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A Mysterious Illness

by gray_wolf_1976


On the 29th of the Month of Awakening at 9:25 pm NST a royal messenger appeared at the drawbridge to Queen Fyora’s castle in a pastel purple cloud of smoke. He waited impatiently while the palace guards confirmed his identity and let Queen Fyora know she had a messenger heading towards the throne room.

     One royal guard stayed with the Purple Wocky while ten palace guards scattered to find Queen Fyora.

     The last day of the month from 6 pm to 11:59 pm, Queen Fyora took the time to do things special for herself. Usually, it was walking in the faerie flower garden on the palace grounds.... but today the guards found The Queen in the Hidden Tower unpacking the newest shipment from a mysterious supplier. She and several faeries were busy unpacking a storeroom of new items for the Hidden Tower. The royal guards entered and watched The Queen tear open a box of inert Royal Paint Brushes over which The Queen mumbled, “The Guardian of the Western Skies activates you!” The Royal Paint Brushes then started floating and drifted to the proper shelf in the Hidden Tower.

     One of the helping faeries said, “Fyora, your guards seem to need you...”

     Fyora turned and faced the guards. “I thought I told the Captain of the Guard that I was NOT to be disturbed until after midnight!”

     Felix, the leading royal guard, explained, “Sorry your Majesty. A royal messenger appeared in a purple cloud of smoke at the end of the drawbridge. He indicated that it was an important matter. That was twenty minutes ago,”

     Fyora turned to the other faeries and said, “Can you handle finishing up here?”

     The faeries solemnly nodded yes.

     Queen Fyora took off down the palace hallways with the royal guards rushing to keep up with her.

     When she reached the antechamber to the throne room, several faerie advisors were waiting for her. They helped her use magic to clean dust from her gown to make sure she looked regal and pristine. One of the advisors handed her the royal sceptre and straightened her crown for her.

     Queen Fyora had just sat on her throne comfortably when the throne door was opened by Sir Michael and he announced Percival of the Western Skies.

     Percival was a Purple Wocky in a royal purple Duke’s uniform.

     Percival regally approached Queen Fyora.

     He stopped in front of her and bowed deeply to her.

     Percival then said, “The Prince and Princess of the Western Skies send greetings to The Lady of the Western Skies. The Princess requests your presence as the Prince, your father, is sick. It is unsure what he has contracted. The Princess hopes that you can diagnose the issue and heal him.”

     Queen Fyora answered, “I will need to make arrangements on this end. Can the Prince and Princess travel to here?”

     Percival answered that they were on their way to Faerieland and should be arriving in a day or two.

     Percival asked if Queen Fyora had a purple healing room anywhere in the pink palace.

     The Queen thought for a moment before responding... “Yes, there is such a level in The Hidden Tower.”

     Percival said that he would go and prepare that area for the Prince and Princess’s arrival.

     Queen Fyora insisted on sending several faeries to help in the preparation and posting a royal guard on the stairway outside the purple room.

     At 11:15 AM NST on the 1st day of the Month of Running, a purple cloud was observed approaching Faerieland and going into a window on the south side of the Hidden Tower about midway up the tower.

     Several faeries observed this event and wondered what a purple cloud was doing in a land of pink.

     Queen Fyora climbed the stairs of the Hidden Tower to the purple room. The purple room had amethyst stones imbedded in the walls and a purple light emanated from all the lamps in the room. Queen Fyora gave herself a slight shake as she entered the room.

     The Prince was laying on the purple four poster bed with a purple quilt and purple throw pillows around him. He was wearing a royal purple suit. His purple snakeskin boots were sitting on the floor beside the bed.

     The Faerieland royal physician, Sir Micah (a pink uni) walked into the room and approached The Prince after setting his pink doctors case on the purple nightstand beside the bed.

     Sir Mikah turned to the Queen and told her he needed about a pound of mud from the swamp near the Haunted Woods. He said that there is an old tree stump with ivy growing on it. The mud had to come from within three feet of that stump if it was to be used to heal the Prince.

     An earth faerie picked up an empty purple basket and flew out the window.

     She came back in under five minutes with the basket full of the mud. She had also brought a pocketful of the moss, some bark and ivy from the tree stump, and a jar of swamp water just in case any of those ingredients would be needed in the near future.

