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The Best Fashion Trends for JubJubs

by 2215017


The best fashion trends for JubJubs

     Those with torsos need not read on…

     One of the most popular shops in The Neopian Bazaar is Unis Clothing. On any given day, you’ll find numerous fashion-forward Neopians checking out the latest styles. Additionally, several specialty and boutique clothing shops have popped up over the years. These can be found in a variety of lands from Tyrannia to Neovia. They each specialize in a particular style and can be great options when you are looking for a signature piece to compliment a classic look. While all Neopians are welcome in these clothing shops, each article of clothing looks different on different pets.

     As you browse the clothing store, shelves of belts and racks of necklaces glimmer back at you. For you, a belt and a necklace are one and the same. Long, flowy bell bottoms? Not going to happen. No distinct waist or neck? No worries! Read on to see some of the best looks for circular pets.

     One of my personal favourite looks is the Esophagor Mask.

     Sure, pets with waists can pull off the hourglass figure look, but they can’t match JubJubs when it comes to dressing like everyone’s favourite ravenous pit. Paired with a dark shoe and a spooky background, this mask will undoubtedly make you the best dressed pet around Halloween. Just be careful. Other pets may start feeding you and wondering why you aren’t giving them places and years in response.

     There are several other masks that look great on JubJubs. A Jack-O-Lantern Mask gives you the illusion of an ambulatory gourd. I prefer the barefoot look with this mask, as the orange feet of my little Jub look nice with the orange mask. You could also try out the Spiky Glowing Mask for a sneaky, yet playful, haunted look. The spikes mirror the spikes of fur atop JubJubs’ heads and add to the wind-blown look. Pair that mask with a cape and you could even pass for a superhero or villain, depending on your preference…

     They say you should dress for the job you want not the job you have. JubJubs, don’t settle for an earthly occupation when you dream of the stars. Prepare yourself to travel the galaxy with a space-themed look and you’ll be sailing through the stars in no time! For space-themed looks, I’d recommend two signature pieces: the Space Trooper Helmet and Space Trooper Oxygen Tank. Why bother with abdominal casings and protective pants when one helmet can do the trick? These stylish looks will make you look like a space traveller in no time. The sleek dark lines make these pieces sophisticated and functional. You wouldn’t want to go to space without oxygen, would you?

     For those of us not living on Krueldor or the Virtupets space station yet, I personally like to stage the look with the Virtupets Space Station Space Doors Background. The backdrop complements the space-themed wear and adds to the magic. Though this versatile look goes with any intergalactic background and accessories. A dark boot such as the Wellington Boots keep your feet protected from any cosmic dust and rounds out the look.

     When your head and body are one and the same, hats are a natural fashion choice. Numerous hats have been designed specifically with JubJubs in mind (think Woolly JubJub Hat and the ever-popular JubJub Hard Hat). But don’t let the species neutral hats escape your consideration, there are many styles to “top” off your look (pun intended). In fact, here’s a hat for every season!

     In the summer, opt for the Pretty Pink Flower Hat. The wide brim makes it ideal for keeping the summer sun out of your pet’s eyes and the floral and ribbon decorations accent the colour beautifully. As the air gets colder and pumpkins soar in popularity, jump into autumn headfirst with the Pumpkin Lid Hat. Be cautious though! If your pet is painted orange, you may be mistaken for one of those popular pumpkins while wearing the hat. There are endless options for fall and Halloween themed looks. JubJubs are round like pumpkins, why not lean into the look with festive fashion?

     For winter, my pick is the Fiery Marshmallow Hat, a throwback to Y9 when this unique hat was awarded to users from the Advent Calendar. It is on theme for winter and was awarded via a winter Neopian tradition. I can think of no better way to celebrate the winter season than prancing the streets of Neopia Central with a flaming marshmallow on your head. Finally, as the ground thaws and brisk mornings give way to warmer winds, opt for the Pink and Green Sun Hat to welcome the spring breeze. The speckled look mirrors that of a speckled negg and the flowy bow ribbon adds a delicate touch to the look.

     If hats aren’t your cup of tea and you prefer the look of a dainty bow, consider one of the following options, depending on the occasion. The Pastel Blue Hair Bow is ideal for casual occasions and provides an effortless look when worn atop all that fur. For more sophisticated affairs, don the Sparking Red Hair Bow for a sophisticated look that screams class. If you and your pet are feeling adventurous, opt for a themed accessory such as the Shell Hairbow for a nautical look or the Skull Bow for an edgy look. Hair accessories are a great option for all occasions and bows are just one of the many accessories that look great on JubJubs.

     We have examined just a few of the fabulous fashion options for JubJubs. Hopefully, you have found some suggestions you like and are excited to try for your next big outing. I can’t wait to see how you all make these suggestions your own! Next time you roam the aisles of your favourite clothier, don’t be discouraged by the long pants and sinched-waist dresses that seem to fill the racks. JubJubs around Neopia can find stylish looks for all occasions, no waist required!


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