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End of the Rainbow #2

by antonia22301

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RIP: Roo Island Pirates
Don't tell the tax beast...

by peanutbuttermilk


Clash of Holidays: An Account of Magic VS Thievery
"Something has happened! It appears that there was a glitch in the switch to Beta and all of the Neopian holidays have been released. Keep a watchful eye for anything unordinary, and make sure to report all suspicious activity to TNT."

by sleepiestkitty


O Lupesomem Brasileiro (Portuguese)
"A consequência de toda essa história foi a punição de Licaon, que foi transformado em um Lupe – com pelos amarronzados, olhos esverdeados como a pedra preciosa Jade, e garras afiadas como navalhas – capazes de cortar até mesmo o mais forte dos materiais."

by guga_dodi


30 Ways to Prank Dr. Sloth
"Playing pranks is only a natural part of the Neopian experience."

by treeword

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