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Intergalactic Food Trip: Cafe Kreludor Food Review

by cosmontal


If you are simply bored, looking for an adventurous read at this moment, you are in for a treat when you stumble upon this article.

     For the past decade Neopians witnessed a boost in space tourism, with much more convenient travelling methods from Neopia to Virtupets and even Kreludor. With enough budget, power, and adventurous spirit, even the tiniest Jubjub can experience a zero-gravity journey witnessing the sights of the cosmos orbiting Neopia.

     Virtupets Space Station has been offering activities for leisure with fun games like Evil Fuzzle shooting through virtual reality, redeeming elusive items by using codes at the Grundo Warehouse, and the delightful sport of Gormball being held at the Activity Area. Gormball has been a huge hit in Neopia to the point we're also seeing official merchandise and Gormball-themed snacks in Neopia Central. Engineering and mechanics enthusiasts can awe themselves at the structure of the space station itself, as well as the technologically-advanced space weapons and robotic petpets offered inside.

     At the other side of the space near Neopia is the moon Kreludor. Because there are lesser-known attractions compared to Virtupets. However, Kreludor has been garnering attention as of late with more Neopians travelling to witness the great big meteorite located there. Some of the Battledome regulars obtain Neocola Tokens at the Space Dome, wherein they served as contributors for the surge of Kreludor tourists visiting as well as Neocola Machine sales.

     Our gourmet representative Morgan Gloucester shared his out of this world experiences into diving into lunar cuisine offered in Kreludor these days. Mr. Gloucester is a renowned foodie with a heart for adventures and decided to travel to Kreludor to witness the local cuisine being offered there. Kreludan cuisine is still shrouded with mystery to us Neopians. Tap your silver spoons onto your tall glasses, folks! It's snack time!



      My name is Morgan Gloucester. I have travelled several seas connecting Neopia together for thrilling culinary adventures. From Mystery Island to Terror Mountain, I have listed some of my favourite local cuisines every known restaurant on the planet has to offer.

      I appreciate the Giant Omelette over the plains of Tyrannia, with plenty of citizens bring over their ingredients and bringing in fabulous results of unique omelette flavours that symbolize such union among Tyrannians and the other Neopians travelling around. The icy treats of Terror Mountain has sparked my curiosity since the region is freezing, but locals and tourists alike still enjoy their Slushies and Chia Pops under the blanket of snow. To understand the culture of a place here in Neopia, one must definitely check out the foods they offer and make.

      I am adventuring beyond the planet, towards to Kreludor, for a more unique article. What lies beyond the skies of Neopia makes my eyes twinkle with so many possibilities. What do spacemen eat on their travel? Do moon Neopets eat food as well? I have to figure out these self-made questions by, of course, yours truly.

      I shall be reviewing five foods made by Cafe Kreludor, Kreludor's one and only signature cafe. I am going to rank them out of five stars and conclude my own recommendations."



     Moon Crunch Cereal is one of the two famous cereal offered by Cafe Kreludor, with one being called Asteroid Crunch Cereal. The label tells its consumer that it is 100% made from whole grain moon rocks.

     M.G.'s Review: "Very crunchy, but as bland as a whole wheat cereal could get. It definitely smells and tastes organic and earthy, like freshly-milled space rocks and grain. I tried this cereal with a cup of milk, and I suggest that it's a better experience to eat them with pouring milk first then the cereal later. For crunchiness' sake. If one prefers their cereals damp, just go buy some stone soup, powdered milk, and toast some wheat that's picked up somewhere."

     RATING: 2/5 STARS


     The Moon Soup got its name not only because it is made in the moon, but also from the moon rock that was used as a bowl for the soup. Moon rocks were said to enhance the soup's flavour when it is used as a bowl.

     M.G.'s Review:

      "If this was served on another kind of rock, we can mistaken this for as Moltaran Cuisine because of how lava-coloured the soup looks. Still glad about this moon rock being used as a bowl as it does enhance the flavour, indeed. Perhaps the bits of space dust and fungus are the flavour enhancers of this soup? Who knows!

     The soup itself is warm and hearty, though not as thick as I expect it to be. The taste resembles pumpkin, carrots, and few pinches of turmeric. This soup has a nice presentation to it, so I very much approve of this."

