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New Hobbies to Explore on Neopets

by petpower14156


Hello, everyone! My name is Jordon574, a JubJub who is actually much older and wiser than my baby-themed paint job may lead you to believe. I have been around on this planet of Neopia for a long time, and I have seen that many of you, much like my owner, have spent a large proportion of your time on Neopets tucked away in the Games Room. Unfortunately, there is currently a big “Out of Order” sign hanging over the screen of many of these games. So now here you are, left with too much time on your hands and fewer Neopoints to deposit than ever before. This seems to be quite a conundrum.

     But I would like to issue a challenge to all of you. Rather than joining the ranks of the grey faeries and pets everywhere, it is time to find the silver lining of this grey cloud! Because to me, this shift in available content presents itself as an opportunity.

     An opportunity for what, you may ask?

     Why, an opportunity to develop a new hobby! Neopets offers many features beyond the games room, and if you are anything like my owner, it is highly probable that you have neglected the many other avenues of entertainment that Neopets offers to its users. So now it is time to take the plunge and explore your untapped potential, cultivate new hobbies, and engage in a new community on Neopets!

     Just in case you need some suggestions for getting started, I have compiled a list of the many offerings on the Neopets website to help you cultivate a new talent or hobby!

      1.Try your hand at poetry

     Poetry may seem like an intimidating skill, but every time you sing along to your favourite tune, you are engaging with poetry! Poetry can be simple or elaborate, and here at Neopets, it is a celebration of all aspects of Neopets that you find worthwhile! Start by playing ay a little rhyming game with yourself and you’ll be spinning lyrical verses in no time!

     How it works: When you submit a poem, you can choose from a range of categories including Paint Brush Colors, Faeries, Villains, Neopets, and more! If you feel low on inspiration, look at the category list for ideas. You can also submit poetry that matches upcoming Neopets holidays for a chance to be featured on that day’s publication list. But remember, when it comes to length, moderation is key. If you have short poems, bundle them into a related set for a better chance of getting published.

     Incentives: A trophy for your cabinet, 1000 np’s, and a rare item! Rare items include: paint brushes for your pet or petpet, a petpet, a map piece, and more.

     Still feel unsure? There is a Neoboard dedicated for use by Neopian Writers, and it is the perfect place to get a second opinion. Connect with other budding poets and hone your own skills!

      2. Learn to draw your Neopet

     The Beauty Contest, the Art Gallery, and the Random Contest- all these contests display the artistic talents of the Neopets Users. These contests are not only for the best artists- they are also a platform to display art at many different skill levels. Rather than just rewarding raw talent, the Beauty Contest is a place to share interpretations and passion projects inspired by Neopets. You can use many different mediums, so the range of art styles displayed is huge. If you have been itching to try out a new drawing application on your tablet, or if you want to sit outside and sketch the day away, consider focusing your talents to make a Neopets-inspired art piece to submit.

     Incentives: The Beauty Contest and The Art Gallery offer trophies for your cabinet, and the Random Contest winnings vary by event.

     Still not sure? Head over to the current competitions to check out current art pieces. Submit your own vote for your favourite art while at the Beauty Contest. You can even search by Neopet species. You can also chat on the Beauty Contest board for more information.

      3. Join a guild or create your own!

     Having fun on Neopets is so much more meaningful if you have friends to share it with, and a great way to make these friends is by joining a guild! Guilds can bring together people with common interests or shared goals, or they can just be a silly conglomeration of users who each bring something unique. Want to start a big project? Want a group of people to role-play with? Want to trade items for avatars? All these things and more are possible if you find the right guild.

      ;How does one find the “right” guild? Hop onto the Neoboards of course! There is a board dedicated entirely to guild recruiting and conversation. There, guild members can answer your questions about their guilds to help you know if this is the right group for you. Don’t see one you like? Consider starting your own by yourself or with a group of friends.

     Incentives: incentives are entirely dependent on what guild you join, and these are often listed by the recruiters on the Neoboards.

      4. Craft the perfect gallery

     Galleries are an art form all their own on this site. From the selection of items to the layout and background graphics, a well-made gallery has a cohesive flow throughout. Whether large or small, gallery collections allow Users to show off the items of Neopia in new and unexpected ways. Presentation is everything in the world of Gallery Creation!

