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The Littlest Roo Island Fan

by nickythewizard


It was a bright and warm afternoon in the Altador Colosseum, and the crowd was certainly energetic! They were all watching Roo Island play against Altador in a match of Yooyu Ball. Both teams were currently tied up with each other, showing that Altador was certainly a tough cookie to contend with. Pushing through a crowd of people to get to the front seats was a baby Kougra named Javaier, he was a big fan of Roo Island and wanted to get an up-close look of the entire match. The current score was 1-2. Roo Island was currently behind by a point.

     “Excuse me, coming through!” said the little Kougra as he squeezed through and finally got to the front seats that were closer to the field. He watched with excitement as the match went on, gently tapping the top of his Roo Island Team Hat. Showing he was quite a fan of this team. Tobias Sigmir and Hovri Sweet were currently providing commentary on this match.

     Lilo Blumario was about to score a goal by throwing it to the bottom corner of the goal, only for the goalie on Altador to immediately catch it without a problem. Tobias would say “Ooooo…. Almost! Lilo Blumario nearly landed a fantastic goal, but was blocked by Altador’s goalie: Salayne Ritad. Even though they aren’t quick, they’ve certainly got very good hands!”

     “Very much so, but don’t forget that Lilo Blumario is the best at scoring goals and is a very good leader when it comes to coordinating plans. This was one missed goal, but I am sure the captain is thinking of a plan right now as the Yooyu Ball is being switched out for a different one.” said Hovri. Javaier watched as both teams huddled together to come up with a good plan, he wondered what they were planning.

     A few minutes later, all the players on the field got ready for the next part of the match. The next Yooyu Ball to appear on the field was a Fire Yooyu Ball, and it was certainly burning hot! The first one to pick up the hot ball was a male Wocky named Winberto Seliz and following behind him was “Trapper” Remis. They made an attempt to try and score on Roo Island’s Goal, but the ball was stolen by Fenny Vail, who then made a quick dash for the opposing goal to try and score a goal. When she got close enough to the goal post, they would make an attempted shot at throwing it into the upper section of the goal post.

     “Come on, you can do it! I believe in you!” shouted Javaier as he watched the Yooyu Ball fly straight into the opposing goal post, and right past the goalkeeper, scoring one point for Roo Island! The commentators were very ecstatic, while Altador’s goalkeeper was very disappointed.

     “An amazing goal made by Fanny Veil, tying up the scores between Altador and Roo Island! This is becoming an intense match folks!” said Tobias.

     “Excellent score there Fanny, you’ve done really well with my idea!” said Lilo Blumario.

     “Thank you, you always have good strategies!” as Fanny.

     The current time for the match was sitting at one minute and fifty seconds. Either teams would have to score another goal in order to break the tie, or the whole match would end in a draw. It had taken quite a bit of time for Roo Island to gain a point for their team. The little Kougra looked down as the players huddled up once again.

     “Hmm.. I wonder if I could do something to help the Roo Island team…” Javaier said to himself as he thought for a moment. He suddenly had an idea! He decided to go and assist his favourite Altador Cup team. The little Kougra began making his way down to the field, running as fast as his small legs could get him. He was certainly a speedy one, that’s for sure! Just as the match was about to continue, the referee spotted the little guy running down midfield towards the Roo Island Team and immediately blew on their whistle. The timer was stopped. From there, the referee would give chase to Javaier saying “Hey kid, get off the field!”

     The Roo Island players were very confused about what was going on, while the other team was rather infuriated with this sudden delay. The goalkeeper of the Altador team said to themselves, “I hate when a non-player suddenly runs onto the field..” as they sighed in an annoyed tone. Even Captain Foltaggio of the Altador team was angry about this as well, saying to himself “Who let the little kid onto the field?”

     “Huh? Who is running down the field towards us while the Referee chases them?” asked Lilo curiously.

     “Looks like…. A baby Kougra!” said Vanny.

     “What’s that little guy doing?” asked “Squeaky” Tressif.

     “Don’t know… but we’ll find out,” said Jair Tollet.

