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Neopian Gift Giving Guide

by ohitzme


Hello Neopians! It is the time of year for gifts and giving. I've put together this guide to help with some gift-giving ideas. I hope that you're able to find a spark of joy and share some of your Neopian wealth with your neofriends this Advent Calendar season. Here are 10 gift ideas for your holiday spending!

     1. Scratch Cards -

     So I know what you're thinking, is he being serious? Well yeah, I am being serious because this is a fun gift that gives the receiver the peace of mind to be able to have a little fun and take a risk in a way that they normally wouldn't. Peak O Plenty Scratchcard for example only costs around 12k to 13k on average and can provide a few minutes of fun that a person wouldn't normally spend on themselves.

     2. Paint Brushes -

     I know what you're thinking, but this isn't 2006 anymore and I think we can all relax. There are plenty of VERY affordable paintbrush options these days like Christmas Paint Brush and Snow Paint Brush are both under 100k. Reasonably priced and seasonal, which could be just the thing your friends need to help get them into the festive spirits!

     3. Petpet Paint Brushes -

     Petpets can be equally festive and the Christmas Petpet Paint Brush, Snow Petpet Paint Brush, and Plushie Petpet Paint Brush are all very affordable options under 50k a piece on average. This is an easy way to assist with a festive petpet this holiday season.

     4. Goodie Bags/Trick-or-Treat Bags -

     There are some incredibly fun and festive Goodie and Trick-or-Treat bags that are affordable AND offer the chance for some fun items. Whether your neofriend chooses to open the bag or save it you really can't go wrong with this option. Some really fun bags I'd recommend that are quite affordable are the Cheery Holiday Bruce Goodie Bag, Kacheek Sphinx Trick-or-Treat Bag (If your neofriend has a Desert painted pet this would be very appropriate), Lampwycks Lights Fantastic Trick-or-Treat Bag, and the Mystic Trick-or-Treat Bag. However, there are plenty of others to choose from as well so don't limit yourself and look at some of these options worth under 100k on average.

     5. Cheap Retired Items -

     Retired items can sometimes be overlooked for flashy new items. Some incredibly cheap retired items could be considered for budget spending. Fun and festive items averaging under 500 NP are; Bucket of Fake Snow, Blue Ice Skates, Holiday Mystical Tiki Idol, and Snow Bruce Sculpture. These are older Advent Calendar items that could be fun to have and make for budget spending options this year.

      6. Wearables -

     Yes we all knew that wearables were coming and while I'd love to gush on for ages about all the different options, let's hone in on some specific to the holidays that don't cost NC as these are going to be what is considered most yet within the parameters of being festive. I should also note that many of the more festive items are species-specific, so you might be better off looking at the pets your neofriend has and see if there are any species-specific items that you think they might like based on the species they have. My first recommendation would be festive backgrounds like the Grey Winter Evening Background. This is a very affordable background that goes well with the customizations for several different pet options. On average, this costs 10k or less and makes for an excellent option on a budget. Snowed-in Meadow Background and The Long Road Home Background, are both quite reasonably priced alternatives too. If you can afford some more expensive options, then I'd have you consider the Terror Mountain Igloo Background too. Splattered Snow Mask and Snowflake are two very cool wearables on the pricier end of things. I will say that the Splattered Snow Mask has gone through some inflation and is harder to find on the market in general, but makes for a super cool gift if you do find some for sale. Finally, there are of course items that are not species-exclusive such as Scarf Blowing in the Wind, Fyoras Vicennial Celebration Crown, and last but not least the Its Too Cold in the Office Jacket. Any of these items would make great gifts for the customization savvy looking to give their neofriends a memorable gift that may be used for years to come!

     7. Battledome Weapons/Armor -

     Now before you start freaking out I'm not about to start suggesting Anagram swords or Attack Pea's, but what I will suggest will be reasonably priced items for your friends who are more inclined to slug it out in the Battledome. What I am going to recommend will be items that are generally affordable and used for L54 battles. These are just good in general items, and your friend may not even be interested in L54 so keep that in mind when considering these gifts. Energy Blaster, the first item I'll recommend costs around 100k and offers some fun variety in dealing with three different icon types of damage. Sophies Magic Hat is the next item I'd recommend and even though it isn't necessarily festive either, it does offer some great shielding options in the icons it blocks for an average price of under 50k. Bargain shopping at its best for sure. Here is the item I was the most excited about for this section. Frozen Water Daggers, these are dual-duty items that are festive, useful, and AFFORDABLE! That's right, these also have an average price tag under 50k so you'll be able to possibly splurge when doing your Christmas shopping on one of your other neofriends by helping your Battledome friend out with a handy item here. BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! Frozen Wave Scimitar is another festive dual-duty item that can be considered with a reasonably affordable price tag of around 100k a pop. As an honourable mention, I'll also say that the Snowflake Pendant is absolutely an option, but on the more expensive side of things and should only really be considered for close Neofriends.

     8. Nerkmids -

     Much like scratchcards these are going to be something your friends may not normally spend unprompted, unless they were going for the trophy. I put this further down the list because I feel like these are more expensive as you'd typically need a few to try your luck for a paintbrush, but if you can afford to send some of these out your neofriends may find some extra luck this holiday season. Plus, these are more festive than scratchcards, right?

     9. Avatar Items -

     These items are going to be on the more expensive side of things, but if you're feeling generous then showering your friends with Zafara Double Agent Plushie or Faerie Queen Doll is likely a way to make this holiday far more memorable. It is no small gesture and your neofriend will likely cherish your gift for ages to come.

     10. Gifting Others -

     Finally on our list today is sharing generosity with others who aren't your friends. I would say this could be done one of several ways, as you could just donate some decent items to the money tree and move on. That doesn't feel as fun as say... a fun auction! Fun auctions, or FAs, are auctions of decent items that start at 1 NP and people can then try and outbid each other for it. You'll almost always lose NP in a FA, but the point is not to make a profit. The point is to have fun going for an item in the Auction House competitively. Popular items to do this with are Baby Paint Brushes, but any fun ETS item would work just as well. If you'd like to take this a step further you could also advertise on the Neoboards that you're hosting a FA and invite everyone to come participate.

     There we have my list of 10-holiday gifting ideas, and while this isn't incredibly comprehensive I hope that it does offer some inspiration while doing your holiday shopping for your neofriends!

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