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A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Petpet Species

by ferulax


A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Petpet Species

     Written by Your Local Petpet Shop Shopkeeper

      Dear Reader,

     With Petpet Appreciation Day recently passed, you may have come to the realisation that you are ready to open up your home and your heart to a tiny companion. Petpets have been bringing joy and camaraderie to Neopia since their Y2 arrival. Every year during the month of relaxing, we take a day to appreciate their presence in our lives, and this year I am here to help fill the Petpet-shaped hole in your heart!

     They say that a Petpet is a Neopets best friend. Having been in this industry for a long time, I’ve developed a knack for helping Neopets find their perfect Petpet pal.

     Owning a Petpet is a lifelong commitment and a lot of responsibility. There are hundreds of species of Petpets to choose from, which can make for an overwhelming decision process when trying to narrow it down to just one (and trust me, you’ll want just one.. they’re a lot of work!). Below are four easy steps to help you find your new forever friend. You are the main character of your life - now let’s find you the perfect sidekick!

     Step One: Make a List

      First things first, you need to compile a list of all the activities you want to do with your Petpet. What are your hobbies? How do you spend your time? It is important that you select a Petpet who shares the same interests as you. Every Petpet is perfect, but not every Petpet is perfect for you. A Triffin may not be super enthusiastic about a beach day, a Cirrus may not enjoy an afternoon foraging along the forest floor, and a Slugawoo probably doesn’t spend its time dreaming of being airborne.

     Step Two: Account for your Surroundings

      After your hobbies, the second thing to consider when selecting a Petpet is your surroundings. Where do you live? Where do you spend most of your time? If you live in Moltara, perhaps a Snowickle or Abominable Snowball isn’t for you. Are you a Maraquan who spends their days in the ocean? Let’s be sure your Petpet can swim. Are you fiercely loyal to your homeland? Each land has an array of locally native Petpets that would make for wonderful companions. Looking for something a little more exotic? With enough research and care, there are plenty of Petpets from other lands who would thrive by your side (you could be the talk of the Lost Desert with a Beepallite by your side!).

     Step Three: Look Inwards

      Arguably the most important step to ensure a happy partnership between you and your Petpet is to take a moment and reflect upon yourself. Look inwards, consider your personality. Who are you, and how do you want that reflected by your Petpet? Compatibility is essential for a successful friendship. If you’re extroverted, you may be underwhelmed by the solid but quiet company of a Rock. If you’re introverted, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the overly friendly and touchy personality traits of a Huggy. Are you looking for similarities between you and your new Petpet? Or are you hoping for a healthy balance - a Petpet to ground you if you tend to be overzealous, or break you out of your shell when you are apprehensive.

     Step Four: Bonus Points!

      The final step is to come up with a few characteristics that would be a nice ‘bonus’. A Petpet not possessing these traits would not be a deal breaker, but it could be a deciding factor between two otherwise good fits. Perhaps you think antennas are super cute, or you think Petpets with three eyes are cool. On the other hand, maybe you had your heart set on having a Maraquan or Faerie Petpet, but have found a new species you hadn’t considered previously is actually more suitable for your lifestyle. The right Petpet does not come in a bad colour.

     By following these four steps, it becomes a lot easier to wade through the list of options available to you. Still unsure on which Petpet you should select? I’ve come up with a few options for each of the more commonly searched for Petpet characteristics to get you started.

     Quiet and Shy: Great for introverted Neopets who like to keep to themselves but are still looking for a Petpet to spend their time with.

     - The Ignalce is a quiet and shy Petpet who prefers to spend their time frolicking through green grass and over the water.

     - The Scamander is a shy little creature who would be a great companion for a desert-dwelling Neopet.

     - The Grackle Bug finds themselves low on the food chain and naturally is pretty skittish and timid in personality.

     Foody: These Petpets all have one thing in common - they love to eat. This makes them great companions for Grarrls and Skeiths, but if you’re a Chia (or made of candy!), maybe it’s best to opt for something else.

     - Jawshells will happily eat just about anything, and will pay their compliments to the chef by belching.

     - Trunkards are happy spending their days at the bottom of the ocean, sniffing around for some yummy treats!

     - Don’t let the Gangee’s appearance fool you, they have huge appetites, and there isn’t much that they won’t eat.

     Playful: These Petpets are sure to keep you busy and keep you young.

     - The very loyal Manjeer loves nothing more than to play with their Neopet.

     - Razumi tend to be curious and love to spend their time foraging for things to give to their owners.

     - Watch your toes! Rotawheels love to quickly tear around; don’t worry though, you’ll hear them coming because they always make noises as they go along!

     Relaxed: These Petpets love to take it slow - they appreciate the small things and don’t require a lot of activity to be happy.

     - Phards are grumpy little guys who like to spend their day lazing around and basking on the beach in rock pools.

     - Stahkees are rotund in appearance and are happy to hitch a ride all day perched on your shoulder.

     - The Yoakie is one of the easiest Petpets to care for. A perfect day for a Yoakie is one spent curled up in your pocket.

     Affectionate: These Petpets are some of the most loving species, and they aren’t afraid to show it!

     - The Taweret is an adorable Desert Petpet who loves to hug and be hugged.

     - Chezzooms pride themselves on being able to cheer anybody up. Their favourite thing to do is make their owner laugh by tickling them with their tail and ears.

     - The Dragoyle is a kind-eyed little buddy who loves two things: showing affection and collecting shiny new objects.

     Is That a Challenge? Not looking for something affectionate, calm, or playful? When picking out a companion, are you looking for something more challenging to keep you on your toes? Look no further.

     - Nuks are very smart creatures who are curious but also quick to temper. They can be very difficult to keep happy, but it sure is rewarding if you do!

     - Werhonds are known for being aggressive and prone to biting. They tend to nip first and ask questions later- but who knows, maybe under that hard exterior, there is a loyal friend.

     - Gathows are not as aggressive or temperamental as others on this list, but they are strange and hard to read. They never blink, and you can never tell when (or if) they’re sleeping!

      Whether you’re looking for cutesy, scary, silly, serious, active, laid back, or some combination of multiple traits, the right Petpet is out there for you somewhere. By following my four steps, I hope you are able to narrow it down and find your perfect companion. Every Neopet deserves the unconditional love of a Petpet, and every Petpet deserves the care and security of having an owner.

     Wishing you and your new Petpet a lifetime of memories and companionship,

     -Your Friendly Local Petpet Shop Shopkeeper


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