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Daily puzzle woes

by kath602

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Self-recognition through the Other
You HAVE to.

by alphachicky


An Inventor's Dream
"Donny held up a magnifying glass to the bent roller blades and picked up a neon green wheel with a small sigh as he rattled off a quote for arguably his most frequent customer." collab with shin0bi_

by therainbowsheep


A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Petpet Species
Written by Your Local Petpet Shop Shopkeeper

by ferulax


Castle Planners Journal: The Lost Oubliette
"In the deep depths of Meridell Castle, an Orange Bori rubbed the cold, damp late Winter air out of his frigid paws. He descended the stairs toward the dungeons, his least favourite part of the castle."

by ferretboy85

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