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The Latest in Mutant Fashion: 13 Lurid Looks

by paulinale


Mutant fashion is seldom talked about in Neopia. Their clothes and accessories do not receive as much attention as other painted neopets. In fact, it can be quite difficult to find any wearables that fit your mutant pet. More emphasis for fashion is placed on the “cuter” neopets and mutants have felt neglected. As mutant day approaches, we want to celebrate our less conventionally attractive pets and allow them to flaunt their stuff on the runway. We gathered 13 mutant models to show off various looks and outfits that hopefully awes the Neopian public and inspires mutant owners when dressing their pet.

      Mutant Jetsam


     First up, we have Jack, a Mutant Jetsam, who is wearing one of the more recent outfits off the new mutant line – the mutant containment suit. Jack is modelling a stereotypical mutant look, the “laboratory experiment gone wrong.” But we all know Jack is not a result of an experiment and resides in the depths of Maraqua. He picked up a modelling gig in order to support the rest of his tentacled family.

     Background: Mutant Laboratory Escape Background

     Decor: Korbats Lab Beaker Bench

     Clothes: Mutant Containment Suit

     Accessories: Mutant Tentacle Staff, Dyeworks Green: Mutant Blue Glowing Contacts, Radioactive Mutant Markings

     Mutant Kacheek


     Next up, Ken, the Mutant Kacheek, sports an elegant getup with his mutant tuxedo. He carries a beautiful white mutant tulip bouquet to show his respect for the game graveyard. Ken wishes to show Neopia that mutants can clean up nicely.

     Background: Gothic Moonlit Graveyard Background

     Decor: Bed of Black Roses, Violet Eye Roses, Black Bat Attack

     Clothes: Mutant Tuxedo

     Accessories: Dyeworks White: Mutant Yellow Tulips Bouquet

     Mutant Gelert


     Geoffrey, the Mutant Gelert, shows off a grimier look in the sewers, but demonstrates he still enjoys decorating his home with holiday cheer. While his wings are totally nonfunctional, the gangrene colour blends well with the rest of his fur tones. His mutant spiked collar looks particularly great on neopets who walk on all fours. Er, no those chains actually were not part of his modelling outfit… he has just never been able to get them off from an unknown event a few years ago.

     Background: Deck the Sewers – A Mutant Christmas

     Decor: Caged Skeleton, Lava Puddle, Rock Gate Foreground

     Accessories: Chains are a Mutants BFF, Mutant Spiked Collar, Gangrene Mutant Wings

     Mutant Chomby


     Up next, Carl, the Mutant Chomby, displays a very convincing lumberjack look perfect for the fall weather. Mutant Fall Flannel comes in a variety of colours so choose your mutant’s favourite! Carl appreciates how his shirt comes with four sleeves to fit his extra arms since his trousers only came with the standard two-pantlegs. His mutant winter boots are useful on long hikes and keep his giant feet warm. Carl highly recommends this outfit for any outdoorsy mutant.

     Background: Paranormal Forest Background

     Decor: Blinking Forest Eyes, Cannibal Bonfire

     Clothes: Dyeworks Red: Mutant Fall Flannel, Casual Mutant Trousers, Mutant Winter Boots

     Mutant Grundo


     We are really trying not to perpetuate the “lab experiment” stereotype here, but George, the Mutant Grundo, insisted on modelling this look to show off his muscles and how “tough” he is. He dons a warrior’s outfit complete with a deadly weapon. He wanted action shots of him breaking the glassware in the lab, but we had no medics involved in our photoshoot so we had to settle for pre-broken glass props to ensure everyone’s safety.

     Background: Escaped From the Lab Background

     Clothes: Mutant Warrior Armour

     Accessories: Mutant Staff of Darkness, Dyeworks Red: Mutant Blue Glowing Contacts, Pulsing Mutant Vein Markings

     Mutant Hissi


     Switching gears to a more fun outfit, Harry, the Mutant Hissi, flaunts off a well-thought-out carnie costume. He wanted to demonstrate a warm, inviting look for mutants by holding cute prizes like the mutant faellie plushie and giving out tons of candy. Harry’s mutant top hat, cape, and staff really sell the carnie look, as you really get the feeling he knows how to guide you through the haunted theme park behind him.

     Background: Haunted Theme Park Background

     Décor: Carnival Treats Foreground, Halloween Candy Shower

     Clothes: Elegant Mutant Cape, Mutant Top Hat

     Accessories: Mutant Faellie Handheld Plushie, Mutant Staff of Foulness, Spooky Spiderweb Mutant Markings, Lifeless Mutant Contacts

     Mutant Lupe


     Well, here we have another mutant who wants to show off with some action shots. Larry, the Mutant Lupe, models a “hero who saves the day” look. His stylish wig gives him more a “good boy next door” vibe that allows him to sell the hero look than the usual villainous mutant look. Larry wants Neopia to know that mutants can be good guys too.

