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Month of Celebrating Meal Ideas Under 600 NP!

by erenjg


Meal ideas for the Month of Celebrating that won't break the bank!

     So, it's well into the Month of Celebrating and you've spent all your neopoints on gifts. Fear not! I've compiled this list of 24 cherry-picked meal ideas, sorted by category, for neopians with a strict budget. I tried to pick ones that were satisfying enough to eat on their own, but could also be paired together for the particularly hungry neopet. If your pets have been looking for the perfect holiday meal, look no more! Prices are based on some of the cheaper results of my own Shop Wizard searches.



     1. Grilled Stuffed Tofu (about 40-60 NP)

     A personal favourite of my vegetarian pets! The stuffing tastes like some kind of red curry paste, but we're not 100% sure...


     2. Chunky Meaty Stew (about 60-80 NP)

     Best for Lupes, better for Grarrls. Your carnivorous neopet will surely love this stew!


     3. Grackle-Stuffed Turkey (about 100-120 NP)

     This is actually a delicacy from the Lost Desert! If your pet doesn't mind eating bugs, that is.


     4. Heavenly Roast Turkey (about 300-400 NP)

     My pets tell me this is the best turkey they've ever eaten! Then they ask what a "turkey" is. I tell them to make sure it doesn't fly away while they're talking.


     5. Vegetarian Meat Pie (about 50-80 NP)

     Even non-vegetarians will enjoy this pie. It's stuffed with a fruit-based shredded "meat"!


     6. Vegan Pine Nut Loaf (about 200-400 NP)

     And of course, I couldn't forget the vegan pets! The pine nuts add a nice minty flavour.



     1. Twisted Bread (about 80-100 NP)

     Just like a normal loaf of bread, but twisted! It's actually easier to eat than regular sliced bread, I find.


     2. Corn Bread (about 25-40 NP)

     The classic corn bread. Goes great with A Smatter of Butter, or a Butterfish if you don't mind the fishy aftertaste.


     3. Baked Pumpkin Bread (about 50-80 NP)

     Ooh, this one is one of my favourites! It's why I always freeze any leftover pumpkin bread from the fall festivities.


     4. Yeasty Bread (about 500-600 NP)

     A bit softer and doughier than the traditional loaf of bread. Better for younger neopets.


     5. Icy Snowager Noodles (about 10-20 NP)

     Who said noodles can't be eaten cold? If you're brave, you can find these in the Snowager's treasure pile!


     6. Negg Noodles (about 300-400 NP)

     For the gourmet eaters of the family. This does have fish sauce on it, so beware if you have allergies!

     Fruits and Veggies:


     1. Veggie Lasagne (about 50-70 NP)

     No matter how you spell it, lasagne noodles are delicious covered in pasta sauce and, strangely, a single slice of courgette.


     2. Vegetarian Stuffed Courgette (about 100-200 NP)

     Speaking of courgettes, this is another vegetarian dish that my pets love! The cream of courgette inside really makes the meal.


     3. Leafy Krawk Pot (about 500-600 NP)

     If you live in Krawk Island, you'll probably recognize these leaves are from the local foliage. Normally they are much too tough to eat, but boiled down they make a delicious and nutritious meal!


     4. Grilled Shishkafruit (about 100-200 NP)

     Want to try a new and exciting way to enjoy your daily servings of fruit? The Shishkafruit was, you could say, made for grilling, and boy is it juicy! It tastes sort of like a tomato and a red pepper combined.


     5. Roasted Tchea Fruit (about 400-600 NP)

     The Tchea Fruit is my personal favourite, and this does not disappoint! The flavours of blueberry, banana, and honey together are so sweet, some might consider this a dessert as well!


     6. Spicy Radish Salad (about 400-600 NP)

     Normally eaten at the popular Maraquan restaurant, Kelp, this fresh and spicy food is sold for much cheaper in user shops. Another treat for vegetarians and veggie lovers alike!



     1. Neggy Custard Pie (about 40-200 NP)

     Neggs come from the one and only Neopian Neggery, located in the Ice Caves of Terror Mountain! While this custard might not give you special powers, it certainly does make a fantastic dessert.


     2. Banana Creme Pie (about 20-40 NP)

     Banana Creme Pie is the best kind of pie, and all the clowns in the Deserted Carnival agree with me. No, that's not a joke. This pie is Chia Clown certified.


     3. Blue Berry Pie (about 40-50 NP)

     Ah, going back to basics! Tastes just like the one mother makes- in fact, the Breadmaster's mother made the recipe! This pie is dusted with sugar for that extra sweetness.


     4. Cherry-tastic Faerie Pie (about 200-300 NP)

     One of the only Faerie foods that won't fly away if you aren't careful, this pie is made with magical pink cherries found only in Faerieland! What? Faerieland totally has a cherry farm somewhere! How else could they make the pie?


     5. Snowager Cake (about 40-75 NP)

     It seems only fitting that a food bearing the resemblance of a certain Ice Caves monster be included in this list. Just like the Icy Snowager Noodles, your pet can grab this from the Snowager's personal stash... if they don't get blasted!


     6. Chocolate Cherry Bundt Cake (about 200-500 NP)

     Another gourmet food, this time from Neovia! Your neopets will feel like royalty when they eat this exquisite cake from the Crumpetmonger. Just don't tell them you actually bought it from user shops for a cheaper price.

     Remember: No matter what you celebrate, whether it be the Winter Starlight Celebration or a special occasion from another land, your neopets are family too! They deserve to be included at the dinner table. And now that you've read this list, I hope they've found something delicious to enjoy alongside you. Wishing everyone a safe and happy Month of Celebrating!

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