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Who Knows The Next Faerie Queen?

by pikachu315111


NEWS FLASH! Fyora is abdicating! And after checking the dictionary to see what that means, it’s even BIGGER news! Fyora has decided to no longer be the Faerie Queen and queen of Faerieland! I was just getting back from Neovia to write an article about some gothic books but there’s no way I’m passing up the news of the year, no, Decade, No, CENTURY, NO, MILLENIUM! But as I got onto the next ride to Faerieland one question stuck in my mind that no one I asked knew:



     Fyora wouldn’t leave Faerieland alone,

     But who is now sitting on the throne?


     I arrive to Faerieland and word must have spread fast as the place was livelier than usual. While Faeries and Faerie Neopets would normally gently float to their destination, today many were in full flight and confusion was on their face. Listening to nearby gossip proved my suspicion as many were fretting about the news, though none were talking about who was now in charge. As I was listening I felt a sudden bump followed by a hot feeling on my bottom. A Fire Faerie, lost in the confusion, had backed into me and accidently set my pants on fire. A nearby Water Faerie doused the flames but I decided to take this small injury as an excuse to go to the Healing Springs. Surely one of the most visited Faeries in Faerieland would know who’s now in charge.

     I get to the Healing Springs and, much like the rest of Faerieland, it’s busier than usual. However I only needed a minute, if not a few seconds, to get my answer. And so I waited my turn to see Marina.

     Marina, the Healing Springs Faerie


     “Welcome, what is ailing you? Huh, you have a question? Please make it quick, the recent rumor of Fyora stepping down has made everyone panic and, with it, injuries are abound *sigh*”. (I ask her if she knew who the next Faerie Queen was). “I haven’t even been able to take a meal break let alone try and figure out fact or fiction about Fyora stepping down. Now if you’ll please step out of line. NEXT!”

     I’m pushed onto a water slide next to Marina and slide out of the Healing Springs. I should have figured Marina would be too busy to get into the recent gossip. If I was to get answers I needed to talk with Faeries who weren’t being swarmed by Neopets looking for their service; or at least had permission to use their service. With a new idea I head to another famous watering hole that should be much less crowded: the Rainbow Pool to ask Naia.

     Naia, the Rainbow Fountain Faerie


     “Welcome to the Rainbow Fountain! May I have your name to see if you’re allowed to use my fountain? “Ihaveaquesion”? Sorry, I don’t see your name on my list; you need to wait for me to give you a quest to use the Rainbow Springs.” (I explain I’m looking into who is the next Faerie Queen). “Next Faerie Queen? That probably won’t be for the next few centuries”. (I tell her about the rumour Fyora had just stepped down) “SHE DID?! News to me. I’m usually the last Faerie to be told things! I’m rarely visited by my sisters and Neopets who visit fall into one of two things: those who have completed one of my quests and use the Rainbow Fountain or those who I tell they haven’t completed a quest to use the fountain and they leave in an angry huff.”

     I kindly thank Naia for her time and rethink my strategy. I should ask a Faerie that’s not busy but one who is also “in the know”. A Faerie who is often visited enough to know what is going on, or she has other ways of knowing things. By the time I was done with my musings I was in front of the home of the next Faerie I was thinking of even before I had time to register it. I stepped through the green mist and into the purple manor of Jhudora’s Bluff.

     Jhudora, Dark Faerie & 50 Level Quest Host


     “... So you heard Fyora was abdicating and want to know if I knew who the next to rule is”? (It takes a few moments for Jhudora to continue, looking like she was deep in thought before smiling and continuing). “Why should I tell you? Only a handful of Faeries know as to protect the next in line before she can claim the power of the Queen; for me to tell a Neopian Times reporter who’ll then tell the rest of Neopia would put Faerieland at risk. But I’ll tell you what, if you do a little quest for me I can give you a nudge in the right direction”. (On Jhudora’s request, upon other reasons, I snipped out what she asked for and how I accomplished it. Didn’t take too long as I knew where the Hidden Tower was... NOT that it had anything to do with her request) “Think they could hide this in a secret room did they, I’ll make good use of this. Oh, right, you’re still here. I’m putting my neck on the line here, but you did my quest so here’s to get you out of here: the next Faerie Queen is... being kept with an unexpected Faerie in Faerie City. Sorry, can’t say more than that as much fun as it would to say it was a Darkness Faerie. Oops, that was meant to be a surprise. Now you better be quick, she’ll soon be taken to the palace to begin the crowning ceremony preparations.”

