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Luxurious Chocolates: Rare and Tasty Treats

by _brainchild_


---Starring Walda the Baby Kacheek, Anjetta the Ice Draik, and Christine, their owner!---

     Walda: Hi! My name is Walda, and I LOVE CHOCOLATE!!! It is my FAVOURITE food, and Neopia wouldn’t be complete without it. While my “babysitter,” my cousin Anjetta, is taking a nap like she always does, I will show you some rarity 100 chocolates in honour of the annual Chocolate Ball. (Not ALL of them, in the interest of time. Only the ones I find the most intriguing.) NO, you can’t have any! Where did I get such rare items? Well...I’m good friends with the Tonu who runs the Wheel of Extravagance. *shifty eyes*

     Christine and my siblings went to the Chocolate Ball WITHOUT ME. ---pouts--- That is a CRIME!!! Why did they leave me out? Well, they said that I get “way too wound up” whenever I eat chocolate, and that I would “embarrass” them. UGH!!! That won’t stop me from celebrating the Chocolate Ball, though! Look at this box. ---gestures to a large cardboard box--- This box is FULL of chocolates---enough to last me WEEKS!!! That Tonu sure is great. Don’t tell my family, though, or they’ll take them from me!

     Meanwhile, I feel bad for Anjetta. The poor thing didn’t even get an invite to the Chocolate Ball. It was nothing against her---they only had room for so many guests. I’m STILL not inclined to share, though, since I love chocolate too much. Without further ado, here are the chocolates:

     ---Chococherry Blumaroo Ears---

      Walda: Why are there three ears? Blumaroos only have two ears. Whatever, I won’t complain about more chocolate, that’s for sure. *bites into chocolate* As I expected, these are hollow chocolates filled with sweet cherry sauce, which I like, though it’s not as good as solid chocolate. I think that they made the chocolate layer too thin and used too much cherry sauce. Whatever. I still like it.

     ---Chocolate Lipstick---

      Walda: Do the manufacturers SERIOUSLY expect people to put this on their lips as if it were makeup?! It’s candy made to just LOOK like lipstick! *chomps into chocolate* Solid chocolate---my favourite! I find that the lipstick bullet is smooth, and that the container is a bit crunchy.


      Walda: I have tried this before, and it is my absolute FAVOURITE treat. *chomps into Chocoon excitedly* A smooth milk chocolate cocoon with a smooth chocolate fudge filling... It doesn’t get any better than this! I wish that these were easier to find, because they are DELICIOUS!!! It doesn’t help that the Kiko at the Chocolate Factory has banned me from his shop for “childish, bad behaviour,” either...

     ---Chocolate Peanuts With Peas---

      Walda: Whose silly idea was it to put PEAS on this?! YUCK!!! *picks off peas* There. Now they’re suitable to eat. *eats peanut ball* It turns out that the peanut balls have a chocolate fudge filling, which I did not expect! The outside is crunchy, while the filling on the inside is very smooth. As long as you don’t mind plucking off those yucky vegetables, I would definitely recommend these. I think it’s worth ti!

     ---Crunchy Chocolate Grarrl---

      Walda: Speaking of crunchy, look at this guy! This is a crunchy chocolate treat resembling a Grarrl’s face. *bites into chocolate* It looks like the manufacturer put peanuts in it to make it crunchy. This isn’t a problem for most people, but if you are allergic, stay away. Otherwise, I would highly recommend this.

     ---Luxury Chocolate Easter Negg---

      Walda: If this negg is made of chocolate, then WHY is it BLUE?! Whatever, I’ll still try it. *bites into negg* White chocolate?! LAME!!! It looks like they dyed it blue with food colouring to make it look a little more interesting. The milk chocolate filling is great, though!

     After all that chocolate, I need to burn off all that energy from the caffeine and sugar! Therefore, I’m going to go play outside, since my family doesn’t want me to run around indoors and break things.

     ---As Walda runs out the front door, Anjetta wakes up. Wondering where Walda is going, Anjetta chases her outside.---

     Walda: *turns around* What? I was just going to play on the swingset. *shrugs*

     ---Walda runs off and burns off all her energy while Anjetta supervises. Eventually, Walda tires out and walks back indoors. Then Anjetta notices the chocolate all over Walda’s face, hands, and dress.---

     Anjetta: Well, that explains your energy burst. You’ve been eating chocolate again!

     Walda: Well, I guess I can’t deny it...

     Anjetta: You KNOW you’re not supposed to have chocolate. It makes you so rambunctious! I guess I COULD keep it a secret from Christine, buuuutttt you’d have to give me a piece of that delicious chocolate you have. Otherwise, I can’t guarantee that this will remain under wraps!

     Walda: Ummm... I ate it all.

     Anjetta: I think you’re lying.

     ---As the two walk in, Anjetta sees the box of chocolates, with plenty of items still inside.---

     Anjetta: ---turns to Walda--- I knew you were lying! However, I will keep quiet about your stash as long as you give me ONE Chocoon. Remember: If Christine hears that you have a giant box of chocolate, she’ll take ALL of it! I’ll even wash your chocolate-covered dress to hide the evidence while you take a bath. Soooooooooo... one Chocoon?

     Walda: ---sigh--- Okay.

      ---Walda reluctantly hands over the Chocoon.---

     Anjetta: Thank you!

     ---While Walda is taking a bath, Anjetta joyfully devours the Chocoon, then throws the dress in the washing machine. Then she hides the box of chocolates in Walda’s room. As she is coming down the stairs, Christine and her other pets walk in.---

     Christine: Wow, that was great! Where’s Walda?

     Anjetta: She played outside and got dirty, so now she’s taking a bath. Her clothes are in the washing machine.

     Christine: Did she behave herself?

     Anjetta: Yes.

     Christine: ...I’m surprised. See, she didn’t need chocolate to have fun today.

     ---Anjetta restrains herself from smirking.---

     Christine: Anyway, Anjetta, thanks for babysitting. I really appreciate it. Here, I brought you some chocolate, since you couldn’t go. ---hands Anjetta a Chocolate Moltenore---

     Anjetta: Wow, how adorable! Thank you. Only the finest chocolates make it into the Chocolate Ball. It’s almost too exquisite to eat!

     Christine: Almost! :)

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