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Rise from the Fall

by pixie_tea


What do you do when you have fallen out of place or lose your way? Being new at something or being in a position where life's circumstances are out of one's control can be overwhelming and scary, but that does not foreshadow the future as ominous. Here is a story of an orphan Neopet who had to work hard to not only prove herself to her peers, while battling internally to figure herself out, but to also learn how important self-compassion is. This story’s purpose is to bring strength and to inspire everyone to be their true self without fear of judgement.

     I will go get the time capsule and the story will begin as soon as I open the time capsule. Now that the time capsule is in this room and opened, the story will now begin and you will see the story yourself. What you will see is a recollection of mine that I have placed inside this time capsule.


     It was a sunny day outside of the Neopian Pound. Many Neopets were waiting for Neopians to stop by and adopt them. Many hopeful Neopets looked up at me when I entered the Neopian Pound, hoping that I would bring them home. Unfortunately, I could only adopt one that day. However, I wished I could adopt all. One Neopet stood out the most to me and I could not figure out why. It was my intuition. I asked the Pink Uni who was watching over the pound at the front desk about that pet for some background information. The Pink Uni informed me that that pet was formerly a Green Usul and had the ability to morph at her own will to any other species or colour. That day she was a Christmas Acara.

     Immediately, I knew that Christmas Acara would be the perfect pet for me and I adopted and brought her home with me that day. On our way home, I stopped by the Neopia Central Gardening Store to pick out a flower to plant in my neogarden as a welcome to the family gift to my new pet. The store was packed with a variety of flowers. I went to the lilies aisle and looked around. One Pink Lily stood out to me and it was the fairest one of all the lilies in the store and so I made my purchase without hesitation. After making the purchase and arriving home, my pet helped me plant the Pink Lily and watered it. I could not wait to see my pet’s personal growth and I felt very lucky to watch her and the Pink Lily grow together.

     When I had spoken with the Pink Uni who was in charge of the Neopian Pound, I had learned that my pet completed all training at the Swashbuckling Academy and the Mystery Island Training School, so the next place would be the Secret Ninja Training School. The Secret Ninja Training School was an advanced training environment where Neopians can take their Neopets to learn and train when they have attained Level 250 in training. The school accepted red codestones as payment for training instead of dubloons or tan codestones. Pets can be trained in any of the following areas: Strength, Defence, Agility, Endurance, and Level.

     I enrolled my pet in the Secret Ninja Training School. The beginning may be difficult, but I had a good feeling that all of this will turn out well. The school was packed with students who were eager to learn and train. After my Acara enrolled in that school, she will remain there for as long as it takes to master all areas of training. The great thing about enrolling in that school would be that all students will have access to the Soup Kitchen as well as other fun places in Neopia.

     We will now divert to a different part of the opened time capsule.

     A week had gone by and my Acara did not seem to be enjoying her time at school. Being new was tough. A new school was already hard to take in and on top of that knowing nobody made it even harder and no Neopet wanted to befriend her.

     A month had gone by and my pet was already noticed for being the top student and excelling in all training courses as well as getting the recognition for volunteering out her time to help out in the Soup Kitchen.

     Moving to a different spot of the time capsule, we see the day the students in the Secret Ninja Training School were getting ready for the graduation ceremony. This ceremony was for students who have completed all of the courses and some will be getting different awards for their achievements or services. The room was filled with all of the students enrolled in the school, all except for two students. The graduation ceremony did not start yet. We see that my Acara was still in the Soup Kitchen helping out and we also see another student somewhere in the background, not wanting to be seen or noticed by anyone.

     “You should get going. You do not want to be late for the ceremony you being the model student and all!” said the Soup Faerie.

     “I will get going as soon as this soup tastes perfect. I want it to be perfect for all of the students and attendees,” said my Acara.

     The soup now tasted perfect after adding a spoon of salt and so my pet left the room to be with the other students in preparation for the ceremony. The student hiding somewhere in the back waited for the Soup Faerie to leave the kitchen and as soon as the kitchen was empty, the student went up to the pot of soup and poured a whole bottle of an unknown glistening potion into it and quickly left the room to join the other students.

     We now see the graduation ceremony starting.

     Each student received a certificate for completing all of the courses at the Secret Ninja Training School and some were even awarded for their achievements or services to the school. My Acara graduated with top marks and received not only school awards, but also awards for doing community service within the school and outside of it.

     It was now time to head on over to the Soup Kitchen to eat lunch. All students and attendees went over to the Soup Kitchen.

     “This soup was kindly made by one of the students who woke up extra early today to prepare it for today’s big event in celebration of everyone’s achievements. Enjoy everyone!” said the Soup Faerie, signalling my pet to come up to the front of the room to stand next to her so that everyone could acknowledge who made the soup.

     Everyone in the room enjoyed the soup and praised how delicious it was. However, within two minutes of ingesting the soup, many realized something was wrong. There were complaints from many saying that they were not feeling well and that their stomach was making the loudest of noises. Out of everyone in the room, the Soup Faerie and my pet had not eaten the soup yet for being so busy handing out bowls of soup. The Soup Faerie and my pet took everyone to the Neopian Hospital to get help.

