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Music Without Flash: Interview With A Twisted Rose

by peacelovebliss


“In Case You Were Wondering…”: Interview With a Twisted Rose

      Looking through my Safety Deposit Box a few days ago, I came across remnants of a simpler time, back when I found happiness for free through the simple act of walking through the Tyrannian Plateau after sunset. Among the piles of wearable clothes was a gem I may probably be unable to let my pets wear (for the time being, at least) but might as well be a collector’s item. It was a Sticks N Stones Cap. (Everything will come together and make sense later)!

     See, I am one of those simpler individuals who think that some of the best things in Neopian life are free. Of course, that means I take my daily freebies seriously. Over time, I found out that taking my pets’ share from the Giant Omelette as just before darkness sets in has its perks. I try to avoid long lines and having to interact with snippy omelette seekers. As the omelette gets smaller, there are fewer Neopians lined up for the freebie, so it makes sense for me to swoop in and get in line then. Furthermore, the usual Tyrannian heat significantly cools down with the sun’s descent.

     Once in a while though, the walk home from the Plateau involves an added, bonus freebie, and it is passing by the Tyrannian Concert Hall that my pets and I happen to enjoy doing for free. Sure, the quality of the music is not great and you don’t get to physically see the performers (you have to actually buy a ticket and be in the Hall for that), but those short walks I have shared with my pets have proved that each of the bands featured in the music venue is worth all the accolades and applause they receive each time they perform. Every time we paid Tyrannia a visit, I had to make sure to catch a few minutes of a song, regardless of the featured performer(s).

     A Sticks N Stones concert was the first event I took my little group to, payment and all. I remember how enjoyable the whole experience was entirely, from that first comment (“Look at how big this hall is!”) to the string of compliments one of the pets paid the Sticks N Stones as I clutched the official band cap for audience members, during the walk from the concert. I made a mental note to treat my pets to Concert Hall performances more often. That was about a year ago.

     With the recent Flash…situation (which I miss as well, I will not lie), you may have noticed the unnatural silence within the area of Tyrannia that was known for catchy tunes, vibrant atmosphere, and dedicated fans. That’s right, I am referring to the famous Concert Hall. In case you’ve been wondering where your beloved bands have been recently, fear not! An insider gave me a tip regarding the whereabouts of a Twisted Roses member who requested to remain anonymous. Although personally, I am more of a Jazzmosis fan myself, who am I to turn down the chance to delve into the mystery of answering this question: What happened to the music?

     Q: Thank you for agreeing to this interview, first of all! I suppose I will have to start off by asking the question that many music lovers and frequent concert-goers have been wondering about. Is the Tyrannian music scene “extinct” (sorry, I had to) with Flash gone?

     A: Fear not, for the good news is that the Tyrannian Concert Hall still holds events where the usual bands showcase the familiar songs some may know by heart. Bands have been experimenting with new and different styles of performing songs that our devoted fans have loved for years now. Each band has their own style of doing so.

     Q: What do you mean exactly?

     A: Well, us Twisted Roses have been converting a few songs by going in a more a capella/acoustic direction. Members of the Philharmonic were spotted shopping around for new instruments that work better with the new layouts. I also heard that there was a group of musicians that opted to hold pop-up concerts and use this kind of, um [pauses] temporary hiatus, to focus on writing music until the issue is resolved using an alternate platform and medium.

     Q: I see, that makes sense. What about you personally?

     A: Don’t get me wrong. I love being a musician! It’s just so refreshing to sit down someplace peaceful and retrace a bit…go back to a time before the Twisted Roses made it big, back when all that mattered to us in the band was expressing ourselves in a way that we enjoyed and, I guess, happened to be pretty good at. The others in the band may be better at it than I am but…[laughs].

     Q: That’s not the case at all! The members of your band are equally good, and Twisted Roses fans can surely attest to that! Speaking of, I find that it has gotten significantly quieter since “the incident”. Where have you been drawing inspiration from in writing new songs to perform?

     A: This may sound a bit silly, but sometimes I find myself referring to the music featured in converted games! So there’s that, and in years of being a Tyrannian concert performer, I have gained an appreciation for other bands and musicians, and how unique their musical styles are from my bands’.

     Q: Sounds great! A musical collaboration, maybe?

     A: [Smiling] That would be cool actually. I will have to ask the other Roses though, since who knows if they feel the same way. We’re all so different from each other.

     Q: I would think that is the case. I hope a dual song or concert lies ahead for the fans! But other than your music, what else have you been preoccupied with nowadays?

     A: I go shopping nowadays. I finally found the free time to roam around the aisles without the rest of the band, and wearing something that makes me unrecognizable to those around Neopia. I do value my privacy, which is why I wanted to keep my identity secret for this interview.

     Q: I totally understand, but again, I will make sure not to identify you in the article. Anyway, fans should be glad to know that just although the Concert Hall hasn’t been audibly active, does not mean Neopian music and musicians are gone as well. We shall await the return of new songs from Twisted Roses and the other musicians!

      After our Q&A concluded, I walked away humming one of my favourite songs I once heard muffled from the space surrounding the Concert Hall. It was one of my late-night omelette strolls, so I was not completely sure which band I heard performing, but I enjoyed the minute or so spent listening to them. I would like to think, however, that with or without Flash music will live on in Neopia, bringing some joy to those listening.


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