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Inspiring Awe in Your Neopet

by halleycat2235


Do you ever feel like the cosmic significance of the Neopian world is escaping your pet? Like, maybe they’re starting to take all of Neopia’s majesties and wonders for granted?

     You need some strategies. Awe-inspiring strategies.

     Try out some of the following tactics and see if your pet doesn’t end up newly invigorated, in tune with the universe, and ready to take on the world. (And they might work for you, too. ;-))

     Take a grand tour of the lands of Neopia.

     One of the most incredible things about Neopia is the wild diversity of its many lands. From the sterile, orange and grey lack-of-atmosphere on Kreludor, Neopia’s moon, to the humid and vibrant jungles of Mystery Island, the shifting sands of the Lost Desert to the underwater villages of Kiko Lake and Maraqua, you can experience anything and everything by travelling through Neopia. I mean, for Pteri’s sake, Faerieland sits on a cloud!

     Without your help, of course, your pet will be left to their own devices in terms of travelling between lands. Getting to Maraqua without the help of a few clicks will be a challenge - your pet may have to resort to buying a boat, learning to sail, and traversing ungodly storms and waves in order to reach King Kelpbeard’s kingdom - but think of the character-building. The rewards are worth the journey!

     And how exactly, you might ask, will this help my pet gain a new lease on life, a newfound appreciation of the small and seemingly-mundane-but-actually-cosmic? Well, your question might be a sign that you, too, need to head out on a new journey. With open minds, unfettered hearts, and *cough* the right equipment, anything is possible…

     Did someone say new equipment?

     While it’s true that Neopoints can’t buy happiness, you and your pet might find more success in your meaning-making adventures if you have the right, shall we say, stuff. Might I recommend a few items?

     Obviously, you will first need a journal. Many are on offer throughout Neopia, but I suggest the Orange Mylife Journal because, well, it is Yourlife indeed. In case of accidental but precious discoveries, you might also go with a secret journal, like the Techo Secret Journal or the Secret Bruce Journal. Though I would check carefully before you embark that the pages aren’t already filled with someone else’s secret ramblings…

     You will also require a cloak, preferably one with many pockets for securely holding your treasures, bits of food, Lupe treats, and the like. Check out the Brightvale Armoury for a wide selection of cloaks, like the apropos Cloak of the Moon. Pockets not included, it seems. So make sure you sew your own!

     No adventure kit is complete without a few simple tools. You need your Handy Compass, your Ancient Map of Neopia, your Backpacker Bori Binoculars or Korbat Forest Ranger Binoculars, a handy multitool, some good guidebooks like How to Identify Poisons and Identifying Meteorites. A magnifying glass, like the Green Magnifying Glass, can be very good for identifying small and indiscernible Petpetpets on the ground. Also, please do not forget your Sun Hat. Nothing is less awe-inspiring than setting out on a trek, expecting to find something amazing, and instead feeling your hair slowly burst into flames from the sun’s red-hot rays.

     For chasing the cosmic from the comfort of your Neohome, all I can really recommend is a well-stocked bookshelf, a comfy chair, and the services of a Petpet-sitting agency. Speaking of, you might check out whoever Mrs. Williams hires to take care of her Petpets when she’s away; I hear they do a decent job on occasion.

     Oh, and don’t forget to reach out to your friends, and tell your Neopet to do the same. Perhaps via the Can Telephone? Awe can be double the fun in the company of a friend.

     Take time to contemplate the universe’s bigness.

     You might have to start small with this one. Work with your pet until they’re spouting haikus and regularly entering meditative states - it’s a good sign. Start off by taking your pet to The Mystery Island Mystic every day, and share a few moments contemplating the Mystic’s message. Today’s message, for example, is:

     Your luck will alter unexpectedly.

     That sure sounds cosmic to me. You could host a small discussion group. Get your Neopets talking about questions like, does luck exist? Where does it come from? Does it live in the universe? Did it come from Kreludor? Opportunities for introspection abound.

     Next, have a restful stay in the thriving treetop town of Shenkuu, where you can learn from the centuries-old wisdom of Neopians like that wise old Gnorbu who understands the lunar calendar. This is a good, calm place to practice meditating, contemplating the wonder of Neopian nature, getting a feel for the expanse of time and space. Sometimes a break from routine is all that’s needed to remember how very large the universe is.

     Give your pet something to take care of.

     Finally, nothing helps you appreciate the preciousness of life like having to sustain it in a fellow living creature. Maybe your pet already has a small Petpet companion, and that’s a good start, but how much of the taking-care-of-Petpet work has been delegated to you, poor Neopian? It’s time to enforce your boundaries and ask your pet to take over some of the responsibility of feeding, washing, walking, and playing with their Petpet. Unless it’s a Rock. Don’t even get me started on Rocks.

     (And speaking of Petpets: my research indicates that they are incapable of awe. I’m not gonna say don’t try it, but this article does not endorse using these strategies to inspire a cosmic state in Petpets. Especially Rocks. I don’t think it’s possible.)

     Maybe that feels like too much responsibility right off the bat; you need something with fewer consequences for your pet’s first foray into caretaking. Try a plant! Neopia is full of them, in case you haven’t noticed. I’d try one of those Cheery Plants - they just keep coming, no matter how many times you throw them back in the Underwater Fishing Cavern...

     So, there you have it. These tips might help you find yourself closer to the mystic forces that be, gain a little perspective on the meaning of your Neopian life, and get some cool swag. If, after attempting them, you find that they have failed to inspire awe, maybe just stare at Kreludor for a reaaaaallly long time. How did the Grundos even get there?!


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