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10 Gifts for the Yurble Lover in Your Life

by vicunas


With Yurble Day just around the corner, it might be time to give a gift to a special Yurble Fan in your life. Even if you are too cheap to give them a gift for the most important pet day of the year, perhaps this can help you with a gift for a birthday, a graduation, or any other kind of gift giving celebration. Though I anticipate new items coming out in honor of the fuzzy, clawed Neopet, here are some current items available to brighten up any Yurble fan’s day!

     1. The Admiral Yurble Customization Set – For some reason, seafarers, especially fancy seafarers, seem to be very popular right now. Could it be that there is a gentleman pirate of some sorts on the choppy waters? For the Yurbles or Yurble fans swept up in this new lifestyle, the Admiral Yurble hat, jacket, shoes, telescope, and trousers are the perfect gifts to begin their new lifestyle on the high seas!

     2. Autographed Angry Yurble Poster – The man, the myth, the legend, the most famous Yurble in all of Neopia; and ladies, he’s a part of the janitors’ union. Celebrate the time you bumped into this perpetually surly pet by placing this poster in a frame and hanging it on your wall. Collectables are very in right now and would make the perfect addition to any Yurble fan’s collection. Not to mention, who doesn’t love to remember that sanitation people are the backbone of our society?

     3. Chocolate Yurble Cupcake – Is your coworker or neighbor a Yurble fan? Maybe somebody you don’t want to spend your whole Neopian savings on, but just give a thinking of you gift? May I suggest a Chocolate Yurble Cupcake, or any Yurble food for that matter! Store bought or homemade, these cupcakes are a sweet treat, with candy eyes and a frosting mane! It’s almost too cute to eat!

     4. A Yurble Gnome – There are two Yurble Gnomes currently available in Neopia: orange and green, so pick your Yurble lover’s favorite color (it better be orange or green, or else you might have to take a dip to the Rainbow Pool!) and gift this with a seed pack, gardening tools, and a new sprinkler to make a super memorable basket. Who says you can’t love Yurbles and be a gardener?!

     5. The Plushie Yurble Furniture Set – This may set you back a pretty Neopoint but could you imagine how excited your Yurble fanatic will be to be in a wall-to-wall Yurble Neohome? Wake up: in the Plushie Yurble Bed. Awkwardly put your arm over your crush’s shoulder: on the Plushie Yurble Sofa. Your drink? Place it on top of the eye of the Plushie Yurble on the Plushie Yurble Table. This is the dream house, and you just gifted the keys to it.

     6. Y is for Yurble – Begin Yurble propaganda early! Give this to any youngin’ who is learning to read and needs help with understanding how letters work! Not only does this gift foster a love of learning and instill great language comprehension, it’s a book all about Yurbles! A is for Aisha, Y is for Yurble, it’s perfectly valid! How about B for Best Gift Giver Ever? Note: We suggest this particular book for younger Neopians and baby pets. Please consider more challenging material for adult Yurble fans.

     Yurble Steak – From a long-standing tradition of Yurble farms across Neopia, Yurble Steak is one of the rarest cuts of meat. Known to have a beautiful marbl – NO! NO!!!! DO NOT DO THIS! I REPEAT! DO NOT. YURBLES ARE NOT FOR CONSUMPTION, THEY ARE FOR BEING PETS AND FOR HAVING CUTE LITTLE PAWS.

     7. Yurble Harp and Yurble Lyre – That’s kind of odd that there are such similar instruments designed for Yurbles in mind, isn’t it? However, with how beautifully sculpted the claws of a Yurble are, these string instruments are begging to be plucked by these fantastic creatures. Whether your Yurble lover has built in claws or their nails have been filed to points, pluck away to your heart’s content! Though similar, neither instrument is easy to master. Maybe after some serious practice, your Yurble lover can cover Yurbanna Newsom.

     8. Tax Beast Tooth – I like to imagine that anybody can be a Yurble fan, including surfers who love to wear Jetsam teeth. Could you imagine how cool it would be to give your Yurble fan a Tax Beast Tooth? They can put it on their dresser or put it in a little shadow box, or even tie a cord around it and wear it as a fashion statement! Surf’s up!

     9. Yurbot Bobblehead – Who doesn’t love bopping on a bobblehead and watching it bounce? That’s a stress reliever, right? If your Yurble fanatic missed out on the Return of Dr. Sloth plot, this might be a great gift to give! Its lights flash, its angry, what’s not to love? A weird choice for some, but it would be the perfect gift for others!

     10. Attack of the Slorgs Stamp – A brilliant orange amongst the green, this Yurble stamp is a great gift for stamp collectors, people who love to write neomail, fans of the “Attack of the Slorgs” game, or for anybody who likes circular shaped items that are usually square! It’s a versatile gift because it can be used either the way it was intended (to send Neomail) or it can be added to their personal collection of stamps! Though this album item is only worth 25 neopoints to the Neopian Post Office, this gift will still go far in the heart of the Yurble fan in your life.

     Of course, if none of these items are not checking any boxes, there is always the classic plushie, morphing potion, or Yurble-eligible paint brush. Sometimes, the easiest answer is the best gift. Your Yurble lover might be missing something simply because they never realized it was missing in the first place! Don’t be afraid to ask, there’s probably always something new or old they would love to have! Happy Yurble Day, everybody!


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