     A Darkness Faerie as next Faerie Queen?! Back on track but on a ticking clock, I pack my notebook and head to the entrance of Faerie City. However, whereas I was able to enter in-and-out easily a few minutes ago, now there was a long line as guards were checking everyone entering and leaving Faerie City. They must be getting ready to move the next Queen so they upped security! With no time to spare I use a little trick to bypass the front gate. But first I needed to take the express route to Roo Island.


     Inside the Games Room I head to the Puzzles category and enter the Faerie Crosswords door. In a flash I was in front of the Library Faerie who had towers of books stacked about her. I was inside the Faerieland Bookshop in Faerie City. The Library Faerie didn’t seem to notice me so I was just about to leave, but then I remembered Jhudora’s hint. The next Queen was with an unexpected Faerie, and the Library Faerie is such an unexpected Faerie no one knows her name!

     Library Faerie, Faerieland Bookshop Shopkeeper & Faerie Crossword Host


     “Abdication of the Queen? That’ll be under the Neopian Lands aisle, Faerieland section, Government and Law shelf. Fyora’s abdication? We wouldn’t have a book about that. A Darkness Faerie as next Faerie Queen? That would be the Fiction aisle, Faerieland section, Darkness Faerie shelf. Hiding the Queen? That would be Mystery aisle, Faerieland section, Queen shelf. Shh sir, people are reading, and I don’t believe we have a book titled “arg”. Thank you for coming to Faerieland Bookshop, please come again!”

     After that practice in patience I exited the bookshop and found myself back on the streets of Faerie City. Guards were on patrol making me wonder if I was already too late. Trying to stay inconspicuous, I kept an eye on where the patrols were going hoping it would give me a hint to where either the next Queen is or the “unexpected Faerie”. They would occasionally stop and question a citizen; I wasn’t close enough to hear what they were asking but each person shook their head “no” to whatever they were asked. That is until someone came up to them, a very familiar Faerie and one I would certainly call “unexpected” to be looking after the next Faerie Queen. They talked in length but after they parted ways and the coast was clear I followed the Faerie to ask her some questions.

     Baelia, the Grey Faerie


     “Aaagh! Who’s there? Oh, just a Neopian. A Neopian Timers reporter you say, how can I help you? What I was speaking with those guards about? I was curious if they were ever able to locate that lousy Hissi Oil salesman. He caused us Faeries a lot of trouble! Huh, why do you look disappointed? What? Fyora’s abdicating? WHAT?! A Darkness Faerie is becoming the next Faerie Queen?! That would explain the sudden hustle and bustle. Would I know who the next Queen is? I have had bad experience with Darkness Faeries so I try to stay clear of them, though if one is going to become Faerie Queen that’s going to be really awkward. The only Darkness Faerie I feel comfortable with is Delina. Though, wait, wasn’t Kaia a Darkness Faerie or something? I don’t remember the details but during the Wraith Resurgence it was revealed she was a Darkness Faerie. And she is Fyora’s pupil! Wow, this is big news! I better go tell everyone!”

     And with a dash Baelia ran away, tripped, fell, got up, dusted herself off, and jogged away. But this is a BIG revelation! Kaia, the Shenkuu Faerie, is actually a Darkness Faerie? No wonder why it was so easy for the Darkest Faerie to impersonate her during the Wraith Resurgence. Now with my answer, I was ready to head home when a loud “HALT!” stopped me in my tracks. I turned around expecting to see a pair of Faerie guards staring down at me, but what I wasn’t expecting was for their commander to also be with them!

