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Useful and Cheap Last Minute Holiday Gifts!

by iluvmypetz456


(NOTICE: Again Gonzo is on my side account Petfan343)

     Hello friends! It's been quite a while since my last article, but I feel ready to write some more and hopefully contribute to the Times once again!

     The Month of Celebrating is here already! And perhaps you've found yourself unprepared? Maybe you're a bit low on Neopoints but still want to find a gift that's cool and unique, something that'll stand out.

     For many, traditional gifts are the go-to items and are commonly bought around this time, as it's easy to find shop owners reselling older holiday themed items. But the truth is, some of these common Holiday gifts are easily forgotten. Candy and baked sweets are great, but they're gone quickly, and typically forgotten about. Holiday decorations and clothes can be a fun gift to open, but let's face it, they will likely be stuffed in the attic and forgotten about until next year! Neopoints are another easy gift option. Give a few thousand and let the person buy what they want, but typically you don't ever find out what they got afterwards. These gifts aren't bad of course, and for more casual friends they are all fine options! But for really close friends it's normal to want to get them something that lasts a bit longer, and something that they'll really appreciate. For these, it's useful to consider their interests and hobbies. If you know they have a Gulper collection for instance, you could get them a Gulper Float Ring for their gallery! There are so many possibilities!

     But if you need a head start, then here are a few general ideas for some practical gifts that will get use again and again!


     1. Deserted Tomb Puzzle - 50np

     The puzzle supposedly takes hours to reassemble. That's right, hours. The detail on this modelling is one of the most accurate I've ever seen, and I'm shocked at how cheap it is! Once one finishes this model they'll likely want to put it on display for a bit since putting it together is such hard work! Or for a more creative twist, one can try sticking the pieces together in different ways, to try and build their own personal lost tomb! This one is sure to provide hours of fun, and I much prefer looking at this fine model than daring to go into the actual tomb itself! *shudders*

     Ideal for; collectors, artsy types, those with a love of history.


     2. Paint By Number Kit - 150np

     If you know of a person who's a real homebody, this gift will give them something perfect to do! These fun kits make creating a beautiful painting simple and easy! They simply apply the listed paint to the numbered sections and ta-da! A professional-looking painting. Alternatively, they can ignore the number and paint listings, and just use the lines as a guide for a uniquely, one of a kind, coloured painting. These are a great way to pass a lot of time inside, especially in these upcoming very cold months. Listed are the Shoyru and Buzz paint by number kits. I especially love the style of the Buzz one!

      Ideal for; hobbyists, your friends snowed in on Terror Mountain.


     3. Mugs - 100 to 800 np

     Who doesn't use a good mug? They're useful to everybody since we all love warm drinks in the winter, and with so many different styles and designs you can pick one that really suits your friends taste! Designs range from being based on cute PetPets to popular bands and games. Lots of these mugs are cheap and easy to find and most of them won't burn a hole in your wallet. Some you can even get as prizes, such as the Wheel of Monotony mug. Listed here are the Turmaculus Mug, Gruundo Mug, and Wooden Holiday Mug.

     Ideal for; hot cocoa fans, or just about anyone!


     4. Various Sculptures - 200 to 900np

     Those who appreciate art tend to enjoy putting their taste on display for others to see. And what better way to do that than with a carefully crafted sculpture? They can range from simple to complex and a decent portion of them are relatively cheap! In addition, most of them are decently sized and not too big, making them easy to wrap and deliver. Listed here from left right, Snow Chia Sculpture, Asparagus Sculpture, and Rock and Bone Sculpture. Be warned, you might need a strong helping hand to carry the rock and bone one!

     Ideal for; Artsy types, interior designers.


     5. Grarrl Lamp - 900np

     This lamp is absolutely hilarious, I could be possibly biased in thinking this, as my brother is a Grarrl (perfect gag gift for him!) but I think others will get a kick out of this lamp as well. Most lamps aren’t super realistic so having this in your house will get a kick out of guests. This lamp has a warm glow and it also functions as a small heater, giving off a little bit of heat. Put it by your bed for some added cosiness!

     Ideal for; Grarrls, big jokesters, those in need of a laugh


     6. Slushie Slinger Home Edition Game - 1,500np

     If you do feel like splurging, this item is still relatively cheap for how great the value is. It's never too early to start practising your skills for the Altador Cup right? It’s not team specific meaning you can buy this for any fan! This game will help your friends prepare for the hectic Slushie Slinging that comes alongside the Altador Cup and, as a bonus, you can have a delicious slushie afterwards! What's not to love?

     Ideal for; Altador Cup fans, anyone who loves fun.

     That's all from me for now. Hopefully this list helped someone find a perfect gift for their loved ones! There are lots of items out there and finding great gifts usually involves a bit of creativity! Thank you for reading and I hope everyone has a wonderful Day of Giving!

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