     Sir Mikah smiled and then said, “Thank you. I had forgotten I would need purple items for this mixture.”

     He reached for several jars from among all the purple jars above his work area. He started measuring the amounts with a purple measuring cup that he wiped out with a purple napkin. He noticed that everything he used had a slightly purplish tint to it.

     Queen Fyora mumbled a spell over the items from the swamp and they developed a slightly purple tint too.

     Sir Mikah glanced at what Queen Fyora was doing and grimly nodded.

     Queen Fyora looked worried as did the Princess and the faerie advisors there to help.

     After about 15 minutes later Sir Mikah had a paste in the mortar. It half-filled the mortar.

     Marina, the Healing Faerie, stepped forward and said some mysterious words and the paste changed into 25 capsules with a purple shell holding the fine powder. There were a few purple and white granules stuck to the side of the mortar near the lip.

     The Princess took a capsule and gave it to the Prince with a purple grape liquid.

     The Prince struggled to swallow it and had to drink a full glass of the purple beverage before the capsule would go down his throat.

     Sir Mikah and Marina made a second and a third batch of the capsules for a total of 75 capsules. Doing so exhausted both of them.

     Sir Mikah said, “We may need to make more of these capsules.”

     Marina replied, “The faeries and I will restock the medicinal shelf and get more items from the swamp by the Haunted Woods.”

     Sir Mikah explained to the Prince that he had to take a capsule twice a day - one in the morning when he woke up and another when he went to sleep.

     After a week, the Prince started to feel better. It was a slow process though.

     As the second week started, Queen Fyora decided that there was a good possibility that she and Marina would need to travel to the land of the Western Skies to find the cause of this mysterious illness.

     Queen Fyora met with her advisors to figure how to best handle the crisis, as she worried that this illness might come to Faerieland.

     It was decided to put three tickets in a Baby Cybunny Candy Box with an invitation to a special luncheon with the Queen on the first day of the Month of Eating. They chose that item since they wanted to be sure a ticket could not be seen until the candy box was opened and that it would be affordable to most of the Neopian population.

     She contacted the candy supplier to have 150,000 Baby Cybunny Candy Boxes created.

     The Queen had all the workers leave the warehouse and Marina put the three special pink tickets with purple writing in three of the candy boxes. Queen Fyora then waved her sceptre and the boxes closed themselves and a pink candle floated over each box to seal it shut with wax so no one could open the box to find the tickets.

     A royal guard went with each shipment to the booths the Queen had set up all over Neopia.

     A faerie handled each booth’s sales and a royal guard was present to make sure nothing illegal happened.

     Neopets came from all over to buy the candy boxes for 750 Neopoints. There was a sign that announced all funds raised would be used to help out at the Neopound and the Neopets there.

     The first ticket was found by a Mutant Grundo on the Space Station a day after the sales started. The fine print on the back of the ticket stated that if the ticket holder was chosen for a special service at Queen Fyora’s luncheon, he or she would need to become a Faerie Neopet.

     The Mutant Grundo grumbled that he was happy as a Mutant... but after some thought on the matter, commented that being a Faerie Grundo might be fun.

     Two days later, a baby Krawk on Krawk Island found a ticket when he excitedly opened a candy box that was to be a gift for his birthday in a few days. He was waving the pink ticket around enthusiastically.

     Queen Fyora waited impatiently for the third candy box to be found.

     Finally, two days before the first day of the Month of Eating, a Faerie Uni found the last ticket. She was heard saying that she can always buy a book later, but could only once have a chance at a lunch with Queen Fyoravonce in her lifetime. She was surprised to learn she had found the last ticket when she opened her Baby Cybunny Candy Box. The pink ticket was nestled at the bottom of her candy box.

     Thru all of this chaotic time, The Prince had been taking his purple capsules and was getting better. Queen Fyora, The Prince and Princess, and the Queens were puzzled at exactly what had caused the illness in the first place.

     On the first day of Eating, the three Neopets with the tickets showed up at the drawbridge to the castle. Each of the Neopets wore their best clothes. The Mutant Grundo wore a dark green three-piece suit with a white shirt and green tie. The Baby Krawk wore a blue baby suit, While the Faerie Uni wore a pink gown with purple flowers sewn onto the pink satin material.