     Aethia, the Battle Faerie


     “YOU THERE! What are you up to? My guards have no recollection approving you into Faerie City and just now you were speaking with Baelia about something that made her run away. Don’t test my patience, especially not today. Fyora abdicating? Kaia becoming Faerie Queen?! Where did you hear any of that? Baelia told you. Of course she did, that girl would believe any gossip you tell her. Well that explains why you’re here but not the how. You took the Games Room portal to the Faerie Crosswords! I thought we’d forget some access points. But that means you were on Roo Island a couple of hours ago. Alright, that gives you an alibi. My guards and I are busy doing an investigation but we need Captain Brynneth’s expertise. Since you have an alibi I’m requesting you to deliver this letter to the palace to Captain Brynneth. What do I think of the abdication? Yeah, how about you ask someone at the palace about that; AFTER you deliver the letter. Don’t want you getting tossed out before then.”

     Aethia and her guards leave, leaving me with a ticket right into the palace! Now sure, I have the answer to my article, but how could I pass up getting answers straight from Fyora herself? Also Aethia is relying on me to deliver this letter to Captain Brynneth, wouldn’t want to let the Battle Faerie down (or she may very well take me down).


     Getting inside the palace was easy thanks to Aethia’s letter. I asked the entrance guard where I could find Captain Brynneth and Fyora. I was told where Brynneth was likely to be but was also told that Fyora was busy and not seeing anyone. That threw a small wrench in my plan, but one step at a time. Besides, now I have a letter to deliver. I’ve asked plenty of Faeries for their opinions but no Neopets, so this would also be a good opportunity to get a different viewpoint. It took some tracking, but I eventually found not only Captain Brynneth but her partner in crime, Master Thief Hanso:

     Captain Brynneth & Master Thief Hanso, Official Relic Hunters


     Brynn: “A letter from Aethia? Let me see. Says someone just stole a dangerous artifact from the Hidden Tower. We got no time to lose, Hanso!”

     Hanso: “Someone stole something from the Hidden Tower? How?! I’ve tried countless times and couldn’t even find the place.”

     Brynn: “Why am I not surprised. Thank you for your assistance. What? What do you mean Fyora is abdicating?”

     Hanso: “She’s the Queen, Brynn, she has to support some causes.”

     Brynn: “ABDIcate not Advocate. It means Fyora is stepping down... and Kaia is becoming Queen?!”

     Hanso: “Wow, what a time to be alive. Fyora quits and Kaia goes from ridiculed to ruler. Didn’t think the little blossom had it in her.”

     Brynn: “Be serious Hanso. Who told you this? Aethia said ask the palace? Well we’ve been in the palace all day and I haven’t heard anything about it.”

     Hanso: “Though I do recall seeing Fyora’s Air Faerie assistant carrying suitcases back and forth from her room and the garden. Coincidence? I THINK...”

     Brynn: “Yes, very likely a coincidence. I just read more of Aethia’s letter and the artifact needs to take top priority, so come on.”

     Hanso: “I’ll be right behind ya”. (Captain Brynneth walks away toward the front entrance) “Hey, don’t think I didn’t notice your sudden change in expression. You had something to do with the Hidden Tower theft, don’t cha? Don’t worry, I won’t tell Brynn or Aethia, you just whisper to me who you gave the artifact to... and how you snuck into the Hidden Tower. For security reasons, of course”. (Hanso gives me a wink and I give him the details about a request from a certain Darkness Faerie. I also quickly do the secret thief sign) “Wonderful, Ms. Poisonous Lollypops. Well at least we got a lead. BTW, the garden is right around the corner. Just mentioning for no reason.”

     Hanso quickly performs the thief sign back and runs after Captain Brynneth. Being an honorary member of the Thieves Guild comes in handy. Entering the garden I find an unattended royal carriage. Its door was open and packed with suitcases. Fyora’s assistant would likely return so I waited out of sight until a young Air Faerie, hunched over carrying two hefty suitcases, floated to the carriage and placed the suitcases inside.

