses that I wanted to share with you all. This time, it is all about books. Books are an important part of learning and entering a world of possibilities. Your dreams become reality when you read. Anything is possible! Being a librarian is something I am passionate about, so I really hope you enjoy a peek into my own little world. You won’t regret it! Now sit back, grab a comfy chair, and make your favourite cup of tea. You are in for a great read!



     1. The Little Scorchio – Neopia Central

     This book is first on my list. The reason I like this book so much is because it is smaller in size and relates to the Little Scorchio in the story. Sometimes the smallest of critters can do big things! That gives the reader hope that they can accomplish any kind of adventure, no matter their size. To me, you can do anything you put your mind to – even if people are going to doubt you because of the way you are!


     2. Knowledge and Honour – Brightvale

     The second book on my list is one I respect very much. As an avid reader, you learn about great kings and queens that rule the lands. Without knowledge and honour, you cannot become a leader people will respect. This book has all the information you need to understand what it takes to truly be humble. I try to be the best Faerie I can be with all the knowledge I harbour. I want to share it with the world!


     3. Tree Species Native to the Haunted Woods – Neovia

     Third on my list is a book that isn’t for all age groups simply because it could be scary to some. This book is quite interesting because Faerieland has its own trees, but Haunted Woods have a larger variety! This book gives you details on what trees thrive there and which ones are dangerous or not. Trees are important, so hug one! I try to hug a tree every day because they are the perfect hugger! Well, maybe not the more scary ones…


     4. Kreluberry Cookbook – Kreludor

     Fourth on my list is something intended for anyone who likes to cook – Kreluberries that is! Cookbooks are a wonderful way to look up recipes and follow instructions to create a one-of-a-kind meal for anyone. Kreluberries are very sweet, so if you like to incorporate them into your meals, this book is for you. I have a really big sweet tooth, so this book helped me crave that!


     5. The Wonders of Rock – Moltara

     On our fifth book and halfway through, we have a book dedicated to rocks. This book is wonderful because Moltara is dark, rocky, and full of magma. No place better to have rocks. This book includes all kinds of rock formations and the rocks you see throughout the land of Moltara. A very interesting book, I would say. My collection of rocks was inspired by this book… who knew you can have 100,000 different rocks?


     6. Tablet of Tablets – Qasala

     For the sixth book, we have more of a tablet-structured book. Qasala is known for its tablets and scrolls you can buy and read. This one is very odd because it is a tablet inside of a tablet. It makes the reading so much more interesting. Tablets are very important to the history of books, so make sure you brush up on your history skills beforehand! I personally have read many tablets in my day, but this one is the coolest of them by far.


     7. Library Tales – Faerieland

     Number seven on our list is a book I take complete pride in! Not because I’m on the cover but because this book invites you to my realm – the Faerieland Library! This book talks about the funny and quirky happenings throughout the library. A very dear time in my life that I’m glad can be shared with you! Plus, I make a great face for book covers. Who knew the Library Faerie was a model?


     8. Tonu Trivia – Neopia

     Coming up on number eight, we have a special book about the one and only Neopet – Tonus! This book is for any avid Tonu fan who wants to engage in some trivia about them. It is a wonderful read for facts about Tonus that you already knew or had no clue about! I personally get along with all Tonus, so this book is near and dear to my heart. I hope you’ll get a good read out of this one like I did!


     9. Neovian Carols – Neovia

     For number nine, I incorporated a bit of singing into my next favourite book. This book talks about carols in Neovia that you can sing by yourself or with friends. Songs like "I Entered the Forest and Ran" is a great carol to sing, especially if you’re not a fan of dark, scary forests… Anyway, I hope you enjoy this book simply because you love to sing! You will have a blast no matter the carol!


     10. All About Rare Stamps – Kreludor

     In my tenth and final favourite book around Neopia, I chose a book that caters to most Neopians – stamps. We have all collected a stamp at some point in our lives, so this book could be the one for you. It includes stamps that are very rare to find, and maybe one day you could get your hands on one! I know my collection needs some of these… one costs more than sixteen Faerie Paint Brushes!?


     Alright, everyone, that’s a wrap! I hope you enjoyed this list of my favourite books around Neopia. I hope you can take the time to read some of these books and get a sense of what Neopia really has to offer. Being in a library all day is great because the gateway to imagination is only the beginning of what's to come! There are so many books out there to read that will make you laugh, cry, smile, and even give you inspiration to write your own! I hope you enjoy your weekend, and remember… return your library books, please!

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