     The commentators were rather stunned by what they were seeing, but that didn’t stop them from doing their job as sportscasters. They simply kept on commentating. Some people in the crowd were very confused, while others were simply surprised like the commentators were.

     “Ladies and gentlemen, there appears to be a little Kougra on the field. Quite young at best, I don’t believe he’s one of the players for Roo Island though… probably a fan,” said Tobias.

     “That would have to make sense. Right now, the referee is having trouble trying to catch them. What a speedy kiddo,” said Hovri. “If he was on the Roo Island team, I think he’d be the fastest player I’ve ever seen.”

     “Hey guys! I want to help you win your match against Altador!” said the little Kougra as he finally reached the Roo Island team. The referee would finally catch up with him, trying to catch his breath.

     “Awww… how cute! Sorry little fella, but we don’t need anymore players…” said Fanny as she pet the little Neopet on the head.

     “Come on… pleaseeeee!” begged Javaier. Captain Lilo Blumario would gently approach the little Kougra and pick them up, asking them “What’s your name, little guy?” The referee looked around in their pockets for the rule book.

     “Javaier, I am a really big fan of Roo Island! I want to help out.” said the little Kougra as Clutch Billaban, the Roo Island Goalkeeper, came over to them.

     “What’s going on here, and who’s this?” asked Clutch with curiosity.

     “This is Javaier, he’s a big fan who wants to help us.” said Lilo Blumario.

     “Additional help would be nice, but we have enough players already. We do appreciate the offer though,” He said to Javaier.

     “But… there’s not a rule saying there can’t be an additional player added, is there…?” asked Javaier. The referee would come up to them with a small rule book in hand and say “According to the rules, there must always be a set number of players on the field. However… I don’t think there’s a rule against adding an additional player.”

     “How about this: We let this kiddo try and score two goals, then we take him back to the stands? Shouldn’t hurt to let him play for a bit, would it?” asked the captain of the team. “It’ll at least make him happy.” The referee would think for a short moment, and then nodded his head as he went to the commentators to tell them everything that went on. Surprised again, Hovi would announce to the entire colosseum, “Fans of the Altador Cup, it seems Roo Island will temporarily be receiving a sixth player. A little Kougra by the name of Javaier.” There were murmurs in the crowd, with some laughing out loud, thinking that it's crazy to let a small kid play.

     After the little Kougra was given a Roo Island Jersey to wear for the match, the match would continue on with the time counter counting down again. A regular Yooyu ball was sent out. Javaier decided to go and try to grab the ball with his mouth, he was close to missing it since it was nearly grabbed by Lyvon Cibaire. He was astonished by the Javaier’s speed as he watched him grab the ball with his mouth and run towards the opposing goal.

     “He’s got the ball, try to get it from him!” Lyvon said to Winberto.

     “Got it, it should be a piece of cake. He’s only a kid.” He said in reply as he attempted to steal the ball from the kid, while he was good with speed, he had underestimated how fast Javaier could actually dodge his tackle attempts. After ten seconds, they would find a way around the player and make their way towards the Altador goalpost, which was being protected by its goalkeeper and Remis. Winberto was rather flabbergasted by himself not being able to take the ball from someone smaller than him.

     Javaier would wait for the right moment and attempted to try and throw the ball into the lower corner of the goal post, but it was blocked by Salayne the Goalkeeper.

     “Nice try kiddo, but you’ll need to do better than that to score on me!” said the goalkeeper as he threw the ball back out. There were now only forty-nine seconds on the clock, but Javaier was determined to score a goal for Roo Island. He watched as it was heading towards the top, and immediately grabbed it with his little mouth. Attempting to perform another shot on the goal, but this time higher right corner. The ball would go in as Salayne failed to stop it.

     “Yipee, I scored!” cheered Javaier as he returned to the other side where the Roo Island team was. Fans of Roo Island in the stands were simply amazed and began clapping for the little Kougra that was on the field helping out their team, with fans of Altador seemingly disappointed with seeing their own favorite team getting scored on. Captain Foltaggio of the Altador Team would be quite surprised and called his team into a huddle just as Roo Island was doing the same.