      Background: Battle of the Living Dead Background

     Décor: Screamer Foreground, Petpet Goo Blaster

     Clothes: Mutant Warrior Armour

     Accessories: Mutant Stylish Wig, Mutant Staff of Darkness, Dyeworks Blue: Radioactive Mutant Markings

     Mutant Acara


     Annie, the Mutant Acara, prances among mutant flora to parade around a beautiful, feminine outfit. She specifically chose the mutant picnic backdrop to show her mutant pride, but also show that mutant things can be beautiful too – it isn’t always slime and drool. Annie’s pink ruffle dress would make any neopet in the ballroom jealous. Her talisman necklace and headband complete this gorgeous look.

     Background: Mutant Picnic Background

     Décor: Mutant Flower Foreground, Festive Summer Picnic Table

     Clothes: Mutant Pink Ruffle Dress

     Accessories: Mutant Talisman Necklace, Mutant Spring Headband

     Mutant Peophin


     Next, we have our professional mutant model, Penelope, the Mutant Peophin. She is absolutely breathtaking in this outfit and scenery. Her colourful apparel is enhanced by radioactive mutant markings and the glowing waterfall and crystals around her. Who said mutants can’t be glamorous?

     Background: Cave and Waterfall Background

     Décor: Shiny Crystal Stand Foreground, Winter Lights Effect

     Clothes: Mutant Carnivorous Plant Dress

     Accessories: Mutant Tentacle Wig, Radioactive Mutant Markings

     Mutant Wocky


     Well here is a sight that may make your eyes sore. Wendy, the Mutant Wocky, begged (and bribed) the producers of this photoshoot to let her in. There is a reason the mutants keep her in their designated hideout. Even our best stylist and makeup artists could not bring her up to par with the rest of these models. Thank goodness for those lifeless mutant contacts… because otherwise her hollow red eyes would have just ruined the photo completely.

     Background: Mutants Hideout Background

     Décor: Dark Eyes Garland, Zombie Gnome Foreground

     Accessories: Monstrous Mutant Wings, Lifeless Mutant Contacts, Unruly Mutant Wig

     Mutant Blumaroo


     Betty, the Mutant Blumaroo, wanted the photographers to capture her in her everyday job and attire. She is the head chef at one of Haunted Wood’s popular diners. Her apron is perfect for any mutants wanting to get their hands dirty in the kitchen. Betty uses fortified mutant weaponry as a butcher knife because she works with the toughest and weirdest meats in Neopia. Those Haunted Woods denizens request some very odd dishes. Betty wants to show the world that mutants can cook without getting drool or slime onto the plate (unless it is intentional).

     Background: Haunted Kitchen Background

     Décor: Island Chef Academy Counter, Geraptiku Cooking Pot, Food Fight Shower

     Clothes: Mutant Apron

     Accessories: Mutant Negg Flower Wig, Fortified Mutant Weaponry

     Mutant Techo


     If you hear some tires screeching around the corner, chances are you’ll find Tommy, the Mutant Techo, who sports a hardcore biker look. Even though he really just rides an office scooter around, he will tell you he has made some major modifications to it so it operates like a roaring motorcycle. Tommy will have you eating his dust, but will do so safely as he can always be seen wearing his mutant containment helmet. Ride on, Tommy!

     Background: A Haunting Path Background

     Décor: Office Scooter, Dark and Eerie Smoke

     Clothes: Mutant Carnival-Goer Jacket and Top

     Accessories: Mutant Containment Helmet

     Mutant Skeith


     Finally, the photographers wanted to get some candid shots of a local mutant neighbourhood. Sharon, the Mutant Skeith, can be seen here not really appreciating getting her photo taken. She is a middle-aged woman who always screams at everyone to “get off her property.” Best to leave her alone.

     Background: Mutant Wasteland Background

     Décor: Mutant Wind-up Petpets

     Clothes: Mutant Tattered Dress

     Accessories: Mutant Stylish Jet Black Wig, Dark Mutant Lantern, Dyeworks Red: Mutant Blue Glowing Contacts

     Well, there you have it, folks – 13 mutant looks that will be sure to inspire Neopian mutant owners. We shattered some rumours about the mutant population and showed the mutants can look beautiful too (mostly). If you have a mutant pet, why not stop by and grab some of these clothes and accessories for your neopet today?

     (Special thanks to donations from the Mutant Kadoaties.)

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