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Life Improvised [Part 1]

by keng200

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Images of Vullards
"In some of the old paintings of the war, I saw Vullards. They circled overhead, they lurked on fences and parapets. I asked my father why, once. He used to be a knight."

by jaudaran


"The sun is sinking behind the trees, casting the entire marketplace in long shadows. Merchants are packing away their wares, folding down tables and chairs, and taking down signs. Most customers have already cleared out. Only a few linger behind, haggling and bargaining for that final elusive deal."

by alphachicky


Time heals all wounds... or does it?
True friends get matching petpets. collab with 49_g_a_b_r_i_e_l_49 and iam_puma_master.

by crazy_allstar


Armistice - Part 1
"Squire Meekel is too old to be a squire, and he wishes Haskol would stop calling him one."

by crazyboutcute

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