     “Alright, here’s a new plan… What we're going to do is try and prevent their temporary player from getting close to our goal. The little guy is quite fast, and his skill is average. I know you’re all rather annoyed with this decision to let a little Kougra play on the field, but we must treat him like any other player. We can’t let a young Kougra score on us again,” said Captain Foltaggio.

     “We’ll do our best!” said Winberto. “He won’t get close this time!”

     “Good, let’s do it!” said Foltaggio.

     The match would continue after the teams finished their group huddle, the captain of the Roo Island team had come up with another idea, have Tressif receive the Yooyuu ball first, and then try to get as close as they could before throwing the ball back to Javaier. The next ball that was sent out was a Regular Yooyu Ball, and Tressif was able to grab the ball before the other players on the Altador team could. Javaier would get ready to receive his ball as he tried to get close to the opposing goal post. However…. He was met by opposition from the captain of the Altador team, with Winberto and Remis backing him up.

     “Sorry kid, we're not going to make this easy on you,” said the captain.

     “We have to perform to the best of our ability, can’t let our team down!” said Remis and Winberto in unison.

     “Oh no… I am surrounded!” said Javaier. “Squeaky” Tressif realized that the plan they originally wanted to do was not going to work, and decided to switch it up a notch by throwing the ball back to Captain Lilo Brumario. He would say to Lilo “Our temporary player is surrounded on all sides, I don’t believe he’s going to be able to make it to the other goal post in time to retrieve the ball. We only have twenty seconds on the clock!”

     “Okay, then I’ll pass it to you when you get near the goal!” said Lilo Blumario as Tressif ran towards the opposing goal post being guarded by Altador’s goalkeeper. When the timing was right, the captain of Roo Island threw the ball towards his intended target. Only for it to be intercepted by Winberto.

     “Got the ball captain, now to- hey!” shouted Winberto as he saw Javaier jump up and steal the ball, making his way towards the goal post where “Squeaky” Tressif was. This caught the captain and the other team members of the Altador cup off-guard. With all the might he could muster, the little Kougra would throw the ball as hard as he could, watching as it traveled towards the middle and went to the right. The goalkeeper wasn’t able to catch this one, and watched as it went into the goal. Just before the timer hit zero. Giving Roo island an additional point. Making the score 3-2. Winning this match for the Roo Island Team!

     “They’ve done it, the little guy has done it! He has scored two winning points for Roo Island!” said Hovri.

     “I will say, I am rather impressed. This kiddo has got heart and speed,” said Tobias. “A few great qualities of Yooyu ball. But this is not quite the end, there will be another match against the Altador team in about a few hours.”

     All the Roo Island Team members cheered in jubilation, giving Javaier plenty of praise for their good work. The little Kougra was quite happy to be able to help his own team.

     “Good job kiddo, you really did well!” said Fenny Vail.

     “Your skill is not bad, and it helped us win this one match,” said Captain Lilo Blumario.

     “I’ve seen many players in my days, but you’re unique. You’ve got good speed, even if your scoring isn’t entirely the best. I’d say you're one good player.” said Jair Tollet.

     “I think you deserve to keep that Roo Island jersey, you’ve earned it kiddo.” said Clutch.

     “It’s been an honour playing with you,” said Tressif.

     “Thank you everyone, for letting me score a few goals,” said Javaier.

     The Roo Island captain would pick up the Kougra and carry him back to the stands where the fans were waiting for the next match to occur. While that was happening, Captain Foltaggio would watch as the young kid was being placed back in the seating area for those who were watching the game, saying to himself, “Impressive, I’d say that kid has potential if he was to become a player for the Altador Cup. If I could, I’d train him myself. Well, it's time for a break and more strategic planning. This time, there won’t be anything unusual during the next match. Hopefully. I wasn’t certainly prepared for an additional player, but I doubt the referee would let that happen again.” as he then went to take a break before the next match.

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