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Brute Force Spawning On The Neopets Site!

by indulgences


I was absolutely thrilled when TNT updated the Meridell Rubbish Dump! It first opened on July 14, 2003, but it wasn’t until recently that people could obtain the “That’s Not Rubbish” avatar by snagging certain items. Now you can grab a Petpet, Paint Brush, Bottled Faerie, Hidden Tower item, or Apple Core to get the avatar. Since these items show up frequently now, the avatar is much easier to get than before!

     After I obtained the avatar by grabbing a Blue Paint Brush from the Dump, I resolved to help out my fellow players! There is an active “Rubbish Dump avatar” thread on the Help Neoboard, and another one on the Avatars Neoboard, and every morning I post a time on the boards when I’ll be clearing out 10 junk items in order for new (hopefully avatar) items to spawn at the bottom of the Dump page.

     It’s been really fun! So far, I’ve spawned a Silver Paint Brush, a Fading Bottled Dark Faerie, and a Whinny by clearing the junk. The people who grabbed these items all got the avatar, and all of them thanked me for spawning the avatar items! The best part was that one of the players was a mere “Newbie.” It was awesome to help her obtain such a desirable avatar, one that many veteran players still don’t have!

     Inspired by the idea of helping people by “spawning” items, I decided to write this article! In it, I list all the ways in which we Neopians can help out our fellow players by brute forcing the site to work a certain way. So here goes!

     The top 10 ways in which we can “spawn” things that help our fellow players are…

     1. Clearing The Money Tree

     Similar to the Rubbish Dump, one can spawn new items at the bottom of the Money Tree page by collecting 10 items every day. Be aware, though, you can only collect a grand total of 10 items per day from 3 different locations, the Rubbish Dump, the Money Tree, and the Second-Hand Shoppe. That means if you collect 8 items from the Rubbish Dump, you can only collect 2 more items from the Money Tree and the Second-Hand Shoppe.

     So what’s great about clearing the Money Tree? Well, only a maximum of 20 items are displayed at the Money Tree, and there are FAR more players online donating items than collecting items. I mean, there are some people who haven’t visited the Money Tree in years, yet donate the prizes from their dailies every morning!

     If one were to clear the junk items, it would make more valuable items available for people to grab at the bottom of the page. For someone like me who isn’t obsessed with wealth, grabbing 10 junk Money Tree items every day would help my fellow Neopians to grab items that are expensive and profitable!

     2. Clearing The Rubbish Dump

     Grabbing 10 junk items at an announced time always helps people to obtain the avatar! As I stated earlier, I helped three players to get the “That’s Not Rubbish” avatar, and I’m glad those items went towards avatar collectors, rather than to someone who merely wanted to sell the items for Neopoints!

     There is also something called “stealth clearing,” and it’s a new concept. It’s when one player tells a close friend that they’ll be clearing 10 items at a certain time, so that the friend can lurk the Rubbish Dump for the avatar items that might spawn at the bottom. What a great way to help a friend get the avatar! And how powerful this strategy would be if 10 players helped out at the same time!

     3. Battleground Of The Obelisk

     Every other Monday, we’re able to join a faction at the Battleground Of The Obelisk, and several days later, compete for our faction to win. There is a Petpage that posts the faction most likely to win (based on previous stats), and a famous battle guild that posts their faction of choice. If you go with these factions, you’re one of thousands of players who are brute forcing their faction to win!

     4. Neopian Times Editorial

     This isn’t recommended for players to do on purpose, but sometimes, we players accidentally bombard the Neopian Times Editorial with a hundred questions about a problem or issue on the site that we’re all experiencing. If the issue is harmful and widespread, TNT will take note, and publish our concerns in the Editorial right away. It’s the only time that the players brute force TNT to act a certain way!

     5. Avoid The Avatar High Score Table

     The best way to “spawn” new “Avatar Collector” avatar winners is to avoid the Neoboard Avatar Collector high score list! A lot of veteran players avoid joining the list for a week or more so that other accounts can get the Avatar Collector avatar for the first time, and I think that’s really generous! Their forbearance “spawns” the creation of avatar winners, and it always makes me smile to remember when I won the avatar myself due to their kindness!

     6. Unconverted Pets

     Yes, at long last, we’re going to be able to create UC pets using the NC Mall! We players have been wanting this option for years, and apparently, we’ve brute forced TNT to make that possible! Thanks so much, TNT, and sorry for pestering you so much about the issue!

     7. Clearing The Second-Hand Shoppe

     Not a lot of expensive items show up in this Shoppe, but it’s possible to grab 10 junk items and have newer, more interesting items spawn at the bottom of the page. At the time of the writing of this article, there are a ton of worthless Piles of Dung, but also an Injured Pteri Thermometer and an Ice Caves Background at the bottom that can be sold for a few Neopoints. As with the Money Tree and the Rubbish Dump, clearing 10 junk items ensures that 10 possibly better items are spawned at the bottom of the page. Please do your part and clear the junk!

     8. Themed Neopian Times Issues

     This was a brilliant idea created by the players themselves! Now that communicating with TNT is a lot more common nowadays, we players have been bombarding them with ideas for collaborated issues of the Neopian Times. For instance, there might be a Snowager issue or a Cheese issue. Perhaps a Meepit issue is in the future, or a Robot issue! It has made the Neopian Times a livelier part of the site, and I always chuckle at the inventiveness of my fellow writers!

     9. Male/Female/Other

     People were equal parts dumbfounded and ecstatic when TNT rolled out a new option on our Profile page a few years ago. In the past, we could only identify as either male or female. Then TNT added a third option — “other”! It shows up on our Profile page, and it shows up on the Neoboards. For those of us who were uncomfortable with the previous restrictive male/female options, this new option is truly a relief to use! I wonder if TNT was swamped with players who wanted this option?

     TNT also relaxed the filters on the site, and we’re able to mention things like “gay” and “LGBTQ+” without getting warned or silenced. Thanks, TNT, for understanding the times we live in!

     10. Battledome

     There are some people on this site that rarely do dailies, but always make sure to win their 15 free items from fighting in the Battledome every day! I personally love to fight the Giant Spectral Mutant Walein for Codestones, some of which are red and are therefore worth a lot. I encourage everyone to spawn, collect and sell their Codestones to keep them in circulation within the Neopian economy! Otherwise, their prices will skyrocket and training our pets will become prohibitively expensive.


     I hope this article was fun to read! And I hope it inspires you to do your part, and help out your fellow players by “spawning” things on this site. Kindness makes Neopia go round, and there’s really nothing more gratifying than to get thanks from someone who’s been struggling!

     Thanks for reading my humble little article, my fellow Neopians! Stay tuned for more articles from yours truly, and have a terrific week!

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