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Top Two Hissi Colours

by squin


Welcome, welcome, Neopian friend! As we all know, on the 4th of the Month of Hunting, we celebrate Hissi Day. From our perspective, a pet day represents an excellent opportunity not only to properly disseminate knowledge about it but to also praise a fascinating Neopets species. On this year’s Hissi Day, we figured it would be a good idea to share some thoughts about two of our absolute favourite Hissi colours.

     If you’re reading this article, that means you must be a Hissi lover. Don’t get us wrong, though. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you already own one, but you probably intend to adopt or create a Hissi in the near future. Whatever the case is, our guide might help you pick the correct colour for your pet. Even if you don’t like the colours we elected as the best, you’ll still have a better idea of what colours you shouldn’t use on your Hissi, which is helpful after all, isn’t it?

     Let’s get this party started, shall we?


     The first thing that should be made super hyper extra clear: regardless of what some people might think, Hissis do NOT have wings, at least not in their base colours. The lateral parts attached to the Hissi’s torso are their arms. However, you can easily turn your earthling serpent into a flying creature by simply painting it faerie. That’s correct. Just like any other regular faerie, your Faerie Hissi will gain a pair of imposing wings. What more do we need to say in order to convince you that the faerie paint brush is just awesome?

     Regarding the wings, they have different colours on the inside and on the outside. The inner part is entirely filled with a shade of mint green, while the outer area is permeated by a slightly darker shade of green in the center and a neonish purple on the edges. There are also some dots of the mentioned purple sprinkled over the green, kind of creating a mosaic. The size of the wings is also really impressive. Its top part reaches almost the forehead of your Hissi, while the bottom part matches the lower area of the Hissi’s torso.

     Along the arms, hands, and torso, we have the same colour pattern of the wing’s outer area. Things change a little bit on the tail, though. The tail is completely green on the edges and filled with purple in the center. There are also a few purple dots in the transition zone between the purple and the green, which helps create a more natural overall look.

     Lastly, the sad part (or the good one, depending on the point of view) is that the faerie paint brush does not come with clothing. Some might think that the nonexistence of special clothing is minimalist and hence appreciate it. On the other hand, others might find the absence of a new outfit lacking and therefore hate it. It’s fine. If you’re on the team that dislikes it, there are always other colours, right?


     If you’re a technology fan – and you most probably are, since you’re a Neopets player – this colour is the perfect choice for you. Now, let’s dive into all of its details.

     The top part of the outfit comes with a black top hat, which also brings an exclusive pair of metallic binoculars. Of course, the binoculars are completely removable, or else you wouldn’t be able to use them, right? Plus, there’s a little gear between the two lenses of the binoculars, which we personally find quite charming.

     Furthermore, the steampunk colour comes with a leather brown mask that covers not only your Hissi’s mouth but also its nose. Rather mysterious, huh? Apparently, there’s also a watch attached to the mask, so there will be no more need to keep checking the NST header!

     Plus, the ensemble brings a full-body black jacket that covers the entire torso of your Hissi and even a part of its long tail. The jacket has very discreet grey stripes along its length. The stripes are vertical, so be careful to not end up unintentionally changing your Hissi’s visual shape. Moreover, the jacket also comes with several bronze buttons near the top and the collar areas. Besides, the collar area has a very decent height, so you can tweak it in multiple ways in order to further enhance your look.

     The steampunk paint brush also brings a huge variety of leather accessories to fully customize your Hissi. The accessories can be added to almost any part of the look, from head to toe (or should we say tail?). Jokes apart, these leather straps can ornament hands, fingers, arms, and various parts of your Hissi’s long long looooong torso. The leather accessories are so incredible they also come with pockets in each one of them, so you can always have extra space in your inventory to carry more items. Tired of carrying only 50 items in your bag? Let your Hissi help you with the steampunk paint brush!

     Besides, this magnificent colour gives your Hissi a tail protector, which we find very useful and necessary. If you think it over for a minute, most neopets wear shoes and sandals, but Hissis almost never have a tail protector on. Why exactly are we treating two similar situations so differently? We see no reason for doing so. It’s also noteworthy that the steampunk tail protector has subtle vertical stripes, much like the jacket of the ensemble. The colour of this piece, however, is navy blue, a slightly different colour choice considering the overall hue of the look.


     Well, we thought it was best to elaborate a list with fewer colours, so we could better bring attention to details of each one. In the other words, we aimed for a more in-depth description of the selected colours.

     All in all, we hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article as much as we, the authors, enjoyed writing it! Take care of yourself (and your pets obviously)! Have a happy Hissi Day! :D


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