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The Collector's Scales

by werelupe_king23


It all started when one of the Heroes of Altador, Gordos the Collector, woke up in a bush in Meri Acres Farm. It was the third time it had happened. He had been visiting Meridell. He enjoyed the food there, but the drink was quite strong. Not as strong as the grog on Krawk Island, but strong nonetheless. As a result, Gordos had a tendency to find himself waking up in the most peculiar of places. In this case, Meri Acres Farm. Feeling very displeased, Gordos the Collector hit a carrot, thinking it would make him feel better (but as usual, it did not). Like a drunken pirate at the Golden Dubloon who had holes in his pockets, he hadn't realised his beloved set of scales had gone missing! The set of scales brought him luck, or so he believed, and carried them with him everywhere. Immediately he sought out a local of Meridell, Tormund. Gordos the Collector had known Tormund for quite some time, the majority of which involved aiding the Yellow Lupe and his Blue Acara companion in their fight against the Darkest Faerie. Tormund was unique, in Gordos' mind. He had the makings of a true hero, perhaps one as valiant as King Altador himself. Gordos the Collector sought the Yellow Lupe Knight of Meridell out anyway, for the situation was urgent.

      Tormund would find a very flustered Gordos the Collector on his doorstep later that day. Tormund calmly assured him that he would aid the Orange Skeith. He was a knight, after all. How could he refuse a Neopian in need? Those scales needed to be found before a thief picked them up. Even now, thieves and bandits still cropped up in Meridell from time to time. They would no doubt see Gordos' set of scales as an extremely valuable object.

      Hopefully, they would find the set of scales soon. Tormund sighed. Tormund searched alongside Gordos, assuring him they'd find the set of scales. Gordos the Collector nodded in agreement. After some time, they hadn't found much except for some Half-Eaten Berries and a few Piles of Dung. The Yellow Gelert that ran the farm hadn't seen the set of scales either. They had to find the set of scales soon. Gordos didn't look happy. What if they never found the set of scales? Tormund wasn't about to let that happen.

      Before the pair could come up with an idea of where to search next, they were interrupted by a pack of Doglefoxes that were playing with something that looked like Gordos's set of scales. On closer inspection, it was merely a piece of scrap metal from a neighbouring farmer. Petpets loved to get into all kinds of things, and Gordos wondered if it had indeed been a Petpet that had made off with his set of scales. Feeling disappointed, Gordos and Tormund continued their search. Thankfully, no more Petpets gave them trouble. Not even the Crokabeks and Drackonacks that liked to steal the farmers' produce. Probably because neither Gordos, nor Tormund had any produce to steal. That would have made things worse. However, there was still the risk of thieves. Even though both heroes could fight, it would still hinder their search.

      As Gordos and Tormund searched, felt a sense of urgency. They even stopped by Meridell Castle to ask King Skarl if he'd seen the elusive set of scales. Unfortunately, the king was in another one of his grumpy moods and wasn't much help. Then again, King Skarl was almost always in a grumpy mood. Gordos and Tormund quickly took the hint and left before King Skarl could have them thrown in the dungeon or the moat. They decided to check around Turmaculus next. It was as good a place to search as any, and Neopets like Gordos and Tormund couldn't fit down the Symol Hole. The giant Turmac known as Turmaculus only ate Petpets, so it was unlikely that Gordos' scales were on the menu. Or so they hoped.

      'We'll find them,' Tormund reassured Gordos. The Skeith nodded. 'I hope so, they are precious to me,' he replied. 'I know,' Tormund said kindly. Gordos was still worried, though. Thieves here would steal anything if given the chance, especially if they happened to be Meercas. Not that either hero would let a thief get away without punishment, of course. That would not be a good look for a Hero of Altador or a Knight of Meridell. A few minutes later, the pair noticed a rather unpleasant smell. Gordos the Collector slowly opened his mouth to speak.

      '...What's that smell?'

      It didn't take long for them to find out. It was Turmaculus, the largest Petpet in the whole of Neopia. 'I guess a Petpet of that size would be a bit hard to bathe,' Tormund mused. A fair assumption, given the Turmac's astounding size. The giant of a Petpet even made a Skeith like Gordos look small. He turned to look at Tormund. 'Should we just search around him?" The yellow Lupe knight nodded. Turmaculus was fast asleep and wouldn't bother them. Even if he were to wake up, he only seemed to eat the Petpets that had the misfortune of annoying him.

      The pair of heroes resumed their search. Gordos and Tormund weren't ones to give up easily. This was just another quest. Even mundane quests mattered. Tormund knew that all too well. 'A knight always keeps his word, and I will help you until we find your set of scales, Gordos,' he declared proudly. Tormund took his duties as a knight very seriously. Even aiding a friend was an honourable deed.

      However, the search around Turmaculus revealed no sign of Gordos's set of scales. 'I hoped they would be around here somewhere.' Gordos wondered if he'd ever see those shiny, gold scales again. ' I do hope a thief hasn't made off with them.' I hope so, too,' Tormund said quietly. The Lupe knight gave Gordos a reassuring pat on the shoulder. Or, more accurately, his upper arm. Gordos was quite a bit bigger than Tormund.

     Despite their determination, Gordos was about to give up. It felt like he and Tormund had been searching forever. However, they soon came across another pack of Doglefoxes. Unlike the pack Gordos and Tormund saw earlier, these Doglefoxes were playing with Gordos' missing set of scales. How they had managed to get a hold of the set of scales was anyone's guess. However, that did not matter at this point in time. Gordos and Tormund paused to think of how to retrieve the set of scales. It was then that they remembered the Half-Eaten Berries and Piles of Dung that they had picked up at Meri Acres Farm.

      While Gordos waited, Tormund set about distracting the Doglefoxes with the Half-Eaten Berries and Piles of Dung. For some reason, the Petpets seemed to prefer their new and rather gross snacks. Apparently, they were not as picky as Neopets were when it came to gross or inedible foods. Gordos wasted no time in retrieving his beloved set of scales. Thankfully, they didn't seem to be damaged. The set of scales were a little muddy, though. Gordos was confident that the mud would come off with a good polish and was just glad to have his set of scales back. Tormund was pleased to see his friend happy again. He bid Gordos farewell as the content, orange Skeith set off for his Neohome in Altador.


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