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Top 10 Borovan Drinks for Borovan Day!

by mellody_sou_10


It is that time of the year again. The Day of Giving? No. It's Borovan Day!

     On the 20th of the Month of Celebrating (December 20th), Neopia officially celebrates Borovan Day. This particular calendar date has been chosen to be dedicated exclusively to the appreciation of borovan, a unique drink that has become a traditional trait of Neopian culture during the winter ever since the beverage's inception in Y2 - although its creator is still unknown.

     As to why is it celebrated on this particular day, no one knows for sure, as it was introduced on a completely different day of the year. What is known, though, is how popular it is during the winter season. Either way, what truly matters is the spirit of celebrating and sharing a cup of hot borovan with your loved ones - friends, Neopets, petpets, and even petpetpets!

     To properly honour this holiday, here is a humble attempt at listing the top 10 best flavours of borovan in celebration of its' 20th anniversary.

     (This article is not sponsored by The Coffee Cave in Roo Island.)

     10. Kreludan Borovan

     Is borovan so good that it makes you feel like you are high up in the sky, floating, flying...? Well, this cup is literally going to fly away if you don't drink it fast, as it doesn't know the concept of gravity.

     9. Snow Faerie Borovan

     Have you ever wondered how does Taelia the Snow Faerie survive such cold temperatures at the top of Terror Mountain, while living in an igloo? A cup of Snow Faerie Borovan is the answer! It is an exclusive recipe by Taelia herself, rumour has it. Why not give it a try and see for yourself if the stories are true?

     8. Borovan Bubble Tea

     If you and your pets are modern Neopians who enjoy multi-tasking while on a trip, this is the go-to option. Keep on exploring the Snow Valley, the Ice Caves, and all the other festivities of the Terror Mountain during Advent Calendar with your cup of borovan always in hand, ready for whenever you might need it.

     7. Sprout Borovan

     Are you trying to stay fit for the holidays? We know the struggle. Everyone wants to fit on that special outfit for the family photographs. This suggestion is especially for you, reader, who might be scared that the chocolate-part of a borovan drink will make you gain weight. A Sprout Borovan is the combination of celebrating the holidays AND maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Incredible.

     6. Ye Olde Mug of Borovan

     Looking like it came straight out of Wise Old King Hagan's Castle in the heart of Brightvale, rumour has it that the borovan drinks of this lot were prepared back in Y3. Could it be bad for your health to drink something this old? Who knows. But if you enjoy traditions, this is how to do it the old-fashioned way.

     5. Vanilla Flavoured Borovan

     The truth is, borovan is quite a strong drink, and some people and pets have a hard time having to deal with the duality of chocolate and asparagus. For those, some anonymous genius came up with a vanilla addition, so that picky eaters can still enjoy a good old cup of borovan.

     4. Blazing Stone Mug of Borovan

     Do you absolutely HATE when your cup of borovan gets cold, even in the slightest? Then this is for you! A mug made of blazing stone will keep your borovan hot for as long as you need! We do not take responsibility for flaming eyebrows.

     3. Super Spicy Borovan

     Some like it hot - in the spicy sense. So here's some spicy borovan for you! Picky eaters who went to our suggestion number 5 should stay away from this particular one. Super Spicy Borovan is for people who enjoy strong flavours and want to take borovan to the next level. Drink it at your own risk.

     2. Super Size Borovan

     Are you a big fan of borovan? Are you obsessed with borovan? Do you wish every day was Borovan Day? If you answered yes to all of these questions, then this is your go-to choice! A Super Size Borovan should satisfy your thrist - not only for Borovan Day, but probably for the entire year to come.

     1. Cup of Hot Borovan

     The one and only. The most widely accepted as the traditional drink - a simple combination of asparagus and hot chocolate; nothing more, nothing less. And quite literally, only that, as if you head to Mystery Island and add those two items into the Cooking Pot, you will find yourself with a self-made Cup of Hot Borovan! This was the first-ever borovan of Neopia, invented back in Y2, and has been the traditional winter beverage of Neopians ever since.

     So, these are the top 10 flavours in the opinion of this editorial. Of course, don't forget that there are many other flavours available out there. Don't forget to check out official Neopian shops, user shops through the Shop Wizard, lots on the Trading Post and the Auction House for all possible options that you can afford. And even though borovan is amazing, don't forget to share it! Maybe that good ol' Neofriend on your list would love to receive one as a gift...

     And also, if you want some snacks to accompany your drinks, there are plenty of borovan-flavoured foods available in Neopia such as Borovan Chicken, Borovan-Flavoured Crisps, Borovan Cupcake, Borovan Layered Cake, Borovan Ice Cream Scoop (although this one might not be too good for the winter season), and the list goes on. The main point is, obviously: borovan today, borovan tomorrow, borovan always!

     Let us all pray to the Borovan faeries that new flavour combinations are going to be introduced on this year's holiday, just so that we can make another top 10 list on The Neopian Times next year.

     Have a happy Borovan Day, and in advance, a happy Day of Giving and a happy New Year!

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