     An interesting fact about the Neopian Hospital would be that for a hospital, it has no doctors, nurses, or patients, and in contrast to the Healing Springs it does not heal anyone. The Neopian Hospital will diagnose your pet's illness and it will let you know what sickness your pet has as well as which medicine will cure the illness. For a hospital with no doctors, nurses, or patients, the trip to it will be in and out.

     Reverting our attention back to the visit to the Neopian Hospital, everyone who ate the soup developed something called the Grumbles and that was when your stomach will make the loudest of noises and the noise was from the ingested food. It was peculiar that everyone who ate the soup developed the Grumbles, all except for one student who was completely fine and well. The Neopian Hospital instructed everyone who had the Grumbles to take four Grumble Be Gone Tablets and in no time the symptoms will be gone and everyone will be back to normal again.

     No one was mad at my Acara and nobody thought badly of her, except for my Acara. The day I brought my pet home after the graduation ceremony, she was so sad and did not say anything for the whole duration of the walk home. Right before we entered our neohome, I noticed that she was no longer the Christmas Acara I have adopted from the Neopian Pound. She morphed at her own will into a Grey Acara that day and did not want to go inside the neohome with me and wanted to stay outside by the garden. She wanted to water the Pink Lily that we planted the day I adopted her. Right when my pet was leaning over the Pink Lily to water it, one sad tear fell from her right eye onto that Pink Lily. All of a sudden, there was a blinding flash of green light and my Acara closed her eyes for a brief five seconds and when she opened her eyes again, she was startled to see the Earth Faerie in front of her and that the Pink Lily was no longer there.

     The beaming Earth Faerie looked at my pet and brought the news to her that she was destined to be Princess Tulipa. My pet thought all of this was a dream and pinched herself, but the Earth Faerie was still there.

     “I do not see how I can be a princess. I was an orphan and was adopted from the Neopian Pound. Today, I graduated from the Secret Ninja Training School. I am just an ordinary Neopet,” said my Acara.

     “You are Princess Tulipa, otherwise, you would not have been able to wake me up from my sleep and I would still be that Pink Lily until the true Princess Tulipa finds me and is ready to be crowned princess,” said the Earth Faerie.

     “No one will think of me as a princess. The ones who tasted my soup today all came down with the Grumbles and I do not know if I can ever show up in public again without others recognizing it was I who got them sick,” said my pet.

     "You did not get those Neopians and Neopets sick. It was one of your classmates who tried to frame you to get others to think you did the bad deed,” said the Earth Faerie.

     “How do you know?” asked my Acara.

     “I am the Earth Faerie. I know what goes on around here,” said the Earth Faerie.

     All of a sudden, my pet transformed into a Pastel Acara and became a stunning pastel green colour.

     “Today, you are officially Princess Tulipa! Now it is official!” said the Earth Faerie, waving her staff to put the Sugary Sweets Facepaint on my pet.

     The Neopian Times press was printing out numerous papers bringing the news of the newly discovered Princess Tulipa, a princess who grew up as an orphan, was later adopted, graduated from the Secret Ninja Training School with top marks, was framed for something she did not do and everyone later found out who the culprit was, and that my pet was the true Princess Tulipa because only she was able to wake up the Earth Faerie from her long sleep as the Pink Lily. Any other Neopet would not be able to do that if they were not destined to be Princess Tulipa.

     Princess Tulipa had to overcome many obstacles and not let them get in the way of her succeeding or being the best version of herself. She was excluded from many things, but felt she did not miss out on life. My pet had no friends for being new in school and eventually, she embraced it and saw all of this in a different light. When one feels they have nobody during times of struggle and doubt and at the same time they are working towards their goals while enduring social pressure telling them that they cannot succeed, it is easy to fall out of place and lose your way. Princess Tulipa believes that struggles are times when you experience the biggest self-development and that you can see what you can accomplish when you are forced to be in a certain position that leaves you no choice but to go with it. What Princess Tulipa learned from the obstacles she faced was that she can be independent and still be okay and she also learned how very important self-compassion is. At times, individuals fear loneliness or they feel pressured to be something they are not to fit in or be accepted by others. However, Princess Tulipa wants to bring forth a message to others that there is no better way of being you than to have self-acceptance and be your true self without fear of judgement because not only will you be happier, but you will attract the right opportunities and friends into your life. My pet also wants to say that no matter the struggle or obstacle you face, you are in control of how you want to make out of it and you can use that obstacle or fall as an opportunity to rise from it to learn and grow from your experience just like Princess Tulipa here. One day, you will look back and see how far you have come and you will then realize that you are glad that you went through all that because you would not be the great individual you are today if it were not for those journeys. When you fall, you can rise from that fall and that is the beauty in it.

     To my selfless friend, the Pink Lily in the story, who is always going out of their way to not only help their friends, but for also being a great friend to me, this story is dedicated to you, my true friend.

     The End.

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