     The royal guards, led by Percival, took the three Neopets thru the castle to the throne room where the luncheon was to be held.

     Queen Fyora had on a long flowing pink gown with white pearls. The Prince wore a dark Purple suit trimmed in Lilac and The Princess wore a long dark Purple gown with a purple amethyst necklace and bracelet.

     Queen Fyora and her parents greeted the three Neopets. They sat at a circular table.

     Queen Fyora sat down first. A royal guard guided the Neopets to the side of the table opposite the Queen. The Prince sat on the Queen’s left and The Princess sat on the Queen’s right.

     Throughout the meal, they made small talk about such things like the weather and the breezes on the various beaches in Neopia.

     Each Neopet was served their favourite foods by the waiters. This seemed to puzzle the three Neopets.

     Queen Fyora explained that she did this to not make them uncomfortable by serving foods they may not like.

     “An example of this”, she said, “is that The Princess and Prince love to eat Eggplant. I do not care for eggplant at all. I ate enough of it as a young Faerie in the Western Skies, before I came here and became the Queen of Faerieland.”

     Dessert was a purple and pink swirl cake with pink icing with purple flowers trimming each slice. There was a bowl of purple and pink ice cream swirled together.

     The Mutant Grundo and the Faerie Uni enjoyed the cake. The Baby Krawk ate it but made a big mess while doing so. The Queen and her parents gracefully ate the dessert.

     After everyone was finished eating, The Queen said, “Let us all go to the Hidden Tower.”

     One of the royal guards helped the Baby Krawk climb the many steps to the Shop at the middle of the Hidden Tower.

     Queen Fyora stated, “You may choose two items from this store. You must then tell me why you chose said items. You will get to keep these items no matter what happens today.”

     The shocked Mutant Grundo looked around at all the items. He thought for a bit and chose Sword of Skardsen and Focus of Imminent Destruction.

      He said, “I want the Sword of Skardsen for my use in the Battledome and I want the Focus of Imminent Destruction so that my owner can sell it to buy morphing potions or paint brushes so the other Neopets in our family do not have to go to the Lab Ray and the Mad Scientist every day and hope for a colour change.”

     Queen Fyora nodded at his answer.

     The Baby Krawk went next. He chose Faerie Queen Doll and Grimoire of Affluence. He babbled a long answer.

     Percival said, “I can translate that as I have two babies at home.”

     Percival translated that the Baby Krawk wanted the Faerie Queen Doll so his owner could get the avatar (and that he could play with it after getting the avatar). He also said the Grimoire of Affluence would go to another Neopet that was going for a book award and could not afford that book just yet.”

     Queen Fyora nodded at both Percival and the Baby Krawk.

     The Faerie Uni looked around at all the items. She finally decided on a Royal Paint Brush and a Ghostkerbomb.

     The Faerie Uni said, “I would like the Royal Paint Brush for the Baby Krawk and the Ghosterbomb for the Mutant Grundo for his use in the Battledome.”

     Queen Fyora nodded again.

     She then said, “All of you noticed that the back of the pink ticket, in fine print, said that you would have to become a Faerie Neopet, if chosen. The Fountain Faerie is willing to change you into any species you want as long as it is Faerie. Are each of you willing to do so?”

     All three Neopets looked puzzled by this.

     The Queen further explained that I am looking for a Regent to fill in when I need to be gone from Faerieland. I need to go to the Western Skies to resolve a health issue there.

     The Mutant Grundo shook his head and said, “It is all fine and dandy. But if I became Regent I would not have time for the Battledome and training. I will need to pass.”

     Queen Fyora sighed and said, “I understand perfectly.”

     The Baby Krawk’s comments were translated by Percival.

     Percival translated that the Baby Krawk had always wanted to be a Royal Boy Krawk and the gift of the Royal Paint Brush would allow a dream to come true.

     The Queen smiled and politely nodded.

     The Faerie Uni said, “I would love to help you Queen Fyora. I am a local librarian at one of the many Neopian libraries. Every other month I move to a different library. If you will have me as Regent..... I know I am already a Faerie Uni, but I would love to be a Faerie Krawk.”

     Queen Fyora smiled and said, “Yes, you will do as a Regent.”

     A slew of faeries flew into the shop at the Hidden Tower and Queen Fyora said "announce it far and wide that there is a mandatory community gathering tonight in this castle’s ballroom for all Neopians at 8 pm."