     Casandia, Air Faerie & Fyora’s Assistant


     “UGH. You’d think Fyora was leaving Faerieland forever. Huh? EEEEEEAAAH! WHO ARE YOU! A Neopian Times reporter? Phew, don’t scare a girl like that! I almost summoned a tornado and do you know what a mess that would make? What’s with the carriage and suitcases? That’s confidential. Fyora’s abdication? Is that a fancy way of saying vacation? WHAT DO YOU MEAN FYORA IS QUTTING!?! H-How can she quit? She can’t quit! Who’s going to rule Faerieland? KAIA?!? But, Kaia is about the same age as me, she can’t be queen! Like, maybe princess. I mean, thinking about it, I guess she’s sort of already like a princess. Fyora is very doting on her, thought she was going to replace me as Fyora’s assistant but Fyora assured me that Kaia was just a pupil she was mentoring. Was she mentoring her to be the next queen all along? I and Kaia are friendly enough with each other but we don’t hang out. But if she’s going to be the next Faerie Queen then she’s going to be my new boss. This is a bit much, I got a few more suitcases to pack and then I’m going to lay down.”

     I wasn’t expecting to cause the amount of fret for the young Air Faerie as I did. Feeling as if I caused enough problems, I tried to get while the getting was good. But that’s when I heard her name. “Kaia, Fyora wants to remind you to make sure your things are packed”. It came from down the hall. There is not a word to describe how quick I got to the corner where the voices came from. I leaned against the wall as a Light Faerie walked by without noticing me. I peaked around the corner but only met a sight of a staircase with the sound of footsteps going up it. Trying to keep my footsteps soft, I climbed the staircase to another hallway at the top. I only got a few steps in when I felt a blade to my back:

     Kaia, the Shenkuu Faerie, Fyora’s Pupil & Next Queen of the Faeries


     “Who are you and why are you following me? A Neopian Times reporter writing the story of the century; what story? FYORA QUTTING AND ME BECOMING QUEEN?! Are you nuts? I should pierce you just for that! What do you mean typical Darkness Faerie behavior? I’m not a Darkness Faerie! ... Please don’t talk to me about The Darkest Faerie; that was the scariest moment of my life. She could have copied any Faerie’s appearance, she just chose me for my closeness with Fyora and she could pretend my powers. I’m special for Fyora, but not special enough to be chosen to be the next queen. No Faerie is, mainly because she’s not quitting or abdicating or whatever you’re calling it. Where did you hear this ridiculousness? So you believed Jhudora, heard gossip from Bealia, Hanso joked about it, and freaked out Casandia. I don’t know whether to pity you or have the guards toss you into the dungeons. I better check on Casandia, we already have a rocky friendship and I don’t want her treating me like I’m better than her. YOU LEAVE! Or you’ll see what Reizo taught me about wielding the blade.”

     Kaia forced me down the staircase, I confused by the whole encounter. This didn’t disprove Fyora was abdicating, but how could Kaia be the next Faerie Queen and not know about it? If it’s not her, than who is it? I walked past the garden where Casandia was loading the carriage when I saw a flash of pink out of the corner of my eye. There she was. Fyora was in the garden standing beside the carriage! It’s time to end this! Without missing a beat I ran up to the startled Fyora and asked her about her abdicating and who is the next Faerie Queen:

     Fyora, Former Queen of the Faeries


     “Can I not plan one vacation without half of Faerieland proclaiming I’m abandoning my throne.”

     And with that my article ends. No, you don’t need to hear how after Fyora said that I heard a “there he is” behind me as Aethia, Casandia, Kaia, and a squad of Faerie guards all angrily came up behind me. And, as Fyora sends Kaia and Casandia off to pack their things to spend a few weeks in the Faerie Academy while she’s on a long deserved vacation, I was tossed out of the palace faster than any word could describe. Until next time, here’s reminding you that fact checking is your friend, especially on APRIL FOOLS!

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