     RATING: 5/5 STARS


     An orange-coloured pie with moon rock toppings and an orange flag decoration included. This pie is popular during Kreludan holidays, at parties held in Kreludor, and even at Kreludor-themed parties located in Neopia.

     M.G.'s REVIEW:

      "The Orange Moon Rock Pie has an orange flag and moon rocks into it. The orange colour was made by Kreluberries, as told by a representative of Cafe Kreludor. Kreluberries seem like one of the very few discovered edible lifeforms here in Kreludor, and they're quite tart in taste. The moon rocks are crunchy grey-coloured pie crust used as toppings.

     I'm saddened that the flag wasn't edible. I thank the Cafe Kreludor representative for the heads-up! Otherwise, I would've eaten the whole flag thinking it was some fruit leather lollipop. As for the entire pie, the flavour resembles orange and milk ice cream served on a wafer cone then topped with wheat cereals. Not bad."

     RATING: 4/5 STARS


     Served in a pretty triangular glass, the Fruity Star Juice is one of the most affordable beverages offered in Cafe Kreludor. The juice is in its trademark Kreludan orange colour and tiny, star-shaped bits float inside to recreate the sights of space.

     M.G.'s REVIEW:

      "Those tiny star bits found in this drink are a choking hazard. Please do not offer this to your young'uns, or simply anyone who can't chew to save their lives! That being said, this drink's carbonation felt weak but the sparkling sensation is still there. The tiny star bits I'm referring to, were lemon-flavoured gummies. Before I knew it, I got thirsty again from chewing the star gummies that were included in the drink. All in all this drink is sweet but the comparison of chewing a piece of rubber while taking sips of lemonade came first to thought. Perhaps this is an acquired taste, but always watch out for the star bits."

     RATING: 1/5 STARS


     Zero Gravity Parfait is bringing the Kreludan zero-gravity experience on a parfait glass! No spoon offered by default, as it might float by itself causing the customer to have a hard time catching it. The parfait glass is said to be responsible in making the contents float.

     M.G.'s REVIEW:

      "Floating parfait! With granola, wheat, and space rocks in them. Floating Parfait is best served for the experience and not expecting taste, and it is absolutely not recommended for those who are starving already... Unless you are willing to be fed through a Super U-Bend. This parfait is not for the impatient, binge eater. It's quite difficult to catch the contents by spoon as they try to avoid your pursuit into having a bite of these. Worst case scenario, the spoon rebels under your hand and starts floating by itself when it gets drawn close to the parfait glass. Such hard work pays off in this tres parfait experience, because the contents of this parfait were delicious and filling. Truly an experience, bravo!"

     RATING: 3/5 STARS

     After reviewing five Kreludan Cuisine dishes offered by Cafe Kreludor, Mr. Gloucester has made his own recommendation and here is what he has to say:

     "So far, I have enjoyed the Moon Soup and the Moon Rock Pie for the flavour. I can absolutely taste what Kreludor is all about with these foods. How the moon rocks create an essence of flavour, to how Kreludans utilize such few life forms growing on the surface... Bravo! Absolutely fantastic! I would recommend them for sure.

     Experience-wise, I recommend the Zero Gravity Parfait and the Moon Soup. Who knew Kreludan tableware could make such wonders? A parfait glass that can put contents into zero gravity mode, and a bowl of moon rock to enhance flavour... This is an interesting research topic, no?

     If a Neopet can't chew well to save themselves, I do not suggest Fruity Star Punch. It can be hazardous. Not just a choking hazard, but the drink's carbonation and high sugar content can be harsh to the throat when not carefully consumed. For safety precaution, perhaps I suggest using a thick straw.

     To conclude, Kreludan cuisine is just as exotic as other cuisines from other parts of Neopia when it comes to taste. But for the experience, from the five foods I have reviewed, I can say they're a top-notch, out of this world delight. I am looking forward to tasting more of the foods Kreludor has to offer.

     Alas, hope you enjoyed the review.

     Special thanks to Cafe Kreludor, their representatives, and The Neopian Times for working with me on this interesting food trip."

     As Mr. Gloucester has stated, Kreludan cuisine is an out of this world experience for Neopians to try so far. Why not book a ticket for a spaceship ride to Kreludor and taste the intergalactic flavours Cafe Kreludor has to offer? And while on the surface of this stunning moon, find yourself a good read at the Scholastic Bookshop, located near Cafe Kreludor.

     Enjoy space travel, and enjoy space cuisine!

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