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No Holiday Is Complete Without a Slushie

by _brainchild_


---Starring Lerlifia the Chocolate Draik, Sellescha the Pastel Kacheek, Walda the ever so bratty Baby Kacheek, and Christine, their owner!---

      Lerlifia: Hi. I’m Lerli, and I really consider myself to be a foodie! …If I hear one more “Chocolate pet” joke, I will throw this slushie in your face---

     Sellescha: You are so rude!

     Christine: Lerli, please try to be nice.

     Lerli: Speaking of slushies, we all visited the Slushie Shop in Happy Valley. Terror Mountain, the site of Happy Valley, is a snowy location that enjoys a spike in tourism when the holidays roll around. This Month of Celebrating, we sampled more slushies than I could pay for, so I made a run for it...

     Christine: ...And I had to ask your sister Ella to make a special trip to Terror Mountain to bring Neopoints to pay the outstanding restaurant bill so we could leave. When you promise to pay, don’t order more than you can pay for. Meanwhile, you left without paying. Shame on you.

      Sellescha: You tried to stiff the shopkeeper... You are SO rotten!

     Lerli: Anyway, some of the slushies we tried were great, others were okay, and some went straight into the trash. Today, we will be reviewing some of the more impressionable slushies. Please note that the obviously nasty slushies, like “Dung Slushie,” are excluded, since no one in their right mind would try something like that. Even I have my limits. Without further ado, the slushies are:

      ---Chocolate Slushie---


      Walda: *eyes light up* CHOCOLATE?! YUM!!! *grabs slushie and starts to devour it*

     Lerlifia: *snatches slushie* I want some too, you pig!

     Walda: Give it back! WAAAHHH!!!

     Sellescha: Fine! No one gets it! *grabs slushie and throws it in the trash*

     Lerli: *glares at Sellescha* I wanted that!

     *rustling noise*

     Walda: *finishes slushie* That was delicious!

     Sellescha: Walda! How many times have you been told not to eat out of the trash? More than I can count...

     Lerli: *scowls* I hope the little brat enjoyed it.

     Walda: It was amazing!

     ---Five minutes pass, and Walda is running around the house on a sugar rush, making a mess.---

     Christine: Someone catch her, please.

     Sellescha: I wish I could... She has ULTIMATE agility!

     Lerli: *smirks* I have an idea.

     ---Lerli notices that Walda is circling around. She waits until Walda runs by her again, then grabs her tail.---

     Walda: OWWW!!! YOU BIG MEANIE!!! LET ME GO!!! OWWW!!!

     ---Lerli drags Walda up to her room (while the latter kicks and screams) and locks the door.---

     Lerli: I wish I had gotten a taste of that slushie.

     Sellescha: She said it was good, so I’ll take her word for it.

     Lerli: ...And before anyone asks, eating ME is not an acceptable replacement. *scowls*

     Sellescha: We know... Walda is the only one that tries to eat you.

      ---Freshly Cut Grass Slushie---


      Christine: Ummm... Why would anyone make this? If I wanted to eat grass, I could pick some outside.

     Sellescha: It looks gross to me...

     Lerli: I’ll try it... *drinks slushie* It’s actually pretty good! It tastes like spearmint.

     Sellescha: *stares in disbelief*

     Lerli: What, are you really dumb enough to think that they would just sell a cup full of grass?!

     Christine: Lerli, please be nice.

     Sellescha: Certain species will eat anything... You are so rude.

     Lerli: Then I’ll drink this whole thing myself and not share any with YOU, thank you. *finishes slushie*

     Sellescha: *scowls* You’re selfish, too!

      ---Mystery Berry Slushie---


      Christine: Apparently the Mystery Berry Slushie is a “mystery flavour” slushie. Each slushie tastes like a different fruit, and you won’t know which one you get until you drink it.

     Lerli: I never understood the appeal of a “mystery flavour.” If I pay good Neopoints, I expect to get what I want.

