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A History of Famous Yurbles

by elhiwe


Yurbles were first discovered in Neopia in Year 6 and are found everywhere in Neopia, yet we don’t have a lot of visibility. I mean, how many of us can name a Yurble besides the Janitor in Altador? That’s why I’m here as your friendly Yurble guide to present a history of our species and the important contributions Yurbles have made to Neopia! I hope this article will help us gain the recognition our species deserves!


     Yurbles (pronounced yer-bul) are easy to recognize because of our beautiful manes and cute curly ears. We’re strong and sturdy too. We are generally very outdoorsy and have impressive appetites. All the Yurbles I know love getting together for camping trips and cooking big meals over a campfire. We hate getting wet though - it takes forever to dry our thick fur. Yuck! So we make sure to stay inside when it rains.

     Yurbles are quite friendly and outgoing so it’s easy to get to know us. There are a lot of great Yurble friends waiting to be made in any region of Neopia you visit. Maybe you should even consider adopting one - we make great companions!

     Now, on to some of our famous kin:

     The Yurble Raider

     The oldest legend among our kind is that of the Yurble Raider. Many years ago, he was a greatly feared pillager, stealing food, supplies, and money without ever getting caught. He was renowned for his proficiency as an archer, able to hit impossible targets with a single shot. He was stealthy, adventurous, and never backed down from a fight, vanquishing anyone who threatened his success.

     During the War of Meridell, he attacked both Meridellian and Darigan citizens, not to mention their armies! Even Lord Kass didn’t scare him. In fact, he actually came face-to-face with Lord Kass himself one night.

     It was a typical night for the Yurble Raider, sneaking into a village unnoticed as the citizens of Meri Acres ran from an attack by Kass’s forces. As he ran off with his expensive loot, he got caught between the advancing forces of both sides of the war. He turned to run so he wouldn’t be caught in the midst of battle, and found Lord Kass staring him down! Kass demanded the Yurble Raider hand over the expensive weapons he had stolen, but the Raider was not one to be pushed around. Instead, he aimed a lightning-fast kick at Kass’s head, knocking him back into a wall. When Kass tried to punch back, the Raider broke his hand! He not only fought Kass, but lived to tell the tale, escaping with his arms full of valuable weaponry.

     YRB-X1 (Yurbot)

     Although Yurbot isn’t the nicest guy, he’s still a pretty prominent and accomplished Yurble. He is a robot Yurble who Dr. Sloth trusted to run the space faerie token plant on his mothership. That’s a really big responsibility, but I know he was a good choice because Yurbles are very reliable. Most of us thought he was destroyed when Dr. Sloth’s ship went down, but there have been a few sightings of him around Neopia since then. If you do see him, be careful not to get on his bad side - he has quite the temper. Yikes!


     Volsan is a Sultan from the Lost Desert. He has been searching his whole life for a lost city somewhere in the desert that is said to be full of untold riches. Volsan is a great icon for Yurbles because of his leadership, adventurousness and his commitment to a goal without ever giving up. I hope he finds the treasure someday! Wouldn’t that be amazing?

     Altador Cup Players

     Like everyone else in Neopia, us Yurbles LOVE the Altador Cup, and we are happy to be able to cheer for some incredible Yurble players. Here are just a few of the biggest names to play in the tournament over the years:

     Hoke Lemtry played for the Krawk Island Yooyuball Team in year 6 as a right defender. He was a strong, hard-working player but unfortunately was easily duped by his opponents so he was dropped from the team. But hey, us Yurbles are trusting pets. We’re still proud of him!

     Yaniq Avaan played for Mystery Island’s team in years 8 and 9. He was an incredible goal keeper but unfortunately faced a lot of injuries and eventually was unable to continue playing.

     Autrey Fulse played for Haunted Woods in years 9 to 11. He was a key player on the team, great at stealing the ball and tackling. He even scored a few goals! I was sad to see him retire.

     And finally, the longest standing Yurble player: Vere Polnicek. She has been a defender on the Moltaran team since year 12 and is still going strong! She’s remarkably agile and has a great tackle. I really hope we get to see her in action at this year’s Altador Cup! I don’t know about you, but I’m counting the days. Maybe we’ll even get to see some new Yurble players bring their teams to victory.

     The Janitor / Foreman

     Of course, I can’t leave out the most famous Yurble, who seems to be everywhere. First he was a construction foreman and then a head chef in the Lost Desert, then he was a custodian caring for Altador’s Hall of Heroes. He not only kept the Hall sparkling clean, but made sure to fix anything broken. You may not know this, but he’s also a talented herb gardener. Truly a jack-of-all-trades, demonstrating our kind’s aptitude for learning new skills and working hard at whatever we do. It’s a shame that he’s most famous for his angry outbursts - it really gives us a bad name!

     Well, I hope this helps bring a little bit more awareness of how prevalent Yurbles are throughout Neopia, and some of our wonderful traits. Even though a few of these famous Yurbles can be quite gruff, I promise most of us aren’t! We’re always looking to make new friends who will join us on an outdoor adventure. I hope you’ll consider befriending a Yurble this year on Yurble Day!

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