     Queen Fyora turned to the three Neopets and said, “Let us head to the Fountain Faerie’s Pool. There will be no waiting in line for these changes.”

     When they appeared, the Fountain Faerie said, “I have been expecting you three.”

     The Fountain Faerie told the Baby Krawk, “Save the Royal Paint Brush to give to someone who wants to be a royal Neopet and can not afford the cost of the brush. Step into the fountain please.”

      Queen Fyora muttered under her breath, “As the Guardian of the Western Skies extends your abilities this one time.”

     The Baby Krawk steps in and steps out as a slightly confused Royal Boy Krawk.He then looks at the mirror by the fountain and becomes all smiles at the transformation.

     The Royal Boy Krawk says, “FINALLY, I don't need a translator anymore!”

     Queen Fyora smiles and hands him a neatly packaged Royal Paint Brush to be shared with whomever he chooses.

     The Faerie Uni stood at the top of the steps of the Fountain.

     The Fountain Faerie says, “Well, give me a second to switch the lever that allows Premium changes.”

     The Fountain gurgles and there is a continuous hum heard.

     The Fountain Faerie indicates she is ready for the Uni to enter the Fountain.

     When she exits the Fountain she is a Faerie Krawk. She flicks her wings and lifts a few inches off the ground.

     The Faerie Krawk says, “So this is what it feels like to fly... wow.”

     The Mutant Grundo said, “I am happy as I am. It works wonderfully at the Battledome. So, no change is needed.

     Queen Fyora flicks her hand and there is a firm pink cloud a foot off the ground. She nods to the Fountain Faerie, who reaches over and flips the lever and the hum and the gurgling stop in the Fountain. The Fountain Faerie puts an Out of Order sign across the steps leading into the Fountain.

     They all step onto the cloud and in a matter of seconds they are at the Faerieland Castle.

     Queen Fyora has several different faeries help all three Neopets get ready for the community gathering that night.

     At 8 pm NST on the First day of Eating, every Neopet in Neopia was at the community gathering expecting some type of announcement, as Queen Fyora rarely calls all Neopets to her castle.

     Queen Fyora, her parents, and the three Neopets walked onto a stage in front of the throne.

     All the Neopets fell silent.

     The Queen announced, “As everyone can see The Prince of the Western Skies has almost recovered from the mysterious illness. I am going to need to go to Western Skies and find the cause of this illness. I do not know how long I will be gone on this quest. I am appointing this Faerie Krawk, Madame Fortunado, as my Regent while I am gone. The other two Neopets standing beside me declined the honour as the Mutant Grundo did not want to give up the Battledome and The Royal Boy Krawk just became his dream pet. Per the statutes of Faerieland, the Queen or the Regent must be a Faerie Neopet.”

     There was a silence as all the Neopets absorbed this information.

     At this point, Sir Michael introduced Mr. Krawley.

     Krawley sauntered to the stage where Queen Fyora was standing.

     Queen Fyora frowned at the irascible Mr. Krawley.

     He laughed and shouted for all to hear, “April Fool’s!!”

     The Queen and The Prince and Prince looked at him in confusion.

     Mr. Krawley explained, “It was easy to mix a concoction that messed with your magic on Faerie Quests and to slip an ingredient into The Prince’s nightly beverage. Sorry it took so long to wear off. A really good April Fool’s Joke that started early!”

     Queen Fyora looked at Mr. Krawley in disgust.

     After a few minutes she chuckled and said, “Yes it was a good April Fool’s Joke that will land you in the Dungeon for six months... So I have the last laugh.”

     Four royal guards escorted Mr. Krawley towards the Dungeon.

     Queen Fyora turned to Madame Fortunado and said, “Would you still be willing to be a Regent with me? This whole fiasco showed me that I need more than six hours a month to myself.”

     Madam Fortunado looked at the Queen and said, “Certainly it would be an honour to work with you.”

     Queen Fyora turned to the crowd, “Madame Fortunado will be Regent whenever I need time to myself for my well being or when I start making semi-annual trips to the Western Skies as the Guardian so I can visit my parents."

     All the Neopets cheered at this.

     This is how Madame Fortunado became Regent of Faerieland whenever Queen Fyora needs time to herself.

     The End.


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