     Incentives: Win yourself 10,000 Neopoints, but more importantly, a spectacular trophy for your trophy cabinet!

     Still unsure? If you are looking for support or inspiration, the Spotlight/Gallery Neoboard is the place to go!

      5. Create your own Lookbook

     If you’ve spent any time on the Customization Board, you will notice that many users create Lookbooks to show off their inspiring Neopet customizations or Neohomes. Even for your own personal use, these lookbooks are a great tool for looking back at past creations you have come up with and adding to them is very satisfying!

     How it works: Lookbooks can be housed on your personal Pet Pages. If you don’t feel up to the task of designing your own layout, many attractive designs can be found on fan sites or the customization chat boards.

     Incentives: This is for personal satisfaction only (or to make others jealous if that is your intention)

      6. Philanthropy work- feed some Kads

     Think you have to be rich to play? Think again. Feeding Kadoaties is a game of timing, calculation, and luck. With many of the food items requested falling well under 10,000 Neopoints, success is within your reach if you decide to participate. This game is reliant on community, with a chat thread always running in the Game Neoboard telling users when to start watching for new food requests. Many guides have been made explaining the logistics of this game, and the fast-paced rush to succeed has many feeders hooked. Give it a try for yourself, and soon enough, you can help new players find success for themselves!

     Incentives: Earn a shiny (and adorable) trophy for your cabinet after just one feed. After feeding 75, you will also earn a secret avatar for your trouble.

      7. Become a journalist

     If you have thoughts and opinions, the Neopian Times offers the perfect platform to share them with all of Neopia! Many different types of submissions are accepted, allowing you to express your opinions or imagination in many different ways. Do your Neopets have amazing and fun personalities? Why not map out a fantastic adventure about them in a series? If one of your pets is excited about something, why not share their opinion through an opinion article? If you feel you have a strong grasp on a game or activity on the website, why not write a guide for other users to follow? You can make so many ideas come to life!

     How it works: The Neopian Times has many different outlets of expression ranging from articles (like this one) to series, comics, short stories, and more. Each submission type has its own rules to follow.

     Incentives: Earn a trophy if your writing is published, and each subsequent publication will be noted on the trophy description! Additionally, if your writing is included in a holiday issue or an issue ending in “50” or “00” (250, 300, etc), you might be gifted a rare item. Two avatars can be gained from publication as well: one for 10+ submissions, the other awarded if you get published in an article ending in “50” or “00.”

      8. Complete the ultimate quest series!

     That’s right, it’s time to stop putting it off and pick up your adventuring bag (rucksack?), because it’s time to tackle Neoquest I and Neoquest II! The daunting task of finishing them looms large ahead! I include these games in this list of hobbies because they take a significant amount of time and energy to complete, and it really does feel like a hobby by the end. These games can be intimidating to start, but with so many guides and maps available to support users, you will find your bearings in no time! They actually become very relaxing and enjoyable once you have the hang of them; I found my owner frequently listening to audio books while exploring the Jungle Ruins of the Grarrl Peninsula.

     Incentives: Each of these games offers a trophy just for completion; a bronze trophy for completing Normal, silver for Evil, and gold for Insane. Those will look great in your trophy cabinet! Additionally, each time you level up in the game you are awarded Neopoints, giving you over 40,000 by the end of the game. There is also an avatar to be gained midway through Neoquest I, and Neoquest II has three different avatars associated with it.

     Still not sure? Just like many of the other hobbies listed above, there is a whole chat board dedicated to connecting Neoquesters for help and support along their journey through the game.


     As you may have noticed, all these activities have a dedicated place on the Neoboards, so you have access to a supportive community to help you in your new explorations. This also gives you the opportunity to make new friends as you embark on this journey. Alternatively, the Chat Room may just be a good place to relax and blow off steam when you need a break from all these pursuits.

     If there are multiple avenues you are interested in pursuing, you should try many different things! Some things may click naturally for you, other things might not interest you as much as you initially thought. If you feel unsure, just remember that it is ok to be a little bit uncomfortable. Discomfort can be a sign that you are pushing yourself into new situations, and this is how you grow! So try on some new hats, pick up some new skills, and challenge yourself to explore all the great games, communities, and competitions that Neopets has to offer!


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