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Harnessing Slorg Happiness

by actiontal


Today we're going to learn how to harness the power of happiness with a little inspiration from one of the happiest petpets in all of Neopia: Slorgs! For a while, the happiest petpet in Neopia was a Smiley, but once they went into retirement, they were excited to pass the torch on to their Haunted Woods friends so they could share their cheerful spirit with everyone they came across.

     Every Neopian has their own narrative that shapes their worldview and themselves. Slorgs rewrite their stories every day, no matter what daily struggles they may encounter. They focus on making their 'inner Slorg voices' a hymn of praise. It doesn't come easily, so they have a list of practical items they do every day, and they've decided to share those items with us!

     1.) Slorgs are big fans of self-care. In order to maintain a happy outlook, they are deliberate in maintaining their mental, emotional and physical health. They consciously smile, take time to ride the Roo Island Merry Go Round, read books, get enough sleep, exercise in outdoor gardens, and eat a plant-based diet that includes plenty of Cheery Tomatoes. Invisible Slorgs enjoy challenging one another in Kacheek Seek. Elderly Slorgs prefer a seat at the Armada table. Faerie Slorgs just flutter about sprinkling slime and happiness wherever they go.

     2.) Slorgs believe in practising gratitude. Slorgs take inventory of everything they have in order to realize it's more than enough. It brings order to any chaos in their lives and is the root of all their joy. Some things Slorgs are grateful for include: their pets, their other petpet friends, concerts at the Tyrannian Concert Hall, handwritten slorg mail, their home in the Haunted Woods, and especially themselves.

     3.) Slorgs believe in establishing purpose. They leverage their purpose to become the best version of themselves they can be, whether that's faerie or spring. They make sure to plan a routine every morning that includes visiting crops, donating at the Shop of Offers, and sending positive affirmations to their pets and friends. In all their daily ventures, they make sure to accept the good, imagine the best, and push themselves, not others.

     4.) Slorgs avoid salty Neopians. Salt is toxic to Slorgs and could cause them to shrivel up if they become too drawn in. Slorgs pick their friends carefully and are naturally drawn to those exuding happiness. Slorgs offer compassion to salty Neopians, but they know when to set slime boundaries, slide away, or avoid them altogether when their happiness fails to be contagious. Slorgs don't shame anyone or invalidate their feelings, but they won't be caught up in a negative alternate reality.

     5.) Slorg and Steady wins the race. Slorgs don't worry about the big picture; they commit to small, leisurely steps. They never feel overwhelmed, but they continue to make progress. Slorgs know there will always be greater and lesser Neopians than themselves, but they do their best not to compare or be judgemental. Slorgs don't put pressure on themselves to be perfect or number one. They are content to blaze their own trails at their own speed, even if they are covered in slime.

     6.) Slorgs define their own happiness and make a conscious effort to choose it, whether it's easy or not. They know this definition isn't a one-size-fits-all mold; it is different for every Neopian. Slorgs know that there are factors that can influence their happiness, but it's how they respond that matters. Slorgs understand they wield the power over their interactions with others, and they don't let other petpets control how they feel, because they've already decided to look at the bright side. It is said that the Happiness Faerie is largely inspired by Slorgs and their cheerful demeanour.

     7.) Slorgs believe in helping others. Slorgs strive for altruism in every interaction with others, whether it's a small day-to-day interaction or long-term volunteering as a shop or gallery keeper. They find it's one of the most powerful ways to boost their happiness, as well as the happiness of those around them. One of their favourite people to help is the Yurble Farmer; they like to get rid of his bad crops.

     And there you have it! Happiness can be chosen as a lifelong path where you feel safety and satisfaction within yourself. This is what keeps the smile plastered on a Slorg's face all day long. Or all night long, if you're with them in the Haunted Woods. These gastropods will be the first to tell you that choosing happiness isn't always the easiest, but the core of cultivating happiness is about handling adversity and embracing beauty in everyday moments.

     After compiling the list of what keeps Slorgs happy, I decided to get a few quotes for a firsthand idea of what goes through their head while they're slipping, sliding, and smiling their way through life.

     “I like to smile because when I do, it makes others smile, and I get to see what teeth look like." - Gummy Slorg

     “Happiness is an inside job; I know it starts with me. I tried starting on the outside once and I made a mess, but it was delicious." - Custard Slorg

     “I can't stop the world. Why let it stop me?" - Pirate Slorg

     “It's not happiness that brings me gratitude, it's gratitude that makes me happy." - Faerie Slorg

     “I know I stink sometimes... but I am a Slorg of Neopia, no less than the Brain Tree or the Esophagor. I have a right to be here and spread funk, happiness, and slime wherever I go." - Dung Slorg

     When is the best time to start using the guide to happiness? Now, of course! Each of our journeys begins with a single step in a positive direction." - Blue Slorg

     “I like to mold my day out of positivity." - Clay Slorg

     “Zappiest Slorg? Did the Tyrannian Slorg say that? No, I'm the HAPPIEST Slorg." - Electric Slorg

     “It's a good thing I'm so happy all of the time, I have no idea how to let off steam." - Ice Slorg


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