     Christine: Because each slushie is different, I made sure we got one for each of us.

     Sellescha: Should I go get Walda so she can try hers?

     Christine: Yeah, as long as she’s calm.

     Sellescha: *heads upstairs*

     Lerli: Well, I’m not waiting for THEM. *drinks her slushie* Wow, Strong Berry-flavored! Will I be the strongest pet in Neopia now?!

     Christine: No, I think it’s an imitation flavour.

     Lerli: *scowls* What a ripoff!

     Sellescha: *walks downstairs with Walda* It’s a good thing that it’s not real, since I know you’d use it to cheat in the Battledome... (Storytelling 831)

     Lerli: No, I didn’t!

     Christine: Let me try mine. *drinks her slushie* Yay, Terry Berry! Nice and sweet.

     Lerli: I’m jealous.

     Christine: Here, want to try some?

     Lerli: *snatches slushie and drinks the whole thing*

     Christine: *glares at Lerli* I did NOT mean that you could have it all...

     Sellescha: You are the rudest Neopet I have ever met!

     Lerli: *tosses empty slushie cup on the floor*

     Sellescha: The trash can is, like, three feet away...

     Lerli: *smirks* Then you pick it up.

     Sellescha: *sighs* I am so sick of your entitled attitude. *disposes of slushie cup* Alright, let me try my slushie. *drinks her slushie* Well, this is boring. It just tastes like water!

     Christine: I think you got Aquaberry.

     Lerli: *snickers* Better luck next time!

     Sellescha: *tries not to scowl*

     Walda: What about me? *drinks her slushie* WAAAHHH!!! TOO SPICY!!! WAAAHHH!!! *grabs the remainder of the Aquaberry Slushie and guzzles it*

     Christine: I think she got Flaming Bomberry...

     Walda: WAAAHHH!!!

     Lerli: *sneers* Lucky you!

     Christine: I think the only good slushie was mine, which I got ONE DRINK of... *sigh*

      ---Rainborific Slushie---


      Lerli: I imagine that this will have one flavour for every colour of the rainbow. *drinks slushie* Yum! It’s very fruity, though very simple. My suspicion is that someone tossed in a Rainbow Doughnutfruit and called it a day...

     Sellescha: May I try?

     Lerli: No. *smirks* Get your own!

     Sellescha: You are so selfish!

     Christine: Lerli, please share with your sister. She has her own straw...

     Lerli: Make me.

     Walda: *snatches slushie out of Lerli’s hand and starts drinking it*

     Lerli: Give it back, you brat!

     Walda: *finishes slushie* That was yummy!

     Sellescha: *sigh* I guess neither of us get it...

      ---Cheops Slushie---


      Lerli: *drinks slushie* It tastes like a Cheops Fruit. Exactly what I expected.

     Sellescha: ...And what does a Cheops Fruit taste like?

     Lerli: Cherries.

     Sellescha: Sounds good. I would ask to try it, but I know what you’re going to say...

     Lerli: *smirks*

     Selllescha: *scowls*

     Lerli: ...Hold on. What’s this in my mouth? *pulls leaf out of mouth* Some blockhead forgot to pick the leaves out. *inspects slushie* Are there any more?

     Christine: I hope not, because I’ve heard that the leaves of a Cheops Fruit are poisonous...

     Lerli: Excuse me?!

     Sellescha: Throw it in the trash right now!

      ---Five minutes pass, and Lerli’s face has turned green.---

     Christine: I think you should go to the Gelert Doctor.

     Lerli: No! Really?! *scowls* I’m going there right now! I feel like I’ve been shoved to the ground by the Giant Hungry Malevolent Chomby...

     Sellescha: I hope you feel better...

     Lerli: I’ll get over it. This is not the first food I’ve eaten which has made me sick. In the meantime, go get a refund on that poisonous slushie!